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Kiss Her

It's Time For Us To Take a Chance

A loud knocking on the door had woken me and Pete up the next night. Pete got up to answer his door with a groan. On the other side was a one of the many newborns Pete trains. He quickly pushed Pete back into the room and closed the door behind him.

"What is this all about?" Pete growled still slightly tired

"William is planning on turning Roxie tonight!" He said back in a panic. Pete quickly looked back at me then back at the newborn "Round up the others. I have a plan," The newborn left and Pete told me change into my dress while he changed into his Dandy attire. Once we finished getting ready William had appeared in the room. What if we were is in the middle of getting dressed?! William smirked at me so I had a feeling he just heard me. He nodded his head and I rolled my eyes.

"Peter, we had a promise" William began

"Yes, I know Master William but I want to show you how well the newborns have been trained" Pete quickly cut William off "Roxie can come if you want her to"

William thought for a second then began to circle around Pete, "I guess we could do that but, do you promise I get Roxie as soon as we are done?" Pete nodded and William stopped circling around him "Fine gather up the newborns," Before Pete left the room William stopped him "I can trust you Peter, correct?"

"Of course Master William" Pete said leaving the room and pulling me with him. We headed to a training room that was full of vampires. Once Pete walked in they all stopped talking and looked our way. The room looked a lot like the training room at the hideout. There was a wall covered in photographs of the other clans and the hunters. It was defiantly a stalker wall.

"Alright guys today is the day we get to attack all the head Dandies" Pete started as the newborns began to cheer. Pete put his hand up and they stopped, "I'm leaving tonight. For good, so I need someone to feed Connor and to tell him Roxie and me left" A new born raised his hand and Pete nodded.

"Pete, how are we doing this exactly?" Another one asked

"I told William that he needed to see how well you guys have improved. So we are heading out and I think you understand what we are doing from there. On my cue just attack whoever you can, except William, that's my job" Pete answered "Also I need someone to keep an eye on Roxie till I come and get her" A different newborn raised his hand

"What if some of us get caught? Or killed?" One asked. Pete motioned for the vampire to stand next to him. Quickly Pete pulled out a stake then stabbed him. He turned to ash and fell to the floor.

"Anyone else want to second guess my plan?" Pete growled "I know what I'm doing! If you get caught then you do! If you die then you do! I have taught you guys enough that you know what to do!" They all nodded in response "Get ready. We're heading out"

We all headed to an empty street. William had brought a few of the head Dandies like Brendon. All the newborns had followed Pete's lead. William looked bored out of his mind and sighed, "Let's get this over with Peter"

"My pleasure" Pete smirked and snapped his fingers then the newborns attacked. I got pulled to an alley way and saw it was the newborn who offered to keep an eye on me. Pete began throwing punches at the Dandies in the way of William. Finally he reached William and began attacking him. He got pulled back by other vampires then quickly got free. Pete ran towards us and grabbed me, "Home here we come"

I smiled but it suddenly turned into a frown, "Are they going to let us in?"

"Better" Pete laughed

As we got closer to the hideout Pete began to slow down more. I looked up and saw the sun was coming up. I hurried him up till we reached the front door. Pete was on his knees as I banged on the door. Joe answered the door and let out a sigh of relief.

"Roxie, you're ok!" He hugged me and then saw Pete "What is he doing here?!"

"Joe, you need to invite him in!" I begged pulling away and giving him pleading eyes. Joe bit his bottom lip and sighed. Patrick walked by and stopped in front of the door.

"He isn't allowed in here!" Patrick snapped as he pulled me into the house and left Pete out there. He was about to pass out or burn to death from the sun, which was about to come up.

"Joe, please!" I begged again as Patrick rolled his eyes

"Fine! Pete you can come in" Joe said and Patrick groaned. I hugged Joe again and thanked him.

Pete could barely keep his eyes open as he walked into the hideout and crashed onto the couch. Patrick tried waking him up but it was no use, "He better hope I don't stake him in the middle of the night!"

"You're not staking him Patrick" I rolled my eyes as I headed back to my room to lie down. Andy was already on the couch in my room. Did they still sleep in here each night? I left it alone and curled up in bed and fell asleep.
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Alright, so this story will be coming to a close soon. I'm going for 30 chapters and I have them planned out (a little)

Anyways I think after this story is over I'm going to take a small break from writing on here. I will still be reading stories and all that stuff but I just need to focus on other things right now. I promise I won't disappear :) I'm just going though stuff at home still...sorry.