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Broken Illusion


Her red hair flowed around her like a siren call, she sighed and carried on further into the tree. The last few days she had felt so helpless.

Robin was gone.

Her heart had felt non-existent ever since. The men of the forest had left. Fuckers. They didn't want to be lead by a woman, especially a lady of noble blood. But hadn't the mighty king made himself quite clear, if she wanted Robin in her life she was no longer one of them.

She wiped a stray tear off her face and cursed herself. These pathetic emotions wouldn't do her any good, they would just make her weak, open to attack.

Looking at the scenery around her she felt a bitterness so strong it overwhelmed her whole body, shocking her with it's intensity.

That was her uncle's castle, the one that was supposed to save her, the one Robin had told her to find. No, Robin was dead. She had decided she would try to find some kind of pity from the last member of her family left. But no, his latest squeeze thought otherwise. Bitch.

Her and her Uncle Teddy had always been close, as a child she had spent long summers in his castle grounds enjoying the freedom she felt there. And at night they would talk for hours, trading stories of myths and legends. He had always believed that her and Robin would live forever and take over his Wonderland.

But not now, that whore had her claws in well and truly stuck into him. As soon as she had seen Marion she had demanded the girl left the kingdom as punishment for turning her back on the family. Within an hour of her leaving the grounds an army of men had begun following her. She had taken to the trees, relying on the survival skills her and Robin had finely tuned together.

She took one last look at the scenery around her and decided she would be safer if she followed the forest north. She would be going away from the path but it looked as though there was a water source, which not only meant water, it meant she could hunt for food. The men were still below her, not knowing how close they were to her, she lowered her head and balanced herself on the branch.

“The Queen will have our heads if we don’t bring this kid back. She’s already annoyed about the last few people we didn’t bring back.”

“But Miss Marion, she’s only a burn, we looked after her, how are we supposed to take her to her death?” She recognised the voice, these men taught her to ride.

“Look, we can’t think of her like that anymore, wanna be held up by your thumbs? The king won't let her get killed anyway.”

“That king ain't capable of saying no anymore. If he did he would have said no to the tax rises, or the public hanging, or us going after Robin.” Marion’s hand flew to her mouth, they couldn’t mean her Robin.

“That ain't our King anymore, he wouldn’t have taken my baby away and given her to those, those monsters.” Marion watched as the man fell to the floor in a crumpled mess. The first man spoke again, with more authority this time.

“Your daughter was given an important job to do, you should be proud that she was picked now come on, we have traitors to find.” He walked off following the path as Marion pushed herself up. She could still vaguely see what was happening below her, one by one the men were leaving, not one of them tried to help the fallen one back up.

The man stayed crying on the floor until nightfall.

Marion knew she had to move and made a quick decision, she slipped from her tree gracefully and carefully moved so she was to the man’s left. He looked as though she sleeping. Carefully she slipped his sword out of its holder and pushed it carefully into his back so that she did not hurt him in anyway. She pulled up her hood and dropped her voice a few octaves before speaking.

“Where is Robin Hood?” The man yelped.

“Dead,” he squeaked.

“And your daughter?”

“I believe she is also dead. The queen sacrifices children to keep her youth.”

“Do you have proof?”

“No, please just kill me, I have nothing left to live for.”

“Drop your bow and arrows. You will give them to me, tell no one what happened to them, you will say you fell asleep, when you awoke they were gone. No one can know you spoke with me.” He nodded, whimpering and asking for death but did as she asked him.

“Thank you, kind Sir,” she whispered, picking up his weapons and disappearing into the thick trees.
She heard a gasp and prayed she hadn’t made a mistake.