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Kiss Her

A Month Later

We all sat in the kitchen talking with Father McLynn. As in we I mean me, Patrick, Andy and Joe. Pete was still gone and it was going on a month now. The original reason Father McLynn was supposed to be here was because Patrick wanted me to start wearing a cross like they did and knew that he would hook us up with one but, the short stop over became a long conversation about what has been going on with us lately. Long story short Pete is gone, Joe healed from his attack and I currently have three months till William can leave me alone for good. I restrained myself from talking and played with the hem of my shirt to entertain me. As they continued to talk I finally got up to get a drink and while I did their talking turned into a whisper.

"What's wrong with her?" Father McLynn asked

"She rarely speaks anymore" Patrick stated

"I can hear you" I sigh as I grab a glass to pour the drink into

"It's because she thinks Pe- um, you know who is either dead or apart of them again" Patrick continued ignoring my statement

"I also think the sky is blue" I added leaving the kitchen as I went into my room. I let out a heavy sigh as I climbed into of my bed. Patrick was right when he said I barely talked anymore because I really didn't. I felt bad because he probably thought it was his fault I was upset but it wasn't his fault at all, to be honest it wasn't anybody's besides mine. It's my fault I maybe have three months to stay human and my fault Pete got taken.

I laid on my bed staring up at the ceiling for a while. My bedroom door was shut but I could still hear their muffled voices though it. Something wet made its way down my face and I noticed I was tearing up. Why was I crying? Laying here crying wasn't going to help in any way. I pulled myself off my bed and threw on shoes. Quietly I made my way down the hall trying my best to be unheard.

"Not to long ago actually" Joe said from the kitchen talking with Father McLynn "I told him to leave"

Quickly I slipped out the door as Patrick cleared his throat. Once outside I took a deep breath. Ever since Pete left we never really went on hunts anymore we only went undercover. Also I was never aloud out of the house maybe because I only had a few months but, what was the use? I will probably mess up something us and get myself marked or something. Well, this right here was probably one way.

I didn't know where to go so I let my feet guide me somewhere away from the house. I kept my head down and watched as my feet pull me across the sidewalk. They stopped and looked up at where I was. I was at the cliff that me and guys did a few setups at.

A loud crash of thunder came and rain began to soak me. I watched as lighting appeared across the skyline of Chicago. I must have been so entranced by the sight I didn't hear the growl that came from behind me.

"This is Goth territory! We want you off now!" A voice said behind me. There was probably five Goths glaring at me. My stomach dropped as a few laughed.

"Shouldn't we just turn her?" Another jumped in

The one in front held up his hand "No, William would kill us. That's the one he wants"

"Then let’s take her to him! Maybe he will finally stop fighting with us!" One vampire declared

The leader nodded "True, maybe that will work. Grab her!"

I got tugged back as they ran towards me. At first I thought it was one of the guys and they had found me but, this person was wearing a whole different outfit then the guys. I gasped and backed up as I saw it was the Dandy's outfit. The person growled and began to fight the Goths. Great, so after he kills the Goths he is going to take me to William. Right?

"Wrong" The person said as he finished off the last Goth. Wait! I recognize that voice!

"Pete!" I said shocked and ran up to hug him but he pushed me away a little. When he pushed me back I noticed it was him who was in the Dandy's suit. I looked him up and down then locked eyes with him "Why are you wearing that?" He sighed and couldn't seem to form words. "Why!" I snapped at him

"They told me that you guys all got killed!" He snapped back grabbing me by the collar of my shirt. His eyes were full of rage and he growled at me. I tried to pull out of his grip and started to panic because I wasn't getting anywhere. It came clear to me that maybe we really lost Pete. Tears formed in my tears and Pete let me go "Oh god Roxie! It really is you!" He hugged me and I was confused as to what was going on.

"Wait, what?!" I questioned

"The Dandies told me that they killed you all. Then they would use shape shifting vampires to look like you guys to mess with me. I didn't think it was really you. I'm sorry" Pete sighed

"Why didn't you just come to the house to see if were there?" I asked still in shock at what he was wearing

"The first week I was taken I gave in" He stopped and looked away from me "I was trying to get a blend from the house but, Joe saw me in the Dandy outfit and kicked me out by uninviting me out of the house. He didn't give me a chance to explain, so I can't go there anymore"

I shook my head "So is this going to happen when we really die?! You are joining them again?!"

"No, no! I just don't know what I was thinking" He said clearly upset as much as I was. He pulled a stake out and handed it to me "I'm not doing good on keeping this promise with your dad, so just do it" He moved my hands so that the pointed part of the stake on his chest "Kill me. I don't care anymore. I have fucked up once again"

I shook my head no and threw the stake down then hugged Pete again. "Come back please"

He played with my hair and rested his chin on top of my head "I can't"
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You guys are probably so mad at me right now. I'm sorry lol but don't worry remember Pete said he would keep his promise :)