The Fairy Tale of Quinn


“Sir, it looks like we are going to be a bit late so you might want to start getting ready now.” The flight attendant smiled at me, I glared. I wasn’t going to hide how annoyed that made me.

After Quinn showed me around town and had me try the best pie I had ever tasted, I was informed of military duties I would have to finish before, well, today.

In an hour, the gala being thrown in Quinn’s and my honor would start. Which means I should probably be there a few minutes early at least and we were over an hour away. Quinn was going to be so pissed at me. She had texted me a couple times and called once. I didn’t respond to any of them. She got the hint pretty quickly that I was busy. Natalie on the other hand, didn’t. I still hadn’t mentioned Quinn to her and honestly I feel like its already too late.

When I had arrived, I was twenty minutes late. To say my late arrival was awkward would be an understatement. Apparently Quinn had waited for us to enter together and instead I decided I would try and sneak in and yeah, that was a no go.

I walked up the stairs to her room, and decided on knocking. Amara opened the door, and she was completely annoyed. She didn’t say anything but her expression said it all.

“Look Quinn, I’m really-” I stopped talking the second Quinn turned to face me. The frumpy blue dress looked horrible on the manikin, but on Quinn it was breathtaking. She wore an infinity necklace, royal tradition to show that our marriage would last forever. Sapphire and diamonds littered her fingers and wrists, her toms covered my her dress. She was wearing a small amount of makeup and her curls were pulled back into a half up, half down hairstyle. The only thing that ruined this beautiful image was the evident look of being pissed at me on her face.

“Sorry? Don’t even start. You are already embarrassing the hell out of me. Lets go and get this over with.” She snapped. She stomped over to me and looped her arm through mine at the same time as I folded my elbow. She was clearly annoyed but the second we started going down the stairs her frown melted away and was replaced by a charming smile. One fit for a queen.She greeted people and the smile never left her face. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, she was so graceful.

“Sir Edwards.” She said happily with a small curtsy. He got a huge smile and kissed the back of her hand.

“Quinn, you look beautiful. Congratulations to you both.” The man said. He cheeks were bright red, and his eyes were squinty with a smile. Quinn smiled right back.

“Thank you so much. It means the world to us that you could make it.” I could tell when she was faking through royalty she used a bit of a fake voice. It went up a couple notches and she wouldn’t stop smiling.

“You treat her good. Now I need to go find another flute of champagne!” He said happily walking off. Once he left I could tell her real smile returned as she looked around. I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“It could just be me, but it actually looks like you might be having a good time.” Her smile dropped when I said that. At first I thought it was me, what I said. But it wasn’t. She didn’t even acknowledge my existence once she spotted the man across the room. “Who is that?” I asked her confused. She cleared her throat and smiled again.

“His name is John. He is an old friend that I haven’t seen in awhile. He is a bit like my version of Natalie only I actually liked him. Once father found out though, it ended.” I glared at the man across the room, who conveniently looked over right as I glared at him.

“He is staring, but then again who isn't. You look absolutely stunning.” I saw a bit of her real smile again as she intertwined our fingers loosely.

“Well thank you. For getting ready on an airplane you don’t look too bad yourself.” My eyebrows creased.

“How did you know I got ready on an airplane?” She smirked again.

“I swiped the vomit bag out of your back pocket before we went down. Mostly so I wasn’t embarrassed. I’m glad it wasn’t used.” I could feel my face turning red. It wasn’t a secret that after all these years I still preferred traveling by train. Planes made me sick.

“Well, uh, thanks.” I said quietly. She giggled a bit. King Richards booming voice quieted the crowd as he spoke.

