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Somewhere Dark

A Kiss

Emelia’s stomach was full of butterflies. The nerves made her feel sick. What possible reason could Professor Snape have for needing to see her after class? She tried to recall her grades and she couldn’t think of one that would need reprimanding.

After class ended and Frankie and Nora left giving Emelia a fleeting glance of concern, she stood up and slowly gathered her things. The students filtered out slowly, talking amongst themselves about the lesson. She could hear them whispering about what they’d smelled in the Amortentia.

“Emelia,” came the silky voice of Professor Snape. Emelia’s gaze snapped up to meet his and she squeaked out a ‘yes?’ “Emelia,” he crooned again and suddenly he reached forward and put his hand on top of hers.

She stared at his hand with wide eyes before glancing back up again. Professor Snape was rubbing his thumb in slow circles on top of her hand and without thinking she stepped back and pulled her hand away.

Yes, she’d been crushing on him but this was wrong. He was her teacher.

“Emelia, what’s wrong?” he asked, stepping around the table. He was so close to her now and she had no idea what was happening. He spoke softly, his voice concerned.

“Why did you do that?” Emelia finally said, holding her hand close to her chest, her books left forgotten on the desk.

“Do what?” Professor Snape said, stepping between her and the table. They were impossibly close now, Emelia was pinned to the table only a few inches separating them.

“T-touch me,” she stuttered. She felt like a fool, she could feel the heat in her face and she just wanted to leave and pretend this never happened.

Professor Snape smiled ever so slightly and she noticed the gleam in his eye. He reached his hand up and stroked his knuckle down the side of her face. “Why can’t I touch you?” he said, leaning ever so slightly forward.

“This is wrong,” she said aloud. She wanted to step away from him but there was no room.

“Why?” he said, his hand drifting down to her chin. He pulled her face up so that he could look her in the eye. Emelia was speechless. She felt her heart pounding in her chest like it was trying to rip itself free and escape. Before she could even formulate a thought he’d leaned forward and kissed her.

She held her breath as he moved his lips gently against hers. She remained completely motionless, eyes shut tight as she waited for him to stop. This was wrong, this was so wrong.

Professor Snape pulled away slightly, looking at her and then his eyes glazed over with a sudden anger and he kissed her again. This time grabbing both sides of her head, his fingers twining in her hair. He kissed her savagely, to a point where she had no choice but to kiss him back. Her hands rested in fists against his chest.

Then suddenly with a burst of energy she shoved him back. He hit the table hard, eyes wide with surprise. “No,” Emelia growled.

And without another word she stormed out of the room, leaving her books on the table. Her lips felt swollen and she touched them, her eyes starting to water with shame. What had just happened? Had it really happened or had she just imagined it all? She couldn’t imagine going back into that dungeon and facing him again, knowing what he’d just done.

She thought of what she could do. She could tell Professor Flitwick or Professor Dumbedore. But the thought of admitting what had just happened was haunting. She just wanted to scrub her brain and forget about it. All those daydreams about him turned to poison in her mind. This wasn’t what she wanted. She was happy with the fantasies—they weren’t real but that was okay.

Emelia emerged into the Great Hall—it was lunch time. She hurried to the Ravenclaw table, searching for Frankie and Nora. Just as she spotted them she stepped forward and ran smack dab into Jason Philips. “Emelia,” he said and his voice was as soft as Professor Snape’s had been. She felt sick to her stomach. Suddenly Jason’s face turned to one of concern. “Emelia, are you okay? You look like you’re going to pass out.”

Emelia had drained of color, suddenly pale and clammy. “What do you want Jason?” She said the words with as much venom as she could and was surprised whena look of hurt crossed Jason’s face. What the hell was with him? Why was he suddenly acting like they were friends? Why was he acting like he hadn’t tormented her for years?

“I just wanted to talk to you,” he said quietly, his eyes casting down for the briefest of moments. “I’m sorry, I’ll leave you,” he turned to leave.

Without even the slightest thought Emelia called out. “Wait,” she said and Jason turned with a half hopeful expression. “What did you want, Jason?”

He smiled slightly. “Just to talk. When you’re feeling better we will.” Then he turned and left.

Emelia let out a huge sigh before scurrying over to Frankie and Nora. They both stared at her with wide eyes, Frankie’s mouth full of potatoes. Emelia couldn’t even think about eating she felt nauseas.

“What happened? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” Nora gasped.

Emelia didn’t know if she should tell Frankie and Nora. Didn’t know how they’d react. She swallowed thickly before speaking. “He just wanted to give me an extra assignment. I guess I’m doing really well,” she lied. She felt even more sick as she did but she couldn’t bring herself to speak the words out loud.

Professor Snape kissed me against my will. And I let him.
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Yeah so this turned out a lot darker than I expected. But I was always planning some sort of tragedy. :) I love a tragic story.