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Somewhere Dark

Halloween at Hogsmeade

Halloween was surprisingly warm that year. Emelia found herself going to Hogsmeade in a short sleeved white t-shirt with a picture of a black cat across the front. She made her way down to the Great Hall with Nora and Frankie, keeping a wary eye out for Jason and a searching one out for Barry. They were supposed to meet each other at the entrance in five minutes.

“So are you excited for your date,” Frankie asked, returning from the Great Hall with three muffins which she then passed out to Nora and Emelia.

Emelia bit into hers, it was blueberry and delicious. She shrugged noncommittally. This would be her first date and it wasn’t even with someone she wanted to go on a date with. She just felt she should approve Barry so that Jason couldn’t get a chance to say a word to her. Before she could say a word however there was a tap on her shoulder. She turned and found Barry waiting for her, a wide smile spread across his face and she immediately noticed that he had a medium sized gap between his two front teeth.

“Ready?” Barry asked, offering his arm. Emelia took one last glance at her friends, sighing almost imperceptibly and then nodded to Barry and took his arm. She took another bite of her muffin as they continued out the door into the line where Filch was currently checking permission slips.

“So where to first?” Emelia asked, looking up to Barry. He was a good foot taller than her so she had to crane her neck back quite aways to catch sight of his face. He wasn’t ugly per se but he just was so not Emelia’s type. He had sandy blonde hair and a scattering of warm freckles across her face. His nose was too long for his face and his chin was prominent—looking at him from the side like this she thought his profile almost was like a crescent moon with a face.

“It’s a surprise,” Barry said, smiling coyly at her. Emelia was suddenly filled with dread at that look but she only averted her eyes and took another bite of muffin.

The surprise was that he had reserved them a table at Madam Puttifoot’s. Emelia heaved a deep sigh of loathing as she looked into the tea shop with its frilly doilies (now orange and black for the holiday). She briefly considered asking him to reconsider but since it was her first date she felt like she should maybe suck it up.

Barry led her to a table in the back corner of the room, they each took their seats and when Madam Puttifoot came to their table he ordered two butterbeers without asking what Emelia wanted.

This irritated her more than it should because she was more than capable of ordering herself but maybe this was something commonplace among the dating world. Barry immediately reached over the table and grabbed both her hands. Emelia was so taken back by that that she almost yanked her hands from his—she still wanted to but he had his fingers wrapped so tightly around hers that it was almost impossible.

“I’ve been wanting to ask you out for years,” he said, leaning closer to hers so that she could smell his breath. It smelled stale and like he had sprayed too much breath mint down his throat.

“Well now you have,” she said rather unenthusiastically. It was weird that someone she never knew existed had wanted to ask her out for years. She didn’t even know what House Barry was in come to think of it and it wasn’t like he was wearing his robes now so she could check.

Madam Puttifoot came back with their butterbeers and grateful for the excuse she tore her hands free to wrap around the steaming mug. Barry seemed rather put out by this but he smirked and kicked her foot. “Ouch! Hey, what the hell was that for?” she growled, yanking her feet out of his reach.

His face flooded with red and Emelia suddenly didn’t want to be there anymore. “You know what, Barry, this was a mistake, I’ll see you later,” she stood and left the building ignoring him when he called after her.

It only took her a handful of minutes to find Nora and Frankie in Zonko’s. They were both looking in a box of horns that could mimic anyone who spoke into it. “Hey guys,” she said, relief and annoyance thickening her voice.

“What happened with Harry,” Nora murmured.

“It’s Barry,” Frankie corrected.

“Fine, what happened with Barry?”

“Well, he kept like forcefully holding my hand and then he kicked me,” Emelia finished lamely. Both girls burst out laughing at this. “What?!”

“He was trying to play footsie, you idiot,” Nora laughed.

“Footsie? Is that some sort of muggle game?”

“For someone who reads so many muggle books you have literally no grasp of what actually goes on in muggle world,” Nora rolled her eyes. “It’s a way of flirting, you like…play with each others feet or whatever,” she shrugged.

“Well, it felt more like he was trying to hurt me.”

They made their way out of Zonko’s after both Nora and Frankie purchased whatever they’d gotten their hands on and then made their way over to Honeyduke’s. After filling their pockets and emptying their purses, they made their way back to school.

Professor Snape was standing at the door checking students back into grounds. The girl’s stopped in a line; Emelia was last. He checked their names off one by one. Nora and Frankie went inside where they would no doubt be waiting for Emelia just inside.

“Did you have a nice time, Emelia?”

Emelia jumped about a foot in the air, turning her gaze to Professor Snape. He was the only one here so clearly he was the one who had spoken—but he had never called her Emelia before. It was always Miss. Cresswell.

“Y-yes, Professor,” she said automatically.

“What happened to your date?” he asked, an eyebrow quirking up. It didn’t even occur to Emelia to wonder how he knew she had a date.

“Oh…he kicked me so I left him at Madam Puttifoot’s.”

Professor Snape chuckled lightly before making a mark on his clipboard. “Enjoy the rest of your evening, Miss. Cresswell,” he said, his gaze soft.

Emelia was too stunned to do anything but nod and hurry inside. “What took you so long?” Frankie complained. “Did Snape find some reason to take points away or something?”

Emelia shook her head but found herself playing the way he’d said her name over and over again in her head.