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Kiss Her

Let's Kill Tonight

Patrick came running into the front room quickly in a panic "Guys, this is serious I got a voice message from Dirty" When he said Dirty he made air quotes so we all had a feeling something was up.

He clicked a couple buttons on his phone causing a beep to come after every click. Then a robot voice came from the phone,"You have one saved message"

After that a familiar voice rang in my ears, "Hello Patrick. I know you are probably thinking why your friend Dirty isn't talking, well I'll let him tell you why" It was quiet for a moment and I looked over and saw Pete was making a fist.

"Patrick! Listen to me man, don't come out here! The Dandies are everywhere! Stay home!" There was a hiss on the message then Dirty talked again "Piss off man! Get away!" Suddenly Dirty cried out and William's voice came back

"Listen, I want all of you out here in, let's say twenty minutes? You won't have to look hard for us, we'll be easy to find. Oh and please do bring Roxie. I don't think you want to be taking Pete and Connor home in urns. See you guys soon" William said than hanged up the phone

"We aren't taking Roxie out there! It isn't safe!" Pete growled standing up now and pacing

"Pete, we have to. Her birthday is in less than a week. Connor has to kill William now while he has a chance! If he doesn't he'll be a vampire forever!" Patrick replied

"And Roxie will become a vampire if we take her out! She isn't going!" Pete repeated

"She's going! Just someone needs to keep an eye on her at all times" My dad snapped

"I'll keep an eye on her. Now let's go! We can't waste any more time!" Patrick declared

When we arrived downtown Dandies were running around everywhere. My eyes scanned the street and I saw Dirty lying on the ground, he was dead. A loud bang came as someone jumped onto of our roof and I let out a scream then Joe covered my mouth. The person slid down the windshield and onto the hood of the car. We all groaned when we saw it was William.

"So happy you could make it" He smirked then looked towards me "I can't wait to taste you. Did you know B positive taste like candy?"

I made a gagging face "You're disgusting!"

"Why? Because I drink blood? Honey, after tonight you will be drinking it too" William laughed but his face quickly went serious "Get her boys"

The window next to Joe busted open as a vampire broke through it. Joe hurried me and Patrick out of the car. Patrick began pulling me away from the car and into an alley "We'll just sit here and stay quiet till William is dead"

I nodded and sat with Patrick while the sounds of the fight filled the air. I would try a peak to see what was going on put Patrick would pull me back.

Someone appeared in front of us and I looked up to see William. Patrick quickly stood up and pulled out a stake then stabbed William in the chest.

Instead of exploding into ash William just laughed and pulled out the stake, "Stick to the gadgets Stump. You staked the wrong side of my chest, pathetic" William said putting the stake in his back pocket and throwing Patrick hard against the brick wall. Patrick let out a loud cry and fell to the ground groaning in pain.

I tried running away but William grabbed me. I tried calling for Pete but William covered my mouth. He shushed me then smirked as he scanned the area with his eyes "I know you're out there Peter"

Pete jumped down from one of the buildings and began to run towards us, "You leave her alone!"

William pushed me away and pulled the stake out of his back pocket then shoved it into Pete's chest, "No!" I shrieked as Pete busted into a pile of ash and I ran over to the pile and began crying. The only thing left of him was his cross necklace, "You're a fucking monster Beckett!"

He pulled me back up and laughed, "No lost to me. He was annoying anyway"

"Get away from my daughter William" My father's voice came from behind us. My dad plunged a stake straight through William's heart which caused him to explode into ash as well. I dusted myself off and hugged onto my dad, "We did it Roxie"

"H-he killed Pete" I cried out

"I'm so sorry" He said rubbing my back then pulling away "We have to go home though"

I wiped away my tears and nodded as Joe and Andy made their way down the alley "You guys did it! You killed Beckett!" Andy smiled

Joe looked around then at the ground at the two piles of ashes "Oh no"

Andy helped Patrick to the car and we headed back to the hideout. The whole way there was silent and the only noise was me crying. Pete was gone, forever. There was no way of getting him back.

Once we made it back to the hideout my dad collapsed onto the floor and Joe began to panic, "Its fine he's just transforming back to human" Patrick explained

I ran into Pete's room and began crying again. One of his hoodies was lying on his bed and I pulled it on. His bed was so big and held his smell so it felt as if he was still next to me. I wrapped my arms around myself, "Pete, I miss you already"
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I cried writing this. Sorry :c