Status: Always and forever...


Always and forever...

Always ( Jatt) ~ 1 of 1:

Always ~ (adverb) 1: every time; on every occasion; without exception
2: all the time; continuously; uninterruptedly
3: forever
4: in any event

The arguments, the screaming and cursing, always started out the same way. Not realizing, or not caring, what their actions and/or words would do to the other person. The other person that they loved so deeply and completely. The other person that loved them so deeply and completely.

"What the fuckin' hell is he doing?" Matt Sanders growled out, narrowing his hazel eyes as they locked onto his boyfriend dancing with one of their bandmates.

"I may be totally awesome, but even I'm not a mind reader," Jimmy Sullivan sighed, rubbing a hand over his forehead.

"I can't believe he's acting like that."

"Matt, c'mon, man, calm down," Brian Haner, Jr. said softly, resting a hand on his best friend's shoulder. "Zacky's right there. He won't calmly stand by and let Johnny do something to fuck up your relationship."

Matt slammed back another shot of Jack Daniels, wiped his mouth with his forearm and let the empty glass drop to the table. "Your husband knows what he does that hurts you and stops. My boyfriend knows and doesn't care!"

"Johnny cares," Jimmy started.

Matt shook his head. His eyes widened and he gasped when some playboy wannabe clutched onto his boyfriend's hips and ground hard into his ass. He grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the club as tears blurred his vision. He had to get out of there before they fell because he didn't want to look like an emotional wreck in front of his friends.


"You know, I wish that Matt would let go and dance with me sometimes," Johnny Seward sighed as he moved to the beat of the music pumping in the crowded club, his mohawk tilting a little with the humidity.

"I understand that. I had to drag Brian out with me the first few times. Now, he just comes out when he's ready," Zacky Baker laughed. He turned to look back at the bar, catching Brian watching him. He winked and then blew a kiss to his husband before turning back to dancing and his conversation with Johnny.

"You can't go one day without gettin' it on with Brian, can you?" Johnny laughed knowingly.

"Yes, I can. We both can. We just choose not to," Zacky replied with a smirk.

Johnny rolled his eyes and shook his head. "If it was possible, Syn woulda knocked you up by now."

"Whatever," Zacky sighed, flipping a middle finger up at the giggling bassist. "You know, the exact same thing could be said for you and Mattie."

Johnny smirked and shrugged his shoulders. "Never said that it couldn't be said for me and Mattie."

Zacky's eyes widened in horror when a random drunk guy came up behind Johnny, grabbed him by the hips and ground hard into his ass. In an instant, Johnny turned around, hauled off and punched the drunk in the face as hard as he could, sending him down to the ground and out cold.


"What?" Johnny asked, arching an eyebrow when Zacky pointed across the club. His heart dropped when he looked over and saw Matt rushing out. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"Just go, bro. Go after him."

Johnny nodded his head and ran out of the club in search of Matt. Without a doubt, he knew that the other man would be thinking that what had just happened was the polar opposite of the truth. He heard Matt's distant sniffles before he actually laid eyes on him. Once he saw his boyfriend's form, head hanging down and shoulders slumped, he ran faster, spinning the larger man around and jumping into his arms.

"Matt...where...where are you going?" he asked sadly.

"Away," Matt mumbled, trying to push Johnny off of him but not succeeding in even moving his boyfriend a fraction of an inch.


"Did you seriously just ask me that? I don't wanna watch some guy grinding on my boyfriend! And you shouldn't want that either!" Matt growled.

"Well, if you would've waited half a fuckin' second, then you would've seen me knockin' his drunk ass out! We've been together for four fuckin' years and I love you! I have never given you a reason to distrust me! If you don't wanna be together anymore, just say so, but don't you dare turn this all around and blame me for something that never happened!" Johnny growled out, his brown eyes narrowing.

Johnny glared into Matt's hynotically hazel eyes, unblinkingly, for a few moments. When he didn't get any kind of response, he went to pull away, shaking his head.

"Wait!" Matt grabbed Johnny, wrapping his arms around his much smaller boyfriend and holding him tightly. "I'm sorry, Jay. I let my jealousy get the best of me. I don't wanna lose you, baby."

"All right. Then, please, act like it, okay?" Johnny sighed.

Matt nodded his head and pressed a soft kiss to Johnny's lips. "I will. I love you."

Johnny smiled, sliding his arms around Matt's shoulders. "I love you, too, Mattie. Always."
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