Status: this is the first thing i've ever uploaded ayyy

He Led Me Through the Dark


He was 24, and he was immature and he watched home alone and he whispered the lines under his breath and i raised my eyebrows at him but his eyes were still glowing and it made me smile because the glowing in his eyes led me through the dark. And he made childish jokes on stage and i groaned but he finished the joke and giggled into the mic and then i couldn't help myself but laugh because his giggle made my stomach bubble. And he walked around in only underwear and he smirked and asked if i liked what i saw and i told him that his "lanky ass body was nothing for me" but i smiled because that lanky ass body of his was what once hugged me so tight that all my broken pieces stuck back together again.
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Heyyyyy this is incredibly short but i write quite alot of these and i wanted try uploading it somewhere ya know. I would love to write a full story sometime but it's soooo much harder and i don't know if my writing is any good sigh. But yeah yeah whatever