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Kiss Her

Pete's Girlfriend

The next morning Joe went around banging on everybody's door yelling for us to wake up. I opened my eyes and threw my blankets off then got out of bed. I put my hair in a messy ponytail then changed into a pair of grey sweatpants with a pink tank top and threw Pete’s hoodie he gave me last night over it. Joe went around again being louder this time and banging harder.

"Joe! Were up!" Andy yelled from outside the door at Joe

I laughed and slipped out my room and into the hallway. Andy was rubbing his eyes and Patrick was yawning as Joe was banging hard on Pete's door. The door was open roughly as Pete stumbled out and cursed under his breath. He stretched and glared at Joe for waking him up. Joe told us to all go out into the front room and we followed him into it. I sat on the couch and Pete sat on the other side.

Joe pulled out a piece of newspaper and opened to page then put in on the table. We all leaned in and on the page was a picture of my grandma. Down the page a little was a picture of me and the word 'Missing' under it. Joe pointed to the paper a told us to read. It was quite while everybody looked over it. The report said about the killing and how they found my grandma. It continued to ask if it was linked to all the other murders in Chicago with the victims throats ripped out and drained of most of their blood.

"Is Rocky mad about the picture they used in the paper?" Pete teased and I shot him a look

"Pete, you need to go wipe the police's memory of Roxie being a part of this" Patrick said turning to Pete

He shook his head "No! I'm not as good at it as most vampires are! What if I mess up?!" Pete snapped. Patrick continued to stare at Pete till he said yes "Fine! But I'm going to do it when it's darker. It's to light out right now". Pete's phone went off and all the guys groaned in unison. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and ran to his room.

"Let's see if we are all here it could only be none other than Bre" Andy rolled his eyes

"Who’s Bre and why do we hate her?" I wondered

"Bre is Pete's annoying as hell girlfriend. She is like a puppy to Pete but they fight like crazy! She likes him just because he saved her once from vampires. Then she thought he saved her because he was in love with her" Joe explained

"Pete can love? I didn't think him of all people would!" I said sarcastically

"He can love but he just doesn't love her. The only reason he is staying with her is because that's the only girl who has liked him since he turned" Patrick said

Pete came out of his room and walked into the kitchen still on his phone "Baby you can't come over right now we have work to do tonight.....No! You didn't do anything wrong you just can't come right now!......Ok I'm sorry.......Fine I'll see you in a little" He said then the blender turned on. Once it shut off Pete came walking into the front room wiping his mouth off with his hoodie sleeve

"Can she take no for an answer?" Andy asked Pete

Pete just shrugged then looked at Patrick and nodded. Patrick sat up and come over and sat next to me. "We are going to tell you about the deal you made with William when you were five" He said "Pete just didn't want to tell you right away because he thought it would be too much". I looked from Patrick to Pete who was looking the other direction till he noticed I was looking at him.

"Ok so what was it?" I asked looking back at Patrick

"That night of your party when William was trying to get in it was to kill you as revenge to your father for hunting vampires. But you knew better then to let him in so you guys just talked as he sat out your window. Somehow you two agreed on that if William marked or turned you before your sixteenth birthday you belong to him." Patrick explained and I looked at him with a worried look

"That's why I told you to stay away from them and why I didn't want you to get trained" He said looking at Joe and Andy "Because then you would be on hunts with us. That would just make it easier for them to get you"

"What happened to my dad?" I wondered worried to know the answer

"William killed him one night when he was on a hunt alone. He knew about the deal because you told him so he made sure your grandma would take you in when he died. Then if she ever died we would take you in which leads us to today" Joe answered. Pete was right that was a little much to take in. Andy asked if I was ok and I nodded.

Pete looked at the time and put his hood up "I'm going to head out I'll be back soon" he said leaving for the police station. He quickly peeked back in for a second. "Oh and if Bre comes please be nice to her. I'm not sitting through an hour conversation about how she thinks I need new friends". The guys nodded and rolled their eyes while Pete left.

"So when can we wipe her mind of Pete?" Andy questioned laughing

"Trust me if he didn't care we would have by day one" Joe added in also laughing. Just then there was a knock on the door followed by a high annoying voice calling out for Pete. “Don’t let her in Patrick. Please I’m begging you!”

“Believe me Joe I don’t want her here either” Patrick said sighing as he walked to the door to let her in. Once he opened the door I saw a girl stood in the doorway wearing a tight pink neck that showed her stomach a little. Her bleach blonde hair was full of curls and she wore tons of makeup. As for pants her pants, I’m not sure if you could call them pants. They were the shortest pair of shorts I have ever seen.

“Hey Pat” she said walking in the house with her heels clicking on the ground. She looked around then sighed putting her hands on her hips. “Where’s my Petey Bear?” she asked and I started laughing. Petey Bear?! Are you kidding me?! She stared at me then flipped her hair and looked at Patrick for an answer

“He is out at the moment doing something” Patrick told her “But till he comes back do you want a drink or-“

She cut him off “Ugh! That is all Petey does! Goes out to stop the vampires! He never has time for me!” she complained. Is this chick serious? Now I see why the guys hated her. Actually I give them credit for not snapping on her because I’m about to. I put my head in my hands and she turned to look at me. “Is she wearing Petey’s hoodie?!”

“She just borrowed it that’s it” Andy explained in a frustanded tone

Bre snorted “We she can just go buy one. You know they don’t cost that much!” I’m sorry but she is really aggrieving me. The door opened again and Pete walked. “Petey Bear!” Bre screamed running to him wrapping her arms around his neck. I waited to see them kiss but it never came. “Listen we need to talk” she said to him then looked at me. Pete sighed and glared at us then they walked back outside.

“Come on guys lets go train. I’m not staying up here if she is sticking around” Joe said and we agreed then headed downstairs
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I don't know I thought it would be kinda funny giving Pete an annoying girlfriend.