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Kiss Her

The Teenager Out Pass Curfew

When we had gotten home Pete wasn't there yet. The guys told me not to worry about him because it wasn't out of his character to do this. While we all headed to bed Patrick was testing the sample him and Joe had gotten earlier from the vampire's drink. Tonight was Joe's night to watch over me. He drifted off to sleep almost instantly on the old couch as I snuck out of the room. In the hallway I could hear Patrick talking to himself slightly in his room probably unaware of how loud he actually was. The door just next to Patrick's room led to Pete's room. I thought about going into there but with the unluckiness I have been having lately I passed on the idea. Last thing I need is Pete to show up while I'm in there or something. I slipped into Patrick's room and he laughed to himself.

"Joe asleep already?" He asked typing rapidly on his computer

"Yea" I responded going to sit on top of Patrick's bed "So I think you know what I'm going to ask"

"No Roxie, I'm not telling you about Pete's story" Patrick answered shortly sounding annoyed

"Fine, then tell about you and the guys. Why did you guys get involved with hunting vampires? Or tell me more about my dad?" I began begging

"Alright I'll do that" Patrick replied still working typing on his computer "So your dad had always been interested with vampires. Actually anything supernatural but vampires caught his attention the most. He caught our attention about researching them more, not hunting, just research but the vampires thought we were hunting them. Also while he was doing all this he was dating your mom at the time. Soon she got pregnant with you" Patrick smiled to himself "Don't tell Pete I told you this but as you grew up he was always playing with you. Sometimes we had to force him to stop so we could go out"

"Is that why he always seems mad at me? Because I grew up?" I wondered

"No, since he was turned his emotions are crazy and he is mostly mad at himself the most for letting himself get turned" Patrick explained "Anyways, back to the story. Since the vampire continued to think your dad was hunting them they killed your mother as revenge then we began hunting them. The vampires started getting enraged and that led to yours and William's deal which was more revenge on your dad. Once your dad found out he went out one night alone and never came back. That is all I can say because the rest deals with Pete"

I sighed then jumped when I heard a loud knock at the front door. Patrick teased up and finally drew his attention away from his computer then got up to see who it was. I followed close behind him as he approached the front door. Patrick looked through a peep hole on the door and relaxed then opened the door. On the other side of the door was a man wearing all black and smiled up at Patrick.

"I'm sorry for coming so early Patrick" He said I looked up at the sky to see it was getting lighter out "But I found Pete asleep outside the church and I had to move him before mass started. Also when I found him he looked as if he got into a fight. He is in a black body bag in the car right now so if you could help me get him in the house so I won't be late for mass that would be great"

"Oh, of course Father McLynn" Patrick said rushing out to the car to help pull Pete out. The situation kind of reminded me of a teenager getting picked up after being caught for hang out pass curfew. They came back both holding either side of the body bag and walked down the hall to Pete's room. I followed them inside the pitch black room and couldn't see a thing. My attempt to turn on a light to see better failed because there weren’t any light bulbs in the sockets. I heard them unzip the bag then the bed creak as they laid Pete on to it. After that Father McLynn left and Patrick headed to bed as I did the same.
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Just more information about Roxie's dad. I'm starting to get worried because I'm losing ideas :/