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Kiss Her

"I Don't Kiss Anyone"

While Pete and Bre were upstairs doing who knows what. Me and the guys were downstairs practicing with Patrick's weapons. "Since Pete said that you freeze up when fighting why don't we try and use some weapons" Patrick explained handing me a weapon then helped me hold it correctly "Andy will be your target so aim and pull the trigger. Try not to take too much time because vampires are fast and can move quickly"

I nodded and Patrick told Andy to get ready. Patrick pulled out a stopwatch and yelled for me to shoot. Andy began making this way towards me as I aimed and pulled the trigger like Patrick told me to do. A net came flying out and hit Andy causing him to fall down. Patrick applaud me and pulled the net off of Andy. Joe took the gun from me and grabbed the net from Patrick to reload the weapon.

The steps creaked as someone made their way down them. We all looked to see that it was Pete. "Bre is leaving in a minute if you guys want to come up now" He said then I felt myself get pushed back a little. I looked to see Pete smirking "Come on, get me!" I ran over to Joe and grabbed the net gun then looked to see where Pete was. "Behind you" He whispered in my ear. I turned around and aimed at him, but missed because he already moved. "So want to hear the good news or the bad news first?" Pete asked sitting on the top of a table.

"Good" I shrugged

"Good news is you don't freeze up as bad as you did the other night, but the bad news is if you want to go out on these hunts with us you need to be quicker or else you’re going to get killed or bit. When I came at you from behind that could have led to a bite in the neck" Pete explained getting off the table and making his way back upstairs. I sat the net gun back down on the table and let out a sigh.

"Come on guys we should head up stairs" Patrick said leading the way up the stairs

We followed and Joe patted me on the back as we walked up the stairs. "Don't worry Roxie I think you did pretty well down there. Pete just wants to make sure we stay safe. He would hate to see someone he cares about begin we he is now"

Once we made it up the stairs I saw Bre's arms wrapped around Pete's neck and kissed his nose. "Can I have one real kiss Petey Bear?" she begged.

"No Bre, how many times do I have to tell you? I don't kiss anyone" He told her rolling his eyes. She huffed and stormed out of the house.

Andy cheered out loud "Hell yeah that annoying bitch is gone!" We all laughed and Pete shot us a look then we stopped. "Come on Pete there is no way that you like her"

Pete just shrugged and sighed then I spoke up "So, you don't kiss? Why?"

"I never have since I was turned into the monster I am now. I'm too scared to kiss. What if I bite her or my fang pricks her lip then she starts to bleed and I taste it?" Pete explained panicking a little. Patrick put a hand on Pete's shoulder which calmed him down a little, but not for long because Pete went storming into his room. Patrick let out a long sigh as we began to hear bangs coming from Pete's room.

"I'm heading to my room as well" Patrick told us heading down the hall. I followed Patrick, but headed in my room and lay down for a little. I heard taping on the window and sat up to go open it. Yes, I know Pete would kill me right about now, but he was too busy having a hissy fit in the other room. I unlocked the window and pushed it up to see what was making the noise.

"Oh god, not you again!" I rolled my eyes and I was meeting with the source of the noise
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