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Kiss Her


Joe was still asleep when we had got home. I headed straight to my room and waited for Patrick to finish up checking on Joe. Tonight was Patrick shift to watch over me on the old couch. I didn't want to talk to any of them because they didn't do anything when they caught Pete, but at the same time I didn't do anything either. My door opened and I was knocked out of my thoughts as Patrick came in and sat at the end of my bed.

"You ok?" He asked setting a hand on top of my leg that was covered by my blanket. I shrugged my shoulders and kept my gaze to the floor. Patrick nodded then got onto the couch and covered himself up. I feel back into my pillow and stared at the ceiling.

"Back?" I wondered quoting Brendon from earlier

Patrick let the question hang in the air for a while till he answered "Yea, back. Pete used to live with the Dandies for a while. He didn't really work for them; like he never really went out on the streets he stayed at the mansion a lot and would help around there"

"Help with what?" I questioned. My stomach began to feel sick as I remembered what Pete looked like in a Dandy suit when we went undercover that one night.

"He trained the newborns with fighting" Patrick continued. It took a second to put two and two together till I noticed the signs that showed he did that. Pete was always so crazy about how good we fought because he had taught the enemy vampires how to fight well with his tactics, so he wanted us stronger than them. Also how well Pete knew how to act when we were undercover and how he knew the newborns were so easy to trick. My stomach began to feel nauseated again and I turned to my side away from Patrick.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore" I begged that Patrick won't bring it up anymore

"Roxie, please don't be mad at him. He only lived with them for a couple months" Patrick declared but I ignored him. I wasn't mad at Pete at all but he was the reason my stomach was sick. Just thinking of Pete truly being a part of the Dandies terrified me. It wasn't him and it couldn't be him. The last thing I heard was Patrick shifting on the couch to get more comfortable before I fell asleep.

I had a dream that night of Pete. I didn't want a dream of him because I knew how it would turn out and I was right it was exactly what I thought. I don't think I need to go into explaining it all but just everything we talked about tonight was in it. The dream sent chills up my spine and apparently screams out my mouth that woke everybody up. I heard a loud thud as Patrick fell onto the ground from getting up so quickly. He began calling my name to calm me down.

My door was thrown open with a great force as Andy ran into the room "What wrong?!"

I started calming down and didn't notice I was crying till Patrick wiped tears off my cheeks. Quickly I sat up and gripped onto the front of Patrick's t-shirt. He patted my back and motioned to Andy that it was ok to leave now. Once I finally calmed down all the way I pulled away and sighed.

"Roxie, I have a feeling I know what it was about and I feel you’re over thinking this all. Ok?" Patrick stated. I nodded because he was right I was really thinking about this too much. He told me to head back to sleep as he laid me back down and threw my blanket over me again. I turned on my side again as attempted to get back to sleep.
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So this was just more back story of what Pete did when he worked for the Dandies. Don't worry Pete won't just vanish in mid air. He will still be in the story :) Also thank you lady_enygma for making me laugh at your comment :D