“Tonight, my lovely daughter and a fine young prince announced their engagement.” A loud applause shook the room, a couple men in uniform quieted the crowd. “My daughter is wearing my late wife, her mother's tiara right now and its bringing back the memory of my beautiful wife, who would be so proud of Quinn.” I could tell from the expression that crossed Quinn’s face that she was annoyed by her father acting as though she would be proud of Quinn being forced into a marriage. Although I’m sure Quinn’s mother knew about it, she wouldn’t be proud. “Now, its time for the newly engaged couple to have their first dance as a couple being promised to one another.” Another lie, I had danced with Quinn once before. Even though I didn’t know we were promised, and we were still promised.

The lights dimmed and everyone cleared the dance floor. There was a camera pointed at us and the feed ran through a few large televisions on the walls, decorated by blue and white flowers. I did my duty and bowed, offering her my hand. She placed her hand in mine and in no time she was pressed up against me and we were twirling around the ballroom.

Sometimes there are moments when everyone isn’t as bad as it seems, and this was one of those moments. Quinns skill in dancing didn’t go unnoticed, neither did her added steps. They didn’t mess with mine but they did add something to the boring dance that so many people had done before us. She was smiling, and I could tell that even though she was with me, she was enjoying herself.

Soon the song had ended and other couples joined us on the dancefloor. We were doing more simple steps, which gave me a chance to talk to her.

“I didn’t know you could dance like that.” I said quietly, leaning down to her ear. She pulled away with a satisfied smirk on her face.

“You never asked. Plus I did the same dance everyone does, I don’t know why you think I do it differently.” She was teasing me. I smiled.

“I don’t know.” I mocked her by trying to do what she was doing earlier, adding a small bouncy step in but I ended up stumbling avoiding stepping on her toes. She laughed.

We twirled around for a bit longer, stopped to eat, and around 1 am people started clearing out to either go to their room or the hotel they chose to stay at. Either way, I was tired and full. She held herself together a lot longer than I did. She kept up her smile and politeness until the last person left the room. She insisted on being there to thank the very last person.

“So, are we sleeping here tonight or?” I asked her. I really had no idea what was going on. When the last couple left the room, her pushed back shoulders slouched forward. Her smile faded away, and I noticed the bags under her eyes. She looked exhausted.

“Unfortunately, no. We are being swept off to the smaller castle in about an hour. All of my stuff that I’m taking has been packed and a maid probably just moved your bags out of my room and onto the plane. I’m going to undo this.” She pointed to her face, which made me smile. I slid my arm around her waist.

“Well let me join you.” She smiled a bit as we walked upstairs together. Nathan and Brett were waiting outside her door. They both smiled a bit when they saw her. When she noticed them, she didn’t bother straightening up or attempting to look less exhausted. She did smile though.

“Quinn, Eugine wants to transfer us to your castle for the next six months!” Brett said excitedly. I could tell that made her happy, and I smiled, but inside I was groaning. Nathan was quiet so I could stand him but Brett always smelled of ranch and didn’t treat us like royalty at all.

“Good, maybe then I won’t go crazy being stuck with this one!” She gestured to me. She laughed a bit. “I’m sorry you guys waited for me but I am really tired. Do you mind if I talk to you guys on the plane or tomorrow or something?” She smiled a bit and they nodded and left. When we got in, she kicked off her toms and fell onto her bed, rubbing her eyes.

She was right, my stuff was gone. Sort of annoyed, I slipped off my jacket, untucked my undershirt, undid the bow tie and unbuttoned it a few times. It was the closest I could get to comfortable.

Quinn disappeared into her closet and came out a couple minutes later wearing an Ozzy Osbourne shirt and a pair of leggings. The makeup had been scrubbed off of her face and the pins had been taken out of her hair. If she were in a normal teenagers room, she would look like a normal teenager.

“Sorry I don’t have anything comfortable for you to wear. I’m sure I could call Eugine and get him to have a maid put a pair of sweats or something on the plane for you.” I smiled but shook my head.

“I’m fine. You look exhausted, so take a quick nap. I’ll wake you when we need to leave, alright?” She looked so grateful. I sat on the edge of her bed and she crawled under the covers. She fell asleep quickly.