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The Heart of the Warmest Soul



It was cold. Really cold. This was the worst winter Canada had ever had and Calgary was getting some of the worst of it. The wintery air breathed on us hard, the cold air wiping past our bodies, showing no mercy.

“Danny, are we almost there?” My little sister Belle yelled. My older brother looks back at her in pity and pulls her close as we walk.

“Almost baby. Almost.” But from the desperate look in his eye, I know we’re lost.

I don’t say anything but I my eyebrows furrow in concentration. We had been out in this cold for at least 30 minutes and it was -20. We were bundled up in winter clothes, but they were shabby and old and the bite of winter was coming through them. If we were out here longer than an hour, we would die.

With that thought in mind, I desperately looked around for any type of shelters in the distance, any structure would keep us decently warm. I glance down my little sister and see her shivering into my brother, trying to draw from her body heat. But Danny had none to give because he was just as cold as the rest of us.

After 10 more minutes of walking I feel faint. I hadn’t eaten for a few days since I had given my half a bun to Belle, who was more starved then me. There was nothing edible in the dumpsters we had dug through and anything useful was frozen solid.

The hope of surviving this was slim and tears were starting to form in my eyes, but I didn’t dare let them fall because they would just freeze on my cheeks. I did what my father taught me before he had sadly passed away. “Pray, Eva. When all hope seems lost, when everything thing seems lost, pray. He’s the only one who can help you in the end.” So I did. “God, please let us find shelter soon. Please let us live passed this and please let us find food soon. Please God.” I said inside my head.

And 5 minutes later God answered my prayers. There was a medium sized house only a few yards away with a warm yellow glow pouring out from windows. “Come on girls, let’s head there!” My brother calls and as quickly as our tired bodies can carry us we do. I knock on the loudly, praying the people inside would take pity and let us warm up inside their house.


I jumped at the loud banging on our door. “Who could that be at this time?” My husband grumbled from behind his newspaper. I roll my eyes and set down my coffee. Wrapping my shawl tightly around my shoulders I head to the door.

I open the door and find 3 frozen kids standing there. My eyes widen in shock and I forget to speak. “Please Miss, we need a place to stay for a few hours to warm up. We promise we’ll be no trouble at all and won’t ask for much.” The one of the far right speaks. She looks like she is in her early teens and hasn’t eaten well in months.

“Of course you can come in. Please.” I step out of the way and the cold figures huddle inside. I shut the door firmly and help them take off the coats. “Earl, run the baths, we have guests!” I call out and my husband soon appears in the front entry way.

“Penny who are these kids? And why are they frozen half to death?” My husband demands.

“I don’t know Earl. Now go run the bath water.” He is stunned for a second them briskly walks off.

“Come into the living room dears. It’s much warmer in there.” I herd them all into our cozy living room and sit them on the couch. I run into the other room and grab some thick warm blankets. I then hand one to each of them, taking them all in.

There was a male who looked like he was in his late teens with choppy dirty-blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was obviously the leader by the way he cared for his siblings and made sure they were warm first before he was.

Then there was the middle child who was in her early teens with long brown hair that was braided to one side. Her eyes were chocolaty brown and were filled with deep emotion. She was the voice of the group and loved her siblings very much.

And lastly there was the little girl who couldn’t have been older than 6. She had fiery red hair and emerald green eyes filled with mischief and love. She was the follower of the group and listened to her siblings.

I take a step back wondering how 3 innocent angels could be out on such a cold night. I was about to ask but my bad-timing husband came back into the room announcing that the bathroom was ready. The kids get up, muttering thanks as they walk by.


Once we had finished washing up in their massive bathroom (and changed into super warm fluffy white robes) we headed back to the living room where the nice woman was sitting with her husband whispering to them. The second she saw us she jumped up and smiled.

“Why don’t we properly introduce ourselves? I’m Penny and that is my husband Earl.” She says cheerfully.

I give her a small smile back and shake her outstretched hand. “I’m Eva and that is my older brother Danny and younger sister Belle.” My siblings give short and simple nods.

“And if you don’t mind me asking, Eva, how did you get outside on this cold winter night?” She asks her voice and eyes filled with concern and pity.

“Our mother died a few years after Belle was born and our father had been struggling to pay the bills and feed us all. He get diagnosed with cancer a year later and died a few months after that. Since then we’ve been traveling from homeless shelter to homeless shelter, avoiding the fostercare system.” I say my voice dead. The instant I let emotion in, tears will fall and my body will shake.

“And why have you been avoiding the fostercare system? It would have given you a home, a new family.” Penny says.

“Yes but it could have driven me and my siblings apart. And I can’t lose the only family I have left.” I feel my siblings grab my hands and entwine their fingers through them. I smile at both of them for the gesture.

An awkward minute passed and I knew Penny was stuck for words. But I didn't mind. The silence was better than her telling us it would be okay.

“Well who’s hungry? I made some hamburger soup this afternoon and a fruity punch and would love to share it with you all.” Penny announces clapping her hands together. My stomach growls at the thought of food being in it and nod excitedly. We all follow Penny into the kitchen, ready to be served a delicious meal.



The little angels were fast asleep in our only guest room and I was in the living room with Earl. “Those poor dears. I wish there was something more we could do for them. Living in a homeless shelter when you’re that age? Oh I just couldn’t imagine.” I shake my head in disbelief at the horrors they must have lived though.

“Maybe we can do something for them Penny.” Earl finally says after a few minutes of silence. “What?” I ask curiously. “Well it seems like those 3 kids have no family and no place to call home. And we have more than enough room here and have always wanted kids. So why don’t we put 2 and 2 together and give those kids a home and finally adopt some kids we’ve wanted for the past few years?” My husband said.

I blink for a few moments, letting what he said sink in. He was right. Those kids needed a home and we had always wanted kids, especially after we found out we couldn’t conceive. “That is the smartest thing you’ve ever said Earl. Other than asking me to marry you of course.” At first Earl looks pleased then slightly offended.

“In the morning we’ll talk to the kids about the idea. We don’t want to scare them or anything.” I say and Earl nods.

“Alright I’m going to bed. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.” Earl pats my knee as he walks by and I give him a small smile.

As the blizzard rages on, I smile knowing that tomorrow is going to be bright and sunny and perfect.

“Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. I knew one day you would send the kids destined to be mine our way. Thank you for everything you’ve given to me and may you continue to bless our lives. Amen.”
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