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Kiss Her

There's a Light on in Chicago

Walking down the streets of Chicago isn't my favorite thing in the world. Telephone poles are covered with paper for missing people and you always have look over your shoulder because you always feel like somebody is watching you from behind. I dragged my feet across the sidewalk and looked at all the for sale signs in front of the houses I passed. Everybody was trying to leave town from all the killings that had been happening. Nobody ever wanted to leave their houses at night because it was too risky. You maybe have a 40% chance of living if you go out alone. Luckily for me it's still a little bit light out, but you still have that feeling that someone is stalking you.

I turned the corner and the cold Chicago air blew my hair into my face and I quickly pushed it out of the way. A buzzing sound came from the streetlight just above me as it flickered on. I looked up at it and finally noticed how dark the sky had gotten since I left. My house was just down the street so I quickly ran to it and went inside. I kicked off my old worn out converse and closed the door.

The house I lived in wasn't the best. It had two bedrooms upstairs, a living room and a kitchen, but it was pretty ruin down. It was we really could afford. We didn't have much money, but my grandma still made sure we had a roof over our heads at all times.

"I told you to be home before the street lights came on" A voice came from the kitchen

"I'm sorry grandma. I just lost track of time" I apologized walking into the kitchen "I just don't understand why I have to be home. Can't I stay out longer?"

"With all the killings that have been happening? Of course not! Remember what I always told you. If there is a light on in Chicago you should-"

"Be home! Yes I know" I said finishing her sentence

"Beside your father told me to keep you safe till you are 18 then you can do whatever you want" She explained for probably the tenth thousand time

I let out a long sigh "But that's 4 years away! Besides I can keep myself safe easily. I know how to kill a vampire if he came close to me!"

She made a face of disappointment "Roxie, that's a myth around the city. There are no vampires here in Chicago! They aren't real!" She told me. I let out another long sigh and stomped upstairs then into my room "Dinner will be ready in a little"

I went into my old and bare looking room. The walls were faded and the wooden floor made a noise every step you made. My bed was pushed into a corner and my dresser laid opposite of it. The only source of sunlight was a single window with a view of the city streets then in front of it was my desk. I fell back onto my bed and looked over at my desk that was covered with my father's notebooks. I walked over my desk and picked one up then read though it a little bit.

"Roxie, dinner is ready!" I heard my grandma yell from downstairs

I put the notebook down and ran down the stairs and sat at the kitchen table. She brought over my plate and then got hers and sat down opposite of me.

"Grandma? Who are Pete, Patrick, Andy and Joe?" I asked

Her head snapped up in my direction and she began to massage her temple "Did you take your father's notebooks from my closet again? Your father doesn't want you know about them unless you have to get involved with them"

"What do you mean by get involved with them?" I questioned. Grandma just gave me a look and continued eating "What do they look like?" I wondered

"I haven't seen them in a while" She said trying to get off the subject

I decided to stop talking about it because it was just getting her more aggravated. Beside no madder how hard I tried she wouldn't tell me any information.

Once dinner was over I headed back into my room and began reading more, but the notebook was pulled from my hand. I sighed as grandma took all his notebooks back and left the room. I let out a frustrated growl and laid my head on my desk. I feel like a caged animal. I'm only out of the house if it is light out, I'm not allowed to know much about my father, I only know that he dealt with vampires but that's all, Grandma won't tell me a thing. She acts like I'm still 5. I got up and laid on my bed then fell asleep.
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Don't worry Pete and the boys will be in soon :)