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Kiss Her

Pete's Story

A week had passed since I found out about my dad. Pete tried his best to get me downstairs to see him every day but I only saw him one more time. During the week Pete kept coming up with excuses as to why I could be with William. Both me and Pete knew we could keep doing this because everybody could tell William was getting closer to snapping soon. When Pete got me up today he told me to get ready because the Dandies were heading out to Club Zero for the night. I showered and dressed up in the cream colored dress because that’s what I’m supposed to wear and headed out with Pete. We walked as a big group to the club and I kept close to Pete. Before any of us could walk into the club William stopped and said some rules.

“You are allowed to eat just make sure who it is doesn’t make a big scene and don’t do it too close to the club. No talking to other clans we don’t need any fights! And last rule is to keep an eye out for the hunters, if you need any idea as to what they look like just ask Peter” William smirked as Pete growled slightly and everyone looked our way.

Once inside Pete pulled me to a table while other Dandies danced with girls. He tried his best to keep me away from them. His eyes scanned the place and I watched him while he looked around, “What you looking for?”

“Seeing if Patrick, Joe, or Andy are here” Pete responded looking at me “I can’t keep you at the mansion any longer it isn’t safe”

“Pete, can you tell me the story of how you became a vampire” I asked

I was scared he was going to get angry but he just sighed and agreed to tell me, “Remember the night when you first talked to Brendon and we got in a fight? Well, I said it was your dad’s fault I was a vampire, which it’s true but kind of is. When your dad went missing I was sure he had to be out there somewhere so I went searching for him. I looked everywhere then I checked an alley. As soon as I went down it the Dandies appeared. There was too many to fight so I took off running but they caught me. They cleared a path for William and came up then grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. Then he did it. He turned me into this”

“And you went with them?” I questioned and he nodded

“But I left as soon as I noticed what I was doing was a mistake and me and the guys began hunting again” Pete explained then he quickly grabbed my hand “William is mad. We need to go!”

We ran out of the club and saw most of the Dandies out on the street all facing William. He had another vampire in a tight grip by his jacket. William smiled wickedly and threw the vampire to the ground, “I have warned all of you what happens if you disobey my orders, correct?” I felt my stomach drop and my heart rate increase. Pete noticed and pulled me behind him.

‘Roxie just try to relax’ Pete echoed in my head

“Now you see I feel as if none of you take me seriously” William continued as the vampire got up to run away but froze when William but his hand up. He motioned for him to come back and he did. “Well you see I’ll show you what happens when you disobey” William said pulling out a stake and stabbing the vampire with it. The vampire turned to a pile of dust and William kicked the pile, “Everyone head home!”

Pete grabbed me and we appeared in his bedroom, “Is that what he is going to do to you when William finds out you are going against him?” I asked

“No, because I won’t be around when he finds out” Pete said changing out of his Dandy suit. He threw me one of his shirts to sleep in and I changed in the bathroom. Once I came out I laid in bed because I had to so William wouldn’t take me. As soon as I got under the covers Pete’s bedroom door opened

“I’m getting real pissed off Peter! I don’t care what the excuse is tomorrow! I will have Roxie! Do you understand that?!” William snapped

Pete sighed, “Yes Master William”
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