The Fairy Tale of Quinn

Prince Charming and Snow White

When I was a young girl, I always imagined true love. I had imagined I would see some boy and I would just know that he was the one for me. Like when the prince heard snow white singing in the woods, or when a werewolf sees his mate for the first time. There would just be an underlying knowledge that we were supposed to be together.

When I got a bit older, I knew that was never going to happen to me, I was a princess after all. I was expected to be proper, and I was expected to marry someone who would benefit my country. My father always said since I wasn’t born a male, I should at least marry one who would be a fine king. Because obviously women could not rule.

When I got even older than that, a boy had asked me out on a date. I was at the library, and I was shocked when he didn’t know who I was. He had just moved here, and it was refreshing. A boy actually liked me for me! Even more exciting, he asked me out on a date because he thought I was funny and beautiful. Not because I was the next in line for the throne. Of course, I then got the same rattled off speech about how he could not benefit this country.

A year later, I went to a ball in another kingdom and met Prince William Jonathan IV. He was funny, and smart. He was quick on his feet when it came to dancing. I remember being so excited. Finally! A man my father would approve of. He was a prince, he was an heir, and it would forge a bond between our kingdoms so we wouldn’t go to war. Thats when my father told me that I was promised to another before I was even born. He just happened to be Prince Alexander of Malta.