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It was Mackenzie Rhodes' 8th birthday the day she got her most frightening surprise. The surprise that would ultimately send her to Renner's Sanatorium for Girls.

Reagan Matthews joined the RSFG family about two years before Mackenzie. Her parents stumbled upon her gruesome scene, and couldn't cope. No one ever remembered her poor little sister, Ella, without thinking Reagan and what she'd done.

But the worst girl in the institution, Jocelyn Samuels, knew exactly how to get what she wanted. The only thing she couldn't get her way around was her new home. She'd been in the institution the longest with no hope of ever seeing home again. When she saw Mackenzie, Jocelyn found exactly what she'd been looking for.

Mackenzie and Jocelyn grow up together in the institution, sticking together in order to survive because of what happened to Reagan.

"Crazies have to stick together, don't they?" Mackenzie asked?

"I'm not crazy!" Jocelyn corrected. "I just get what I want."

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