Time Stood Still

Hey everyone! :)

So i've recently just watched my entire Twilight saga dvd set and really missed writing fan fics on here, so i thought hey, i love twilight and i love/miss writing Fransykes fan fics, so i thought how about i put the two together and tada! here it is!

This story is heavily based of the Twilight stories (Stephenie Meyer books) but of course it has my/Fransykes love twist to it :) I really hope you all enjoy this story, i've really missed writing my Fransykes and even though i know everyone isn't a fan of twilight, but i hope you all like my story!

Josh is forced to moved towns with his mum, and starts hating everything about his new life. But it all suddenly changes when he accidentally falls in love with someone who isn't human...

Happy reading! x

Title name - Bring Me The Horizon - Sleepwalking