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Somewhere Dark


Severus stood over a simmering cauldron that smelled strongly of lavender and honey. He sighed as he stirred the potion clockwise and then counter clockwise. Amortentia was on today’s class plan. The sixth years from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw would be there any minute.

It was the week after Halloween and things proceeded as normal. The only change was Emelia. Ever since their exchange on Halloween she had been acting much differently around him. It was hard not to notice the way she looked at him. Like he was something incredibly lovely to admire, not a sallow faced, hook-nosed bastard.

A few days ago she had gone up to hand him her vial of completed polyjuice potion and let her fingers linger as they brushed against his. He jerked away, shocked and somewhat appalled. He was her teacher. He couldn’t deny though the softness of her skin and how it made him want to touch her more. He longed to lace his fingers through hers, feel her skin in his hands. He wished he could brush his fingers along her cheekbone; tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. All of these things he’d imagined himself doing to Lily—but she was gone now. Now all that was left was this child before him and he couldn’t even bring himself to feel disgust as his lust for her. He couldn’t deny it any longer, that’s exactly what it was.

The door to the dungeon opened and students wearing blue and yellow scarves filed in and took their seats. Severus swept in front of his desk, his black cloak billowing behind him and paused, his hands on the desk behind him. “Turn to page 456 and you will see the ingredients for amortentia. Can anyone tell me what that is?”

Almost every hand on the Ravenclaw side of the room shot up and only a few on the Hufflepuff side—his gaze zeroed in on Emelia, sitting up straight her hand high about her head. A slow smile curled his lips as he looked at her. Her hair was pulled back in a braid and she wore red lipstick. She looked grown and Severus knew, he knew he should ignore those feelings—he knew he should simply call on another student but he couldn’t help himself.

“Emelia,” he called, stretching the word out, letting the vowels trace his tongue.

Emelia’s face flooded with color at being called on—she’d always been a little shy in front of crowds. “It’s the strongest love potion in the world,” she murmured.

“Correct. Five points to Hufflepuff.” He knew he’d messed up then. There was a chorus of hushed murmuring, even Emelia was shocked. Severus never awarded points to any house but his own, so what was so special about Emelia? Some of the Ravenclaw students shot Emelia dirty looks, infuriated that of all the students Professor Snape would award points to it was a Hufflepuff.

Severus cleared his throat and turned to cool his expression and to stir the potion once more. “On your way to the store cupboards for supply I’d like you all to pass here and smell—the smell reflects the one you’re feeling most…desire for.”

There was another bout of excited murmuring—mainly from the girls. Some of the boys looked intrigued as well though. Could it really work? The students stood in a hurry and passed the cauldron, inhaling deeply. When Emelia made her way to the cauldron she leaned over and inhaled before straightening and fixing a piercing stare at Severus. She smiled ever so slightly before turning to the store cupboard.

That was it for him. He knew what he had to do now. “Emelia,” Severus called suddenly, spur of the moment. “After class I’d like to see you.”

Emelia blushed again before mumbling a quick assent and returning to her desk. Severus had no idea what he would say to her after class but he had to do something to feed the monster in his gut roaring to have Emelia in its arms.

Severus was going to give the beast what he wanted.