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Kiss Her

Counting Down The Days

I woke up to the sound of someone yelling and reached for Pete but he wasn’t in bed anymore. Slowly I got up from the bed and headed towards the sound of the fight. Once I made it to the living room I saw it was my dad and Pete who had gotten in the fight. My dad was always in the basement with Patrick looking over their old notebooks, so it was different seeing him in the front room.

“Ask her! She is right there!” Pete yelled pointing towards me

My dad turned around and saw me “Has Pete ever bitten you?”

“What? No!” I responded

“See” Pete began “Just because I have feelings for her doesn’t mean that I would even think about turning or marking her! It’s dangerous at a time like this! I wouldn’t harm her!”

“Pete, can’t you two just wait till all this craziness is over? You and Roxie are the two main things William is after. It’s just not smart for you two to be together right now” Patrick added. I just noticed Joe and Andy were sitting on the couch watching the fight.

“Wait, how did you even know that we were a thing?” I did quotation marks when I said thing

“Well first that you two sleep in the same bed” My dad said

Pete cut him off “Also because he saw my memories. He drank from me this morning because he was hungry. A vampire can see the memories of someone they drank from”

“He was mean to you when you guys first met so how could you have feeling for him now?” My dad asked

“That was months ago!” I yelled

“Whatever! Pete, I told you to watch my daughter! Not date her!” My dad snapped at Pete

Before Pete could jump onto him we all pulled Pete back, “I’m going out for a little”

Pete left the hideout while we sat in an awkward silence; “So Connor” Patrick started “Would you like to continue looking at our notebooks?”

My father held the bridge of his nose and nodded. They headed downstairs and me, Andy and Joe sat watching TV, waiting for Pete to come back.

Once Pete came back he looked beaten up and I ran over to him “Pete, what happened?”

“Fight with the Hoods, they’re mad we got Connor back and because he attacked them” Pete explained going back into his room. I followed him back and watched as he fell back onto his bed.

“I’m sorry about the fight earlier” I sighed sat on the bed

“Why are you apologizing? You didn’t do anything wrong” Pete replied

“I don’t know” I said lying next to Pete. He held my hand and I saw his arm was wrapped up.

“That’s where your dad bit him” He explained reading my thoughts “I shouldn’t have let him do that”

“No, don’t say that. If he didn’t do that, he would have bitten Patrick or Andy or-”

“I get it” Pete laughed then turned around to face me “How much longer do we have till your sixteenth birthday?”

I sighed “Less than a month”

Pete pulled me close to him and kissed the top of my head, “I don’t care what your father said. I’m allowed to like you”

I blushed “Once his month is over all the vampire stuff will be done for all of us. Then we can do whatever we want”

“Counting down the days” Pete smiled
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Short chapter but the next one is huge! As in event wise.

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