Status: This is an on going series my friends so i hope you enjoy this volume. No need to worry there will be returning characters.

Naruto:Two Tales To Tell Volume 1

Naruto finally has reached his goal in life. But at this point that shit don't matter here is another ninjas story. Her name is Rai and she wants to be the greatest ninja of all.

And for some reason she thinks Kages are weak slugs. She will do anything to fufill her destiny. With love passion. Mystery and regret. Revenge and darkness. New justu and luck.

Can she be a better ninja than naruto and does she have a better tale to tell. Find out when you read this on going never ending series. Well hopefully in that case.

This is Naruto:To Tales To Tell.
  1. Rai Vs The Leaf: Not a kages duty.
  2. Koramairu Lesson 1: Chakra staffs
    a short little Ova chapter. Skip ahead to the next Chapter if you want.