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Kiss Her

Calm Before The Storm

Once I started waking up again I reached for Pete but couldn't find him. I panicked and sat up quickly then ran my hand though my hair when I noticed he was gone. From the corner of my eye I saw movement and realized that I was back at the house. How did I get here? Maybe they let Pete back in. My eyes still hadn't fixated to the dark so I couldn't see who was on the couch tonight.

I left the thought alone and got up to get something to eat. As I made it into the kitchen I saw that Patrick was already up. He was sitting at the table keeping his face in the newspaper and had a coffee cup in front of him. He ignored me and I feared he was upset with me about sneaking out last night. We didn't exchange one word while I made some food. I made a plate and sat across from him at the table. He continued to look at the paper while I ate.

"Want a piece?" I asked trying to end the silence

"No" Patrick answered shortly

"What's wrong?" I asked finally knowing that he was probably mad at me

He folded up the newspaper ad looked at me as if I was dumb for asking that "I don't know where should I start? You sneaking out? Us in a panic driving all around town looking for you? Or when Pete called me to come pick you up?"

I bit my lip and felt queasy as he continued to stare at me for an answer "Patrick, I just needed time alone. Also there was just a tiny part of me that believed Pete was still somewhe-"

Patrick cut me off "We aren't talking about him alright?! We all wished you just believed he was gone because we didn't want you to see him apart of Dandies. Joe told us that Pete had tried getting in the house a few weeks ago but, he uninvited him once he saw what he was wearing. Listen, I just want you away from him because he betrayed us!"

"He didn't betray you guys! He called you to come pick me up, correct? If he truly betrayed us he would have took me to William! What did he say when he called you?" I snapped back

"Pete said he said he found you walking down the street getting stalked by vampires! While he was fighting them then one knocked you out and he took you to an abandon hotel so you were in somewhat safety" Patrick explained. I was happy Pete took out some parts and added a few in.

"What word in what you just said makes you think he is against us all a sudden?!" I commented standing up now and glaring at Patrick

It sounded as if someone was making their way down the hall "We are done talking about it!" Patrick remarked pointing a finger at me. I felt so little in this situation and threw my plate in the sink. I really need one of Pete's smart ass remarks right now to use on Patrick for being the father figure.

Andy came into the kitchen now and handed me a cross necklace “You left before we could give this to you. Trust us it's for the best" I took it and saw Patrick mouthing something at me 'They don't know about you seeing him.'

Joe came out now practically falling over his own feet "Roxie left again! I swear I was watching her I gue-"

"Joe, Roxie is right there" Patrick sighed. Joe nodded and pulled his shirt down a little trying to play it off as if that didn't just happen.

A beeping noise went off and we all drew our attention to Patrick as he pulled out this phone "Goths and Dandies are at it. Come on we need to head out" We got ready and left to see what was going on.

It was a riot. Large numbers of Dandies attacking the small amount of Goths that was left. A handful of beaten vampires from each group scattered the ground. The air was filled with hisses, growls and snarls.

"Well, if it isn't the hunters. Haven't seen you guys out here lately" William had said from behind us. Quickly we turned around and saw him sitting on top of our car "You would never guess what, or should I say who started this whole fight. Peter!" Pete appeared on the car in front of William and put his head down once he saw we were there. Patrick pinched my wrist to cause me to let out a cry as a reaction to Pete because William didn't know I knew about him like this. William smiled at my fake reaction and kicked Pete forward a little. "Where are your manners Peter? Say hello"

Pete grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it then turned back to William "Master William shouldn't I return to the fight?"

William nodded and smiled as Pete ran to attack a Goth "He killed their leader last night and now they are clueless as to what to do"

"Like your clan will be when we kill you?" I responded with a smirk

I felt someone grip on my shoulders and William whispered in my ear "I don't think you should talk to me like that.” His cold breath sent chills though my body and I screw my eyes shut. My ears popped and I noticed the wind had picked up all a sudden. Once I opened my eyes I regretted it because William had taken me to the rooftop of a building. I lost my balance as the wind blew hard and with nothing to grip onto I had to grab William. He smirked down at me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “I wonder if the hunters will make it up here in time”

William let his fangs run across my neck but he pulled back quickly. He looked as if he was deep in thought about something. I tried pulling out of his grip “What is your problem?”

“I recognize this smell” He said more to himself then me. Once it hit him he growled to himself “Peter!”

William grabbed my hands and put them behind my back as he pushed me close to the ledge of the roof. I screamed and every time I took a step back William kicked me forward more. “Please stop! What are you doing?!”

“Testing how loyal Peter is to me” William called his name then Pete appeared on the concrete under the building. He looked up and his eyes went wide. “Take her to the mansion!” William yelled as he pushed me off the building.

Pete cursed loudly as I fell down the side of the building. He held his arms out for me to land into. As I let out another loud scream I saw the guys watching Pete and making their way towards me. Luckily, Pete caught me but, of course bad luck had to be involved. I looked up at Pete and he sighed “I’m sorry Roxie”