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Kiss Her


“Roxie, wake up” I heard a voice say shaking me slightly. Slowly I opened my eyes and saw my dad looking down at me. He was smiling big, “I’m human now. We really did it!”

Quickly I sat up and hugged onto him and smiled but I started tearing up, “I wish Pete was here”

He nodded and pulled away, “I know you do. By the way, Andy wanted me to give you this”

My dad pulled out a cross necklace from his back pocket then set it in my hands. I ran my fingers over it and smiled “This is Pete’s”

He laughed a little “Yeah, Andy picked it up and we all said you should have it”

I put in on and continued to smile but I was still sad at the loss of Pete “Are we done with all this vampire stuff now?”

My father nodded “Yes, we are. For good”

Me and my dad stayed at the warehouse for almost a good two months. We had to normal jobs and save up enough money to be able to pay for somewhere to live. It was hard for all of us to get used to Pete not being around anymore, to be honest even after two months we still weren’t used to it. I guess sometimes I would cry for him in my sleep and grab around looking for him. Even though he was gone there wasn’t a day that I didn’t think of him, I hoped where ever he would think of me too and know how much I missed him.

Once we had enough money to leave we packed up the car and Joe drove us to the new house. I laid in the backseat tearing up the whole ride there. When we arrived at the house I hugged Joe tight when he got out of the car and said I would miss him and everyone else. He smiled down at me and said that I still lived near Chicago and that they would stay in contact with us.

The house was simple, one level, two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room. It wasn’t ruined down like the apartment, it was actually really nice.

As the months passed away me and my dad had gotten much closer. We stayed in contact with all the guys like Joe had promised and even had them over for a couple holidays. None of us ever talked of vampires anymore and just left it all behind us but, we still haven’t forgotten about Pete. Yes, I still wear his necklace to this day. In the end, I will never forget the guys and all the stuff they did for me. Mostly Pete, that guy had done so much for me in amount of time we knew each other. I don’t think anyone could replace him.
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