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Kiss Her

It Was Only a Kiss

I woke up and sat up to stretch my arms out. It took me a couple seconds to notice the outline of somebody in my door way. I backed up onto my headboard and yelled for Andy but, the silhouette shushed me.

"Patrick?" I asked and he nodded. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and walked over to him. "What are you doing?"

"I heard you killed your first vampire last night" I agreed with what he said "I think you can officially be about of the hunters" I didn't know if to be happy or worried. Yes, now I probably won't have to looked over like a two year old in a mine field but, at the same time that was a bad thing.

"We will still be keeping an eye on our little Rocky" Pete teased coming from behind. Why must he be able to read thoughts. He patting my head causing my hair to become more a mess. I rolled my eyes and fixed it as best as I could. Pete made his way pass Patrick and into the kitchen. Once his blender went off Patrick yanked me into his room and shut the door.

"What is that!" He shouted pointing to my neck. I was clueless as to what he was talking about till I remembered that he was pointing to the side of my neck that Pete kissed me on. The color drained from my face and I covered that side with my hand. Patrick pulled my hand away and glared at me. "Who gave you that?"

"Pete" I answered but quickly jumped into Patrick's back before he could run out of the room and yell at Pete "He didn't mean to! We were just playing an act!" I continued to defend Pete the whole way out of the room still on Patrick's back. He carried me into the kitchen and I saw Pete sitting on top the counter drinking his blend. I hopped off his back as Patrick began freaking out at Pete.

"Are you kidding Pete!?" He began yelling

Pete finished his blend and set it down as he slid off the counter "What are you talking about?"

Patrick pulled me next to him and pushed my hair back to show the mark Pete had left on me. I went to cover it but Patrick grabbed my hand before I could. Pete looked at it closer and shrugged his shoulders.

"A little accident father Stump. Look it's fine, she isn't turned or marked. Just a little hickey and that's all" Pete said heading towards the basement door

"I don't think you understand Pete! That was risky! What if you did go and bite her! Aren't we meant to protect her!" Patrick snapped back as I watched Pete stop. In a second he had Patrick pushed against the wall. Pete's hand was around Patrick throat. Patrick tried removing Pete's hand but got no where.

"It was only a kiss! Nothing more, nothing less" He growled dropping him and heading downstairs. I helped Patrick up and was about to head downstairs but Patrick pulled me back.

"No, leave him alone" He said letting my hand go "Come with me to go check on Joe"

I nodded and Patrick got a glass of water while I headed into Joe's room. Andy was already in there watching him. Joe was still asleep as Patrick replaced his bandages that covered his back. While Patrick worked on Joe Pete had appeared in the door jam of Joe's room.

"Patrick, Dirty has been send pictures of the Dandies. They are downtown attacking everybody looking for us" Pete explained already in his hunter gear.

"What about Joe?" Patrick asked

"He will be fine. All he will do is sleep some more" Andy said heading out of the room to get dressed in his gear.

"Alright, Roxie, anything military, black, or red is what we wear. Now get ready we are heading out" Patrick ordered as I ran into my room to get dressed. I wore a black leather jacket, red t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black boots. I quickly got out of my room and Pete rushed me to the car. Everybody was already inside and we drove as quickly as possible downtown.