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Kiss Her

Just One Yesterday

I thought the next day would be all happy because me and Pete were back but I was so wrong. Currently me and Pete were both in the training room under investigation from Patrick. While me and Patrick were sat at the table Pete was chained up to the wall shrugging to get free. His temper wasn’t helping at all. It was just causing Patrick not to believe him and his stories more. Patrick had also called Father McLynn to help with the interrogating.

“You’re telling me you weren’t bit in a house full of blood sucking vampires?!” Patrick asked for the thousandth time

“No, you can check! I told you, Pete kept me away from them as much as possible” I answered back starting to get annoyed with all the questions

Patrick sighed and shook his head “I just feel like I’m not getting enough information because I just don’t believe nothing happened to you”

“Nothing did! I took care of her!” Pete growled still thrashing around to get free. Patrick grabbed a bottle of holy water and threw some towards Pete, who hissed in return. I yelled at Patrick for doing that but he didn’t care.

Once Father McLynn came to talk with Pete, me and Patrick continued the discussion upstairs. Honestly, he kept asking the same questions and I would give the same answers in return, “Patrick, you aren’t going to get different answers. All that we said was true, if you don’t believe us than why don’t you ask William? Pete attacked him and his group before we left!”

Patrick groaned and put his head in his hands, “Did he really?”

I nodded, “Yea, him and the newborns he trained attack them. William, Brendon, all of the high class vampires”

“Great, now they are going to want revenge on us because of what Pete did!” Patrick complained rubbing his temple

“Now you are just beginning ridiculous! It isn’t Pete’s fault they want revenge! The Dandies have wanted revenge on you guys before I was even born!” I snapped “You just can’t trust Pete yet. That’s why you are doing all this but, trust me he hasn’t changed!”

There came a loud crash from downstairs followed by Pete yelling something. Father McLynn ran up the stairs with Pete chasing up after him. Quickly me and Patrick ran with them to see what was going on. Before Father McLynn could make it to the door Pete grasped him by the back of his jacket and pinned him to the wall. I noticed Pete had a stake shoved in his arm as he continued to yell at Father McLynn, “I don’t ever want to see you around this place anymore! If I so as much catch a glimpse of you! You’re dead!” Pete growled

Joe and Andy came in to see what was happening but Patrick told them to stay back. Pete let Father McLynn go as he hurried out the door, “Just so you know. I’ll have Connor moved and killed by the end of this week!” Father McLynn yelled back as he got into his car and drove off.

Patrick pulled the stake from Pete’s shoulder and he hissed in return, “What is this all about?!”

“He isn’t on our side anymore. I don’t want any of you guys around him” Pete growled

“He said Connor. Does he mean-” Andy began

“Roxie’s dad? Yea, he’s still alive. We need to go save him” Pete declared starting to calm down

“Well, we can’t just go now! They’ll be expecting us!” Patrick stated “But I’ll think of a plan to get him out.” I hugged onto Patrick and he laughed a little, “By the way Pete, sorry”

Pete nodded than sat down on the couch, “Alright now that everyone understands who the bad and good guys are, let’s start up a plan to get Connor”
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