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Kiss Her

It's Pete

We arrived downtown and saw the Dandies running around everywhere. Bodies laid around the street with their necks ripped out or bleeding to death. They were ganging up on people to kill or beating them up. My heart beat increase and I became terrified to leave the car. I continued to watch them run around like an animal with rabies till a loud bang came. I let out a scream as a Dandy had jumped onto the hood of our car. He came close to the windshield and hissed.

"I got him. Now as soon as he is away from the car you guys get out and split up!" Pete declared getting out of the car and grabbing the vampire by the collar of his shirt. He threw him off the car and into another vampire then ran after them. We had left the car and split up.

I jumped onto the nearest vampire's back and pierced him with my stake. The vampires began letting the people go and focused on us. More began coming in closer to me and I backed up only to be grabbed from behind. The vampire pulled to a larger group of cream colored suits and pushed me into them. They formed a circle then I saw that Patrick and Andy were in here with me. Brendon had come into the circle and smiled at all of us.

"Alright, William wants to know who killed Bre" He said calmly although he looked like he was on the verge of snapping. Andy and Patrick exchanged looks and kept quiet. Brendon paced in front of us and repeated the question once again but, more demanding. Quickly Patrick grabbed me and tried running out of the group as Andy did the same. "Grab them!"

We were pulled back and held by a vampire now. Pete was thrown into the group. His lip was busted open and his hair was in his face. He growled at Brendon and gripped his arm which was probably broken but, it would be healed by tomorrow. "What is this about Brendon?" Pete growled

"William wants to know who killed Bre!" Brendon finally snapped. My stomach dropped and I began panicking "She was our plan to get you back Pete and someone ruined it"

Back? What does he mean back? Pete looked back at me and let out a heavy breath "I killed her!"

Brendon walked in front of Pete and grabbed his chin "You did?" Pete nodded in response. Brendon reached into his back pocket and shoved a taster into Pete's side. Pete hissed then passed out onto the ground. "Take him to the mansion men." Two vampires grabbed Pete then vanished. I continued to watch the spot where Pete had just been as if he would appear any minute. "You three head home. We have one out of the two things we truly need" He said looking towards me.

"Then take me now and bring back Pete!" I yelled. Maybe if Pete was with the guys he could come up with a plan to help get me out.

"We still have a little over four months till your sixteen. I would enjoy these last four months if I were you" Brendon teased then disappeared. Patrick and Andy pulled me to the car then we headed home. The ride was silence till I finally spoke up.

"What if Pete caves in? Are we doomed?" I asked

"We have been doomed since he was turned and he won't cave in" Patrick responded

"How do you know he won't?" I questioned

"It's Pete" Patrick said looking at me from the review mirror
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