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Kiss Her

Finding Bre

I followed Pete because he would probably have a better idea as to where Bre would be. It was going on 4am so the streets were not busy at all. Pete kept me close behind him as he talked to himself thinking where Bre could be. He grabbed my hand quickly as a black alley cat ran pass and panicked us.

"Scared of bad luck Pete?" I laughed a little but he shushed me quickly and looked towards the alley. He cursed under his breath and pulled in to it. It would probably be safer to get away from the alley but, Pete had me pushed against the brick wall so no way I could move now. He grabbed my hips and pulled me close to him. "Pete what-"

He placed his index finger on my lips telling me to keep quite then moved his hand to play with my hair. I saw the shadow of someone at the end of the alley then finally understood what Pete was doing. I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my tip toes. Obviously, Pete didn't want to be noticed and acting like a couple that was making out in an alley was the way to go. I pulled his hood over his head then tilted my head so it would look as if we were kissing because Pete won't kiss. He moved his mouth to my neck which caused me to gasp once he began kissing down it. Before I could think about pulling away he gripped tighter on my hips.

The shadow had left and Pete continued kissing. I pushed on his chest telling him to stop but, all I got him to do was place his hand on the wall behind me and squish me into the wall more by his body. He began sucking on my skin a little and I slipped under his arm and pulled his face so he would look at me. He eyes looked wild but glazed over at the same time. His fangs were lengthened but they quickly went back to their normal size.

"Pete, stop" I warned. He took in a few deep breaths and rubbed his face.

"Roxie, I'm sorry, just with Joe bleeding earlier and-" Pete got caught off by an annoying voice I recognized to well.

"Oh Joe? William and the gang did that to him. Joe didn't even see it coming" The voice said. We turned around to see Bre. "Almost have your first drink Petey?"

"Bre?" Pete questioned "What happened to you? Why are you acting like this?"

She smiled "All I ever wanted was to be a vampire and I thought you would turn me but, you didn't even have the fucking guts to kiss me! Not to worry now Petey because William turned me. I thought you were told this"

"I told you Bre you must call me Master William" A second voice chimed in behind me. I turned to see William as he smirked towards me. He made this way to Bre and began trailing kisses down her neck. She giggled and pulled his by his collar and locked lips with him. Pete was ready to attack but I grabbed his arm. He pushed me back into the brick wall and jumped onto William as Bre ran out of the way.

"Pete! That is how he wants you to react!" I yelled as more of William's posse appeared. Nice going Pete. Now it's two against like twenty! Bre had jumped onto me and pinned my arms down. A scream escaped me which caused Pete to look back. William grabbed Pete while he was distracted and threw him to the wall. I pulled my feet up and kicked Bre back then ran to Pete. He was throwing punches at William but he kept missing which made him more furious.

"Roxie! Go home!" He demanded but I refused to leave him alone. He was about say something else but got a blow to the face sending him flying back. William dashed away while his posse came in closer to us. Pete jumped back up and grabbed my hand from behind as we ran back towards the warehouse.

We were almost there and we heard Bre's voice once again "I can just tell them where you guys live. You know?" I attack Bre and threw a punch but she grabbed my fist and began twisting my wrist. I yelped in pain and she smirked as if she defeated me. I rolled my eyes then kicked her legs from underneath her causing her to fall to the ground. She cried for Pete's help as I got on top of her and pulled a stake from my back pocket.

"I should have used this earlier" I teased twirling it in my hand then implanted in her chest. Her expression turned to shocked then she exploded into a pile of ash "You going to tell them now bitch?"

I dusted myself off and stood up. Pete seemed surprised at what he just witnesses. I started to think he would go berserk on me but he shook his head no so, he probably just read my thoughts.

"No, I'm not mad" He said calmly almost at a loss for words.

I looked up while Pete still was trying to apprehend what just happened. It was getting lighter and in the corner of my eye I could see Pete's body sinking slightly "Sunrise! Pete, come on we need to head home!"

I got him home and when we walked in Patrick hugged me tight as if I would vanish. "Thank god you two are back! We thought something bad had happened!" I laughed a little and told Patrick I was fine. All well me and Patrick had a little reunion Pete began to lie against the wall then finally collapsed. "I'll get him. You head to bed"

I walked back into the hallway and peaked into Joe's room. He was asleep still in the same position he was in when I left. His arm was bound in bandage as a small number of Band-Aids covered his face. I headed into my room and saw Andy asleep on the couch in there. I climbed into my bed and feel asleep instantly.
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