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Kiss Her

Give Him Time

"Get up!" I heard someone said in a bored tone opening my door. I knew it was Pete because who else would have that much boredom in there voice. I rolled around and groaned then I felt the blankets get yanked off me "Up! Now!"

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock on the side of my bed and saw it was 8:00pm. Pete let out a long annoyed sigh and I looked over at him. He had his arms crossed and in one of his hands were my blankets he just yanked off me. I noticed he was just wearing a pair of long plaid pajama pants that hugged his hips. Above them was a bat like tattoo with a heart and skull inside. His right arm was covered in what looked like Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos.

"Anytime now" Pete sighed again "Patrick wants to check you"

"Check me for what?" I asked

"Just go" Pete rolled his eyes

I got out of bed and walked over to Patrick's room. Pete kept his distance from me but followed. I knocked on Patrick's door and he yelled for me to come in. I twisted the doorknob and walked into his room. It wasn't much different from mine just messier, but give me some time and mine will be a mess too. His desk was cluttered in papers and notebooks then next to it was a bookshelf that had a couple books and notebooks on it. Patrick motioned for me to sit on his bed and as I did he rolled his desk chair over to me. Pete leaned against the door frame in Patrick's room and watched us.

"Pete, you can come in" Patrick said

He had a nervous look on his face and shook his head no "Just check her a see if she is fine"

Patrick pushed my hair out of the way to look my neck. He ran his fingers over it and looked back up at Pete. "No bites she's fine"

Pete nodded then left down the hall and I turned to look at Patrick. "What's wrong with him?"

"He just isn't used to new people in the house a lot. He'll get used to you soon" Patrick explained patting my back

A sound of a bender came from the kitchen and Patrick got up and walked to the kitchen. I followed him out there and saw Pete making some red drink in a blender. Andy and Joe had their hands over their ears from the sound and removed them when Pete was finished blending. I sat down at the table and watched Pete down the drink straight from the glass that was a part of the blender. When he downed it all he pulled the glass from his lips and breathed heavily.

Patrick cleared his throat and started a conversation "So Roxie how old are you now?" He asked like he was an uncle of mine or something.

"15" I answered "I know you guys hunted with my dad, but have we ever meet before?"

"Yea we have but you probably don't remember" Andy said "We went to a few of your family parties"

"Like her 5th birthday party?" Pete rolled his eyes and sat up on the counter. I tried to remember that party and Pete looked over at me. "Don't worry I remember it clearly. Once everybody left me and the guys stayed back to help clean up a bit and hang out. We were sitting out back just talking while you were inside the house supposed to be going to sleep. Your dad saw your bedroom light flick on and went inside the house to see what you were doing. When he went to your room he saw you talking to the vampire from last night. William. He was sitting outside your window trying to get you to invite him in"

"What did my dad do?" I asked

"Told him to get his ass away from you. Little did your dad know at the time that you and Beckett made a deal with each other" Pete said

"What is the deal?" I wondered nervously

"Pete, can we just talk about this later?" Patrick sighed putting his head in his hand

"Fine" Pete answered flatly "I'm going to the basement to train" He put the glass from the blender in the sink and left out the kitchen to go to the basement.

"I should probably unpack" I suggested then headed back to my room. I flicked on the lights and pulled the suitcase from under my bed then began to unpack. There was a TV on top of my dresser and I turned it on. A music channel was on and I danced around the room while putting my stuff away. After I was done there was a knock on my door and I opened it.

"I got a pizza if you want a slice. You should probably get it now before me and Andy eat it all" Joe said pointing towards the kitchen

I made my way out to the kitchen and on the table was an open pizza box with a few pieces already missing. Next to the box was a foam plate and I grabbed one and put a slice of pizza on. Patrick called for me to go out in living room with them and sit down. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch next to Andy. Joe started flipping through the channels and stopped on the news.

"More missing people reports are showing up everywhere in Chicago" The reporter said and Patrick quickly told Joe to change the channel. I finished my slice of pizza and noticed that Pete wasn't upstairs yet.

"Where is the basement?" I wondered

Andy gave me a look "I don't think you should go in there. Trust me the last thing you want to do is bug Pete because that could led to your funeral. If you would like to die it's that door right there" He said pointing to a door that was next to the kitchen.

I walked back into the kitchen and got another slice of pizza then headed to the basement. When I opened the door I could hear Pete grunting and a sound of paper being torn. I made my way down the stairs which creaked as I walked down them. Once I was at the bottom of the stairs a stake flew right in front of me and landed on a paper that people would use for gun practice, but this one had a heart drawn on it. Pete hit the paper right under the heart and growled that he missed. He glared at me like it was my fault he missed and walked over to the paper then yanked the stake out. He broke it in half and threw it on the ground.

"What do you want?" He growled again still glaring at me

"I brought down a slice of pizza. I thought you may have been hungry" I explain setting the plate down on a stool that was next to me

"I don't eat" Pete said turning around and going over to a table that held more stakes for him to throw. He grabbed another one and chucked it at the paper, but missed the heart again. Once again he glared at me but more pissed off looking this time.

"It's not my fault you keep missing!" I yelled at him and he appeared in front of me then pushed me up against the wall

"Listen here Rocky" He said getting in my face and I rolled my eyes because he was saying my name wrong on purpose. The steps creaked again and Patrick and Andy came down the stairs.

"Told you it would be your funeral" Andy laughed and Pete let me go

"She just needs to learn to keep her mouth shut" Pete hissed. I stood back up and rolled my eyes as Pete made his way up the stairs then we all jumped at the sound of the door being slammed shut

"Just give him time" Patrick said again
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