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Kiss Her


I woke up the next morning to a weird feeling that somebody was watching me. I brushed it off but it got so bad that I opened my eyes and saw Andy staring down at me. He quickly shushed me before I could scream or yell at him for being in my room. I tried to see if it was still light out but looking out the windows are pointless because you can't see anything thought the black spray painted windows. Andy threw a towel at me a whispered "Get a shower then meet us in the basement"

I nodded and got up and walked to a door that I thought was the bathroom but Andy quickly stopped me and said I almost went into Pete's room. He showed me to the right door and I went in to get a quick shower. Once I got out I changed into a pair of black shorts and a purple tank top then I pulled my hair back in a ponytail. I went down to the basement like Andy said and saw Joe and Andy training. Patrick was at a long table that had a lamp, notebook, and old TV then on rest of the table had a weapon he was working on. Joe looked up and saw me and smiled.

"Ok Pete didn't want us to do this, but we are going to help train you" Joe said pulling me over to the rest of the guys "That's why Andy was being all quite so he wouldn't wake Pete up or he would be mad"

I nodded and Andy grabbed me from behind catching me off guard. Joe told me to get him and I kicked back hitting Andy in the knee causing him to let me go. I ran over to the table that held stakes and was about to grab one when Joe grabbed my hand and threw me to the side away from the table. Andy ran over to me and pushed me against the wall like Pete did the other night. I dug my nails into his tattooed arms then he let go once again. I quickly tried to run back to the table but Joe block my path. He ran towards me and I shoved him towards the punching bag hanging from the ceiling. A laugh escaped Patrick as he watched us train. I kept running till I got to the table but only to be grabbed and pinned down onto the ground. Opening my eyes I saw Pete hovering above me looking me dead in the eye. He let out a sigh and got off then walked over to Joe.

"She froze up! She would have been dead by now!" Pete said pointing towards me as I sat up

"I watched them train Pete. She isn't that bad. Yes a little more practice but she was better than I thought she would be" Patrick defended me

I sneaked over to a stake on the ground and grabbed it. Quickly I stood up and chucked it at Pete. He grabbed it right before it would hit him in the arm then snapped it in half. "Don't think too hard on what your next move is. That is what causes you to freeze up and if you think vampires will know what you are going to do because we hear other people's thoughts. Don't think! Just do!"

Pete ran towards me and I jumped out of the way. Once he noticed that he ran pass me he growled under his breathe and appeared behind me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me so that I was facing him. I started to freeze up but quickly thought up something. I made a fist and punch Pete right in the face. He let go and hiss in pain then began to run towards me again.

"You two stop before you kill each other!" Patrick said standing up and walking over to us

"She's good but like I said she freezes up. I think we should go on a hunt tonight" Pete said

"Wait, will she be ready?" Andy asked worried

Pete made his way over to me "Hopefully but I think she should see what we are really up against. Just know that they won't go as easy on you as we did" He told us to get ready and he headed upstairs

Joe and Andy headed upstairs and I was about to follow but Patrick stopped me "Listen, if you aren't ready to go on a hunt yet you don't have to" He said with worried look

"I'm fine Patrick" I smiled and headed upstairs then into my room. I pulled my hair out of the ponytail and let it fall pass my shoulders then I changed out of my black shorts and tank top. I put on a pair of skinny jeans and a grey t-shirt then slipped out of my room. Pete was in the hall already he threw me a hoodie and told me to put it on. It fit fine then he came over to me and pulled the hood up. We waited for the other guys to leave their rooms and once they did we headed out to the car. Lucky me got stuck next to Pete! Why couldn't he just sit in the front?

Pete looked in my direction "You can walk if you want" He said sarcastically. Patrick came to a stop and Pete whisper in my ear "Stay behind me and only fight the newborns. Don't go for the leader that's my job" I nodded and we exited the car. Finally out of the car I saw a group of vampires around a group of people who were probably in their late 20s. I recognized the one vampire was William the one who killed my grandma and almost tried to bit me.

He lifted his head up and turned around grinning. "So I see we meet again" He said walking closer to us. He snapped his fingers and the rest of the group that was wearing the same suit and hat as William drew their attention to us. The group of people ran away but William quickly grabbed a girl by her hair and pulled her in front of him. Without hesitating he bit down on the neck as she screamed out in pain. I backed up a little and Pete quickly grabbed my hand. William sensed my fear and ripped the girl's throat out and letting her drop to the ground. "That is what will happen to the little one" William smirked wiping the blood off his chin and corners of his mouth. Pete hissed and William pulled off one of his gloves "Kill the hunters but if you get a hold off the little one bring her to me" he said before dropping it and the rest of his group came running towards
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