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Kiss Her

"You Trusted Me Even When I Didn't Trust Myself"

It took us two days to come up with a plan to recuse Connor; we had to make it perfect. Roxie didn't know anything about the plan because I didn't want her to worry. I became friends with a guy who was a part of the Hoods while I was with the Dandies, his name was Travis. He was a major part of this plan so if he wouldn't cooperate this could all fail. Still, if Travis wasn't going to work we had a backup plan. We decided to have Patrick and Roxie drive out to her grandma's house to pick up Connor's old journals, while me, Joe, and Andy went to save Connor.

I found Roxie in the kitchen playing hangman with Joe when I woke up, "Hey, Roxie, can I talk to you real quick?" I asked her, my voice still husky.

She shrugged her shoulders and followed me to my room, "What's up Pete?"

"Well with your dad coming her and everything I just wanted you to know that he will probably be staying in your room, which means you will be bunking with me for a little" She nodded in agreement "But since he will be here I know he'll want to try and spend time with you and I wanted to do this again before he comes here"

I pulled Roxie closer to me and we locked lips. She was so warm which caused me to pull her closer till her chest was against mine. Her heartbeat was so close to me it made me feel like I still had an alive and beating heart. She pulled at the front of my shirt while I grabbed at her hips. She pulled away for a second to catch her breath and once she caught it we continued to kiss. I began to run my fingers on the small of her back and she gasped at how cold I was. Roxie pulled my face down closer to her's and I let out a soft moan. She was so amazing I just wanted all this vampire stuff to be over so me and her won't have a care in the world. We pulled away and smiled at each other. Roxie hugged onto me again, "Pete, I like you and all but, I'm I just some fill in for Bre dying?"

"No, why would you think that?" I asked worried as she pulled back from the hug and shrugged her shoulders

"Patrick told me forever ago that the only reason you were with Bre was because you felt no one would like you after you were turned" She explained

"That was true, but that's not the reason why I like you Roxie; you get me and put me in my place, in a good way. You trusted me no matter what, even when I didn't trust myself. I honestly don't know where I'm going from here but there's just something about you that I like" I smiled. She smiled back and hugged onto me.

The door opened and Andy peaked in, "Hey Pete, you almost ready? Patrick is waiting for Roxie"

"Yeah, I'm coming" I answered heading out the door with Roxie following behind me

Patrick and Roxie left in the car while me Joe, and Andy walked to the Hoods hideout. Their hideout was located in an old club that has been closed down for years. I knocked on the back door and waited for it to open. After much shuffling the door opened with a squeak.

"Wentz? What are you doing here!?" A vampire growled at me. He wore his hood up and held a cigarette in his hand

"I need to speak with Travis" I growled back

"Do you really think I'd have our leader talk to you guys?! You are the hunters! Besides I heard you killed the Goth leader!" He snarled

"Because the Goths got on my bad side so I don't recommend you doing the same" I smirked evilly

Travis came to the door "Hey Pete! What's up?" he looked at the vampire who answered the door, "They're fine, now go eat"

The vampire left with a low hiss and I looked towards Travis, "We overheard you guys have Connor as prisoner here, where is he?"

Travis crossed his arms and laid against the doorframe, "Why do you need him?"

"We are taking him back to our hideout. Listen, it's for good reasons" I explained

He sucked on his fang, "Say I do give you Connor, what's in it of us?"

"The Dandies will leave you guys alone. If we get Connor out he'll kill William, he's meant to" I stated

Travis thought for a second, "I'll think about it. Till then, would you like to come in and hang out?" He looked back at Andy and Joe, "They can't come in though"

I let out a heavy sigh and rubbed my face, "Travis, I don't have time for this. I need Connor now!"

Travis pulled me into the hideout as I signaled something to Joe and Andy to go and find Connor. Once I was inside I got patted down to make sure I wasn't carrying any weapons with me. Then Travis forced me into a chair and before I could get up to run I had a stake pointed at my chest, "The Dandy clan will leave us alone? That's a lie! They're the strongest clan! How can some small and rebelious vampire stop a whole clan? Is this some trick? You probably still work for them!"

"I don't!" I snarled "Let me go!"

They pushed the stake closer to my chest, "Don't speak unless we ask a question! Now, how do we know that you're telling the truth?"

"We're vampires that are all against each other, we can't trust anyone" I stated.

The stake was pressed closer to my chest, "We don't like games!"

"No one said I was playing games" I smirked

"Your acting like William with how your talking!" A Hood remarked which caused me to get more angry.

"I'm nothing like William! I don't care if he created me into this monster! Doesn't mean I'm like him! Got it?" I growled about to attack the Hoods, which was probably not the best idea because I was close to getting a stake though my heart.

Suddenly the door busted open and the Hoods looked towards it. In came Joe, Andy and Connor. I ripped the stake out of the one Hoods hand and threw it towards another vampire killing him. Quickly I ran towards Connor and pulled him away from Joe and Andy, "I know you're hungry so kill as many Hoods as you need for blood"

Connor was truly an animal when he attacked; he was to fast even for me. While we waited for Connor to finish I checked Joe and Andy for any cuts so Connor wouldn't be tempted to attack. He came out seconds later wiping his mouth off and breathing heavy, "I'm good"

We headed back to the house and Roxie's face lit up when she saw her dad. She jumped up and hugged him, "Dad! You're ok!"

"You need to invite him in" I said "Or else he'll be sleeping outside for the night"

"Come in" She smiled and we headed into the house, "Thanks so much Pete!"

I put my hands up, "Joe and Andy got him, not me" She smiled and hugged Joe and Andy. "We should head to bed and we'll catch up in the morning"

I showed Connor to his room while everyone headed to their rooms. Before I left the room Connor spoke up, "Thanks, seriously, you guys kept my daughter safe for so long. I knew I could trust you guys"

"Of course" I agreed heading into my room. Roxie was already asleep and laid next her then pulled her close, "Goodnight Rocky"
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