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Kiss Her

Head Like a Steel Trap

I woke up on a cold stone floor and cursed to myself as I hold my head. My body feels sore and I stand up slowly. I rub my eyes because my eyesight is blurry. As my vision comes back to me I noticed where I'm at. The basement cells at the Dandy's mansion. Anger builds up inside of me and I throw myself at the bars only to produce a ringing noise. I draw back from the bars and begin to bang against the brick walls. It doesn't last long and I slide down the wall and put my head in my hands as a flashback floods my mind.

It's of me, in one of those dam cream colored suits. I'm pulling an unconscious body to the cells with William following close behind. My expression is nervous as I let out a heavy breath and unlock the cells. I shoved to body into the cell and William puts his hand on my back.

"You know Peter you should be honored to be a part of this clan. I chose my members very carefully so, be happy that you were chosen" William tells me as I nod and fix my derby hat "Now you head up to your room Peter"

I shake my head and get rid of the flashback. A mocking laugh fills my ears and I shoot my gaze at where it's coming from. None other than William Beckett. The one who turned me and mislead me to join the Dandies. I was foolish to do that. I thought it was the only place to turn to. Why would my friends want a vampire living with them? Fuck, all this stuff is just coming back to haunt me.

"Nice to have you back Peter" William smirked

"I'm not back! I'm just imprisoned in this hell hole!" I snapped back breaking eye contact with him and looking at the floor.

"You know it is actually really funny telling the newborns about a vampire that hunts his own kind. They all think it is a joke" I clutched my fist and growled to myself "Oh Peter, when will you finally notice you’re no different than the rest of us? Just another one of us blood suckers. You’re a monster Peter, why don't you understand that quite yet?" William continued

I run to the bars and reach out to grab William by his jacket. I got a hold of it and pull him against the bars hard "I'm nothing like you guys! Never was and never will be!"

"You’re denying it Peter" William teased as I grit my teeth "You will be one of us because it is truly what you’re meant to be. A Dandy"

I finally let him go and hiss towards him as he makes his way to the door to leave "A Dandy is a nothing more than a parasite or a leech!"

"Then soon enough you will be a parasite or leech" William shrugged leaving me alone in the cell.

I let out a heavy sigh and put my head back against the wall. My main focus right now isn't William's little mind games, no it's getting out of here before the guys and Roxie come. They are down to three hunters again so they don't stand a chance trying to save me from here.

I began feeling my eyelids get heavy as I fought to keep them open. I can rest later after I find a way to escape. Soon I couldn't fight any longer and feel asleep against the brick wall. I started remembering of times when I lived here and began to think if it so happens again that I'm a part of the Dandies and become a parasite and a leech then keep me as far away as possible from the hunters, but knowing William he will try his best to get me involved with them. No, I promised to keep Roxie safe which is what I plan on doing no matter what. Dandy or not.
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