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Kiss Her


Pete handed me a stake and told me to run. I ran into an alley that was beside me and hid behind a trash can. I had my back up against the brick wall and the stake point forward. I peeked from behind the trash can and watched Pete fight off the vampires. They ran towards him and he was taking them out like it was nothing. Throwing them against wall with strength I didn't even think he had, snapping necks and throwing punches and kicks everywhere. He hissed at a vampire coming towards him and ran to help Patrick who was surrounded by vampires. Patrick didn't seem like much a fighting type of guy.

"Enjoying the show?" A voice said behind me. I jumped and turned around. The voice was from a man wearing the same suit and hat as William. He smirked at me and his fangs shined in the light of the moon. "I'm Brendon. Brendon Urie" He said sticking his hand out for me to shake but I didn't take it. He tugged on my arm a little "Come on William was to see you"

I yanked my arm away "Well I don't want to see him!"

Brendon turned around and glared at me "You’re seeing him no matter if you like it or not!" He pulled onto my arm again but rougher this time. I followed him and let out a sigh. I twirled the stake in my hand a little and bit my lip. "So what do you plan on doing with that stake" Brendon said. Even though I couldn't see his face at the moment I could tell he was smirking. I quickly shoved into his back and he let go of my arm then he hissed in pain and tried to get the stake out. Once he managed to get it out he snared at me "You bitch!"

Police sirens went off in the distance and Brendon quickly vanished. I felt hands grab my sides and looked back to see it was Pete. "Come on police are coming. We need to go! Now!" he said grabbing my hand and running down the alley and to the car. He shoved me in a little and got in after me. The door shut then Joe started the car up and we headed home. Once we got home we all hung out in the living room while Pete made another one of those blend things.

"So how was your first hunt?" Andy asked me. I shrugged and decided not to tell them about Brendon. What if I wasn't supposed to talk to him? I heard something get thrown in the sink and jumped from the loud noise.

Pete came in "You talked to Brendon!" he yelled. Dam it! I forgot vampires could read minds! "What did he say?! Can you remember?" Pete panicked running a hand though his jet black hair.

"He didn't really say anything. He just was trying to take me to William" I explained

"You stay away from him! He is as bad as William! Don't go anywhere near those two!" Pete yelled

"Pete, I didn't even mean to talk to him! He came up from behind me and started talking! I didn't do it on purpose and since when are you my dad?!" I snapped back

"Since yours died and left the group hanging! If he never died I probably wouldn't be what I am today!" He said and tears formed in my eyes "If you have never had made a deal with William we probably wouldn't be in this situation today! You should be happy we promised your dad to take care of you if anything happened! That night we saved you we could have just left you there as more food for William!"

I stood up and shoved Pete away from me and ran into my room. I slammed the door shut and fell onto the bed crying. I hate Pete! I hate William and Brendon! I hate vampires! I hate being a part of this group! Everything! It was quite in the living room till I heard Joe speak up.

"Wasn't that a little too much Pete?" he said

Pete didn't answer and walked down the hall. His footstep got closer towards my door and I buried my head in my pillow. Please don't tell me he is coming in here! His footsteps stopped and I sat up to see his shadow under my door. He opened the door and came in. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards Patrick's room. I sat on the bed as Pete ran his finger over the notebooks reading what they said on the spine to himself. He pulled one out and took it over to Patrick's desk and motioned for me to go over. I let out a sigh and walked over as he opened the book.

It was filled with pages covered in photos of people dead and covered in bites. I gasped and stepped back a little. "Still think what are dealing with is nothing?" he said closing it and looking my way. I shook my head no and he picked back up the boom and showed me the cover. There was writing that said William and Brendon's Killings.

"Why is it just about those two and not the whole group?" I asked trying to forget about the pictures

"Because they kill the most and they do a lot of team work when they really want something. They are dangerous! The last thing I want to do is stick a picture of you in here" Pete explained putting the book back on shelf. "I'm not trying to father you! I just promised to keep you safe and I'm not breaking it!" He continued to say. He told me to head to bed. I nodded and told him goodnight before heading into my room. I changed into something to sleep in and got under the covers.
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