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Kiss Her

Don't Pretend You Ever Forget About Me

Me and Patrick were laid on top of the hill with a blanket placed underneath us. It was a simple setup, a couple looking at the stars. Pete was hiding up in a nearby tree then Andy and Joe were hiding somewhere else. I thought to myself that this wasn't going to work because pretty much every vampire knew what I looked like! William was on the hunt for me and other vampires were looking for me as well for William. I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard Pete call my name, "Roxie, don't worry, they won't get you. Now, the quicker you two start acting the quicker we can get this over with."

Patrick pulled me closer to him and I hid my face into his chest. It was so windy out and Patrick was so warm. I felt like I haven't felt warm in forever since I was always cool when Pete held me. Pete made a noise from up in the tree and I felt embarrassed. Patrick pointed up to the sky, "That right there is the Big Dipper"

"That's so cool!" I smiled.

"Looks like I found two of the hunters" A husky voice said behind us

Patrick stood up and pulled a stake out, "Leave us alone!" The vampire lunged closer towards us and Patrick pulled me behind him. Patrick pointed the stake out in front of him.

"You're too much of a sissy to even do it" The vampire smirked

Pete jumped down from the tree and grabbed the vampire by his collar, "Leave them alone and tell me where Connor is!"

"Who the hell is Connor!?" The vampire hissed back at Pete

"I think you know exactly who that is! Do you know who Roxie is?" Pete growled losing his temper

"Her!" The vampire snarled at me

"Then you know who I'm talking about! So where did Father McLynn put him!?"Pete hissed gripping the vampire tighter. The vampire didn't answer so Pete pulled out a stake and let it hover just above the vampire's heart, "Tell me or I'll plunge this straight through your cold dead heart!"

"Says you, do you think you're some hero because you hunt your own kind? You're just like us!" The vampire smirked once again

"I'm not in the mood for games" Pete growled beginning to stick the vampire with the stake

The vampire's eyes shot open as he began to panic, "Fine, I believe I heard something about Connor being sent to stay with the Hoods for the week! Now, please let me go!" Pete shook his head no and shoved the sake all the way through. The vampire exploded into a pile of dust then Pete turned around.

"I'm going to see if he was telling the truth. You guys head home, I'll be back soon" Pete said taking off and jumping off the cliff

Me and the guys headed back to the warehouse and practiced training. Patrick sat at his desk messing with some weapons while Joe, Andy and me trained. I had just thrown a stake at one of the targets at the wall but something ran by quickly and the stake was nowhere to be found.

"Wow Rocky I'm surprised how good you have got since we first met you" Pete's voice came from behind. Quickly I turned around and saw him on top of Patrick's desk twirling the stake in his hand. I rolled my eyes and laughed slightly

"Pete, is Connor really with the Hoods?" Andy asked wiping the sweat from his forehead

"Yes and we need to figure out a plan before the end of this week" Pete declared jumping down from the desk and coming up to me, "Head to bed. I don't want you down here when we work on the plan because you don't need to worry. I promise you that we will get your dad back." I agreed and started headed up the stairs, "Tonight's my night to watch you so I'll be up in a little bit"

I lied in bed trying to listen to them talk but it was all muffled. Soon I heard them make their way up the stairs and into their rooms. Pete made his way into my room and collapsed onto the couch, "Thanks for everything you have been doing for me Pete"

I could sense he smiled, "No problem" He paused for a second "Roxie, can I tell you something?"

"Sure" I answered

"What are we going to do after all this is over? Are we staying in contact or are we just going to fade away from each others memories? Because some nights I get scared you'll just forget about me" Pete questioned

"Pete, I could never forget about you" I smiled but I felt my stomach drop because it really did make me think. What will happen after all this?

Pete sighed, "Roxie, don't over think it like I do. I have a good feeling we will stay friends"

"We will Pete" I said
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The next chapter will be in Pete's POV :)