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Kiss Her


I woke up and looked up at Pete who was already awake. He smiled a lazy smile down at me. His bedroom door opened and I grabbed onto him just in case it was William or someone else that would take me away. I heard him laugh a little “Roxie, its fine. It’s one of the newborns I train” He sat up now and looked over at the person at the door then motioned for him to come in.

The newborn came in and placed a short cream colored dress on the bed “This is for her. William insist she wears this”

Pete rolled his eyes and handed it to me to change into. There was a bathroom attached to the room so I changed in there while Pete and the newborn talked. The dress was very short and uncomfortable but I really had nothing else to wear. Once I came out of the bathroom Pete had nodded at the newborn and looked my way.

“Roxie, I have to show you something. Just stay close to me because I don’t know how he will act” Pete explained and I looked from the newborn to Pete wondering what they were talking about. Pete then locked arms with me and walked me out the room with him. The newborn stayed on our heels and I wondered why he was still with us.

“Where is William?” I asked quietly because the closer we got to the main lobby of the mansion more Dandies surrounded us. I gripped on Pete tighter as they focused on me.

“Ignore them and William is out on a hunt for food” Pete whispered to me returning glares at the vampires.

We turned down a hallway that was empty. Pete hurried us down it to a staircase that led downstairs. Once we made it to the bottom Pete told the newborn to keep watch while me and him went down the stairs. It led to what looked like holding cells and I began backing up. Pete noticed and appeared right in front of me.

He grabbed my face and locked eye with me, “You need to calm your heart rate down. Everything is fine so just relax.” I felt less tense and kept eye contact with Pete. He looked uneasy as he led me towards the far left of the cells. Before I could see inside Pete stood in front of the cell and began talking with whatever was inside, “I have someone to show you, but I can’t let you come out to see her because that’s too risky”

Pete looked my way and motioned for me to stand next to him in front of the cell. Inside the cell as a man who was maybe just a little older than Pete. All I could see was his blonde hair because he hid his face in his hands. I was confused as to why Pete was showing me this man. It was quite and the only sound was sniffling from the guy inside the cell. “Pete, who is this?” I finally asked breaking the silence.

Pete looked down at the man seeing if he would answer but, he didn’t. Instead Pete gave a heavy sigh and looked back at me, “It’s your dad”

I felt my stomach flip and ran towards the cell but Pete pulled me back. Tears streamed down my face as I continued to pull out of Pete’s iron grip. “I thought you said he died” I began “We can’t just leave him in there! He is probably starving!”

“I’m not” My dad finally spoke up as I stopped pulling away from Pete “Pete gets me food almost every day and don’t get mad at him because he didn’t know I was still alive till the Dandies re caught him, although I’m not necessarily alive anymore.” He finally turned to look at me with red and bloodshot sunken in eyes. My dad came closer to the bars and sighed that’s when I noticed his fangs. I gripped on to Pete and tried not screaming. He was one of them. I didn’t relies I was still crying till Pete wiped away my tears.

“Roxie, I know it’s a lot but you need to slow down your heart rate. He isn’t on their side and if we kill William before your sixteenth birthday he will return to normal” Pete explained. I calmed down now and looked over to my dad.

“This is going to sound strange but grandma wouldn’t even tell me your name. Even if your name was written anywhere she scratched it out” I laughed slightly trying to lighten the mood a little.

“I knew she would go a little overboard with that. My name is Connor but, you still need to call me dad” He said back giving a half smile

“Pete! William is back!” The newborn’s voice came from up the stairs. Pete grabbed me quickly and pulled me upstairs. I felt dizzy because Pete was going at unhuman speed. We made it back to his room and I collapsed onto his bed. He apologized as he sat on the bed next to me.

“You ok?” He asked as I nodded in return “You can’t go down visiting him unless I go, but I promise you I will try to get him back to normal”
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