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Kiss Her

Watching Over

"Yes, it's me again" Brendon smirked sitting on the ledge of the window "Can I come in?"

"No!" I yelled at him sticking my head out of the window a little. Brendon quickly covered my mouth and I pulled his hand off. I was about to tell him to go away, but he locked lips with me and began to slip into the room still kissing me. He continued to walk me backwards till fell back into my bed then we broke contact. "What the hell was that for!"

He laughed a little "Well I knew you wouldn't just let me walk in so I had to distract you somehow"

I smacked his across his face "How can you come in here? I needed to invite you in"

"I was invited in this house awhile back so I can come in when ever I want" Brendon explained rubbing his face a little. Then he walked over to my dresser and sat on top of it. "So, sounds like Wentz has calmed down from his little fit." I rolled my eyes and Brendon laughed "Roll your eyes to much and they will roll out of your head"

"What do you want?" I asked standing up and walking towards him

"I can't just stop by for a visit?" He said getting up and standing closer to me. I swear if he kisses me again I'm staking him! "Oh no I won't kiss you again, but if you want one I'm totally up for it"

"Now Brendon, remember what I taught you. Never play with your food" William said slipping into the room from the window as well. Brendon mumbled a yes sir and took a few steps away from me then sat on my bed. William came towards me and smirked "I was invited awhile back as well"

"By who!" I snapped

William and Brendon began laughing "Ask Wentz he knows the answer" Brendon continued to laugh but, William put his hand up telling Brendon to stop

"Now lets cut the chit chat I have some marking to do" William smiled pulling me closer to his body. He yanked my head to the side and started freaking out. Without even think I began screaming for Pete to help. "You keep screaming and I'm snapping your neck!" William growled as I continued screaming and struggling against his iron grip. Someone started banging on my bedroom door and Brendon got in front of it so the person wouldn't get in. I knew the person had to be Pete because although it seemed he didn't care about me he was sure he would keep me safe. Which is what he promised my dad.

Tears began to run down my face as I watched Brendon struggle to keep the door shut. I wondered if Pete would make it the room in time. I screamed for him once again and William pushed his hand against my mouth. I knew if Pete couldn't he in time that I need to get William off me some how. I was going to bring a knee up and knee him right where the sun doesn't shine but before I could he wrapped his leg around mine.

"Heard your thoughts" He teased as his cold breath gave me chills as it hit my neck. Finally, I felt hopeless but I saw Brendon fly across the room and William threw me down in anger. I looked up and saw Pete in the room and smiled. I made my way towards him and William tried to grab me but before he could Pete jumped onto him. Running as far away as possible which was the door of my room I turned around to see what was going on.

William had Pete pinned to the ground but it didn't last long as Pete kicked him off and he hit the wall with a loud thud. Pete appeared in front of William before he could get up and there him to the other wall.

"My side table Pete! Open it!" I yelled trying to help a little. Brendon saw his chance to help and jumped in front of it before Pete could open it. Pete scoffed and pushed Brendon to the side and onto my bed. He finally opened the drawer and pulled out a stake Patrick told me to keep in there. He smirked and ran over to William.

"I think you should be leave now" Pete growled twirling the stake in his hand. Brendon had already left the room and William put his hands up.

"You have me under arrest Peter" He laughed walking slowly to the window with his hands still up. Once he reached the Window he turned around and made eye contact with me "I may have not gotten you this time Roxie because your little hunter helped you but, I would trust and count on him all the time. I mean look they thought the same for your dad." I yanked the stake out of Pete's hand and threw it at the wall by William. "Ok, I'm leaving"

Once William left Pete went over to the window and shut it close. He walked towards me and grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bathroom. He grabbed a towel and let my arm go as he turned on the water and checked it.

"Get their smell washed off you" He told me leaving the room. I go undressed then got into the shower and shrieked because the water was burning hot. "Sorry!" Pete yelled from outside the door "I forget you guys are warmer then I am"

Once I finished my shower I went into my room and noticed Pete was laying on a couch that wasn't in there before.

"What are you doing?" I asked and he turned to look at me

"Well it seems we need to keep a better eye in you now so me and the guys will need to take turns watching over you" Pete explained

My mouth dropped and and shook my head no. "No way am I sharing a room with you guys! I need my own space!"

"Well to bad this isn't your call! It's for your safety and I promised I would keep you safe!" Pete snapped. To be honest Pete seemed to be an awesome person but, he could just snap in a second.

"Fine" I agreed "But I need to put some clothes on so don't watch!" Pete turned around as I got dressed. Once I finished he turned back around and I climbed into bed as he got some what comfortable on the couch. We laid in silence as thoughts of what happened tonight ran though my head.

"Can you not think so loud? I'm trying to sleep" Pete said and I couldn't help but laugh a little

"Good night Pete"

"Night Rocky" He teased and I rolled my eyes before falling asleep
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So I wrote this all and my computer crashed so that kinda sucked and not edited so sorry for any mistakes