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Kiss Her

"We Have It Under Control"

Before I could ask what he was sorry for we vanished from outside. My ears popped again and the headache came back. I groaned in pain as Pete placed me onto a bed with silk bedding and pillowcases. Pete went over to a dresser and pulled out clothes then began to change. That's when I finally noticed that I wasn't at the warehouse or the abandon hotel.

"Pete, where are we?" I asked sitting up now looking around the room. It was pretty huge for a bedroom and was painted in dark grey. Long black curtains covered a window which matched the color of the bedding for the bed.

He sighed and came over to me "The Dandy's Mansion"

I got up and began banging on Pete's chest hard "No! Take me back to the guys! Maybe Patrick was right! You betrayed us!"

A loud shriek came out when Pete grabbed my wrist tight and pushed me up against the wall "I didn't betray you guys! Obviously they couldn't keep a good eye on you because you snuck out and it took them a while to find out. I watch you a lot better than they did"

"Pete, you’re meant to keep me way from William. How are you going to do that if I'm in the same house as him?" I snapped

"Don't worry, we have it under control" Pete said trying to calm me down

"Who is we?!" I asked

"The newborns I train, remember I told you they were easy to trick? I made them all hate and despise William and they have promised to keep you safe as well. I have known them for a while now and I can tell they are loyal" Pete explained letting me go now. I looked as my wrist as I went to sit on the bed now. Pete really wasn't the bad guy here. He truly had seemed as if he thought all this through.

“What if the guys come here to get me?” I question as Pete made his way back to the dresser

“Then I will hand you off to them. Maybe then I will gain some of their trust back” Pete mumbled the last part as he pulled out a shirt and threw it onto the bed. “Change into that and get into bed. Hurry, because if you’re still up when William comes home you will probably be spending the night with him”

I nodded and changed then jumped into bed. I moved so that I wasn’t facing the door and covered up with the blankets. The bed sloped down as Pete lies down next to me and let out a heavy sigh.

“I’m so sorry Roxie” He begins “I know you don’t like seeing me like this but please understand that it’s for good reasons. I don’t know what I would do if I failed you and your father. Honestly it would be like the situation with Bre all over again.”

“Pete, if you say this is for the best than it is” I said closing my eyes. Even though I couldn’t see Pete I could tell he smiled a little. His bedroom door opened and Pete got off the bed quickly.

“Master William, she is asleep just leave her alone. Can’t you just see her tomorrow?” Pete begged

It was silent for a moment then a loud thud came. I turned around a little to see what just happened. Pete was thrown to the wall and William slowly walked over to him as he slid down the wall. Pete looked over at me and I closed my eyes again. “I thought you were loyal to me Peter”

“I am” Pete growled

“I could smell you all over Roxie! If you were with her why didn’t you bring her to me! Are you still involved with the hunters?” William questioned Pete

“No! Listen, I brought her here if I was involved with them I would have given her to them!” Pete snapped back

“Very well but, don’t think you have the wool pulled over my eyes Peter” William said leaving the room. I opened my eyes now and looked towards Pete. He got up and brushed himself off then noticed me looking.

“Roxie, go to sleep. That dumb ass will probably keep coming in through the night” Pete told me getting into the bed. He laughed to himself “Don’t think you have pulled the wool over my eyes? He doesn’t even know how much stuff I have done right under his nose.” I smiled then feel asleep.
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