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Kiss Her

Down a Hunter

Three days and Pete hadn't left his room since Father McLynn brought him back home. At first the guys thought he was mad for getting picked up but I told him what the Dandy had told Pete about Bre. We wouldn't hear one word from him for a while and Patrick would go in to check that he hadn't ran away again.

Patrick would worry he would wake up one day high on blood lust and come and kill us all so, when it was daylight he would sneak in and place Pete's blend on his side table. While Pete would stay in his room me and the guys would train nonstop. First it was our attempt for Pete to come down and correct us on our fighting but, he never came down.

Once it became the fourth day and we hadn't seen Pete for a while I had enough of it. The guys all began panicking as I knocked on Pete's bedroom door. I didn't get an answer in return but I knew he was still in there.

"Pete, listen, yeah I understand your upset about Bre and stuff but listen. We don't have time for you lying around acting like you just got dumped by your crush! There is still vampires running around out there and you know what the vampire hunters are doing? Waiting for one of the members to get it together! If you were truly mad about this you would be going out getting revenge!" I said standing outside his door while the guys watched from the side. Pete's doorknob turned and the door opened slightly.

"You don't even know what you’re talking about Rocky so just leave me alone! You don't know what it's like to lose someone you love!" Pete snapped at me about to slam his door before I caught it.

"I don't know what it's like? Are you serious Pete?! What about my dad? What about my grandma? Huh?" I yelled

Pete looked down at the floor with his hand still resting on the door while I snapped back at him. Once I had finished he made eye contact with me and shook his head sadly before slamming the door shut in my face. I sighed and looked over at the guys. They shrugged and motion for me to head back into the living room.

"Just leave him alone for a little. We are heading out while you stay here" Patrick declared

"Wait, you three out alone? Why can't I come?" I asked

"Trust us Roxie, we know what to do and the reason your saying here is because Pete can protect you better than any of us so we can't risk anything happening to you" Patrick explained "Don't worry we will be back before three"

I nodded and headed into my while the guys got ready to go out. I heard them leave out the front door then the noise of the car starting up. Once I knew they had pulled out of the driveway I walked to Pete's closed door and sat down in front of it with my back against the door. "I know I'm not supposed to bug you but, they left so now I have nothing to do" I said hoping Pete would answer back with a smart ass remark or if I was lucky enough for him to come out. As I thought would happen I got no response. I sat up to go find something to do but, as I sat up I felt Pete knock on his door twice. I smiled slightly and knocked back twice before headed out into the living room to watch TV.

I must have dosed off because I woke up later with a blanket covering me. It smelled of Pete so I knew he was outside of his room for a little. The front door opened and Andy yelled for me. I looked to see him in sweat as a few cuts covered his face.

"We got caught up in a fight with the Goths! Joe got hurt pretty bad we need help. Get Patrick's medical stuff from downstairs!" Andy hurried me as I darted down the stairs and grabbed the stuff. I made my way down the hall and into Joe's room and saw him lying back up on the bed with his eyes screwed shut in pain. His shirt was stained red and he groaned in pain as Patrick pulled his shirt up a little to get a better look. I handed him his stuff then left as they help Joe out.

Pete still stayed in his room during all this. Now we were down two hunters and I need to get Pete out of his room somehow. I walked back over to his door while Patrick and Andy's attention was on Joe. "Pete, you really need to come out. We are losing people left and right. Will you come out if you and me go and look for Bre?"

"Right now?" I heard his voice on the other side of the door

I smiled because maybe I finally got Pete to come out "Yes, right now"

The door opened fully and I could see Pete staring at me. My smile grew bigger and he looked at me weird "Why do you care about her? You do know vampires can read minds and I heard you saying she was annoying"

"I don't care about her and yes that's true but, it seems this will get you out of your room so let’s go look for her" I said grabbing Pete's hand and pulling him towards the front door. He looked back quickly at Joe's room and he gripped my hand tighter as we made our way out of the house.
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