Status: Oneshot.

Overnight Sensation


Jack woke up in his own bathtub, his head pounding and his stomach covered in half-dried vomit. His nose burned at the smell, the young teen groaning at the combined unpleasant sensations. He sat up, feeling a sharp aching in his back as he stumbled out of the tub, nearly tripping over Zack, who lay on his stomach in the middle of the bathroom floor. Jack looked down at his unconscious friend, sighing in realization that the barf sticking to his shirt probably belonged to him.

He kicked Zack's side and started to walk off before he noticed the Polaroid camera on the floor next to him, stopping and turning around as he observed the many photographs scattered across the tile. He laughed to himself, of course Zack would take pictures the whole night. He kneeled down and picked them all up, realizing just how drunk he was last night as he flicked through the first few pictures, not remembering a thing from the night before. Slipping the photos into his back pocket, Jack stood up and exited the bathroom.

The tired boy wandered through the house to face the post-party mess, groaning miserably at the shit he'd have to spend all day cleaning up. The floors were flooded with empty cups, bottles, trash, toilet paper and the occasional sleeping person, furniture was moved and messed up, the ultimate pigsty, really. Jack pulled off his barf-stained shirt as he walked to the laundry room, tossing it into the laundry pile before grabbing a new one from the dryer and pulling it on.

Frustrated and aching, Jack trudged to the kitchen, carelessly disregarding the stiletto shoe in the fridge as he grabbed a pouch of Capri Sun then a bottle of Tylenol from the counter before sitting down in a chair at his kitchen table. He pulled the photos out of his pocket and set them along with the juice on the table before twisting the pill bottle open and popping four in his mouth, then stabbing the little straw into his Splash Cooler and sucking down a sip.

Jack started curiously flipping through the collection of Polaroids. At first, the pictures were like any photo from a high school party, showing people chugging beers and posing with their buddies, awkward close-ups of random kids' faces, drunken couples making out on the couch, normal stuff. However, Jack nearly spat out his Capri Sun when he flipped to the next photo.

Right in his hand was a blurry, badly-photographed extreme close-up of two boys, one light haired and the other dark haired, sloppily making out with open mouths. He looked closely, his eyes widening when he noticed how much they resembled him and his best friend, Alex. He closed his eyes and shook his head, certain it couldn't have been them. They were both definitely straight. Well, Alex was, at least. Jack just liked to say he was.

He just decided to forget about it and flip to the next photo, which might just have disagreed with his last thought. The photo showed the same two boys standing in the hallway, the dark haired one against the wall kissing the light haired boy holding each other's hands. It was clearer than the picture before and it showed more than just their faces, so Jack was alarmed to say the least when he noticed the streaks of white peeking from the dark haired boy's ebony strands, much like his own.

"Fuck," he whispered when he noticed he had been wearing the same clothes as the boy when he woke up.

Suddenly, vague memories started coming back into Jack's mind, replaying the night in unclear detail as he flipped through the remaining Polaroids on the table.

He remembered helping Alex to the bathroom as he looked at the unclear photo of him and his friend, which showed Alex doubled over on his knees in front of the toilet and Jack kneeling next to him with a hand on Alex's back.

"Thanks for helping me, Jacky," Alex's slurred voice replayed in his mind, imagining how Alex stumbled around the bathroom then tripped, falling on his ass into the bathtub.

Jack flipped to the next photo, which was an around-the-corner shot of Jack looking down at Alex, who was sitting in the tub and holding on to Jack's hand. He replayed the event in his head, smirking at the memory of Alex tugging his hand, begging him to join him in the bathtub.

He climbed into the tub, sitting in front of Alex who was staring at him with heavy, tired eyes. They stared at each other silently until Alex started to pass out, his head drooping down as he closed his eyes.

"Jack, go to sleep with me," Alex quietly slurred, stretching his legs out next to Jack and scooting down so he could lay completely in the tub. Jack just laid down next to him, pushing their bodies close together in the small space of the bath.

Jack flipped to the next picture, which showed exactly what he remembered. It was a sneaky shot of him and Alex in the tub, forking and sleeping peacefully.

"Zack, you sneaky bastard," Jack muttered, still observing the photo.

Suddenly, he felt a firm touch on his shoulder, jumping as a voice innocently asked, "Whatcha lookin' at, dude?"

Jack slammed the photos face-down on the table, nervously stammering, "Oh-uh, nothing..."

He turned to see Alex sitting down in the chair next to him, casually taking Jack's Capri Sun right out of his hand to take a sip and place it back. Alex noticed the photos on the table and reached for them, only for his hand to be slapped away by Jack.

Alex pouted and glared at Jack.

"Those are from the party, right?"

Jack only nodded.

"Then why can't I see them?" Alex whined, making a puppy face.

Jack sighed and rolled his eyes as he slid the pile of pictures to Alex. He wouldn't have left him alone until he could see them, anyway. He cringed in nervousness, rapidly glancing up at Alex and back down as the older boy calmly flipped through the photos.

Alex casually passed them back, simply saying "cool" before getting up and leaving the kitchen.

Jack furrowed his eyebrows, confused and frustrated. Did Alex not see the ones of him and Jack? Did he even care? Jack sighed and stood up to make his way to his bedroom, where Alex was lying on the bed playing with his phone.

"Sup, Jack?" Alex greeted when he saw his best friend.

Jack set the photos on his desk and walked over to the bed, sitting down on the edge. He didn't respond, making Alex grow concerned.

"C'mon, what's wrong?" He asked, sitting up and staring at his best friend.

Jack remained silent before stammering, "Do you, uh, like.. remember last night?"

Alex just nodded.

"Yeah, why?"

Jack grew more nervous.

"Do you remember what happened at like, sort of the end of the night?"

Alex just casually nodded again and answered, "Sorta..Why you asking?"

Jack took a deep breath before explaining, "Well, it's just that.. what we did last night.. what did that like, mean?"

Alex scooted to sit next to him, shrugging once as he turned to mutter, "It means whatever you want it to mean, Jacko," before planting a quick, sneaky kiss on his best friend's cheek, getting up and prancing out the bedroom door, leaving Jack confused and blushing madly.

He felt his cheek tingle, running his fingers over the area on which Alex placed his lips, unable to stop the smirk that formed on his face. He laughed nervously to himself, wondering what he meant, or if he meant anything at all. Knowing there was only one way to find out, Jack got off his bed and left his room in search for Alex.

Jack found Alex in the kitchen talking to Rian, careless of whatever they could be discussing as he grabbed Alex's wrist and started leading him away.

"Gotta talk," He simply stated as he led Alex to the hallway.

"Sooo, whatcha need to talk about?" Alex asked innocently, waiting for a response as he looked at Jack with wide interested eyes.

Jack said nothing, but instead hesitantly placed his hands on either side of Alex's face and kissed him once, soft but sincere. He felt sparks fly as their lips connected, satisfied at the sensation of finally doing this sober. It just felt so right. Alex seemed surprised, however.

"Hold on there, Jacko," Alex said, making Jack's heart drop.

"Oh-I uh, I'm sorry Alex, I'm sorry..." He quietly apologized, looking down in embarrassment.

Alex was quick to correct him.

"No, no, not what I meant! I was just saying that perhaps we should go to your room so Rian and Zack don't uh, get scarred," He explained.

Jack quickly agreed, taking his hand and leading him to his bedroom. Right after hearing the door shut, the two boys were antsy to connect their lips again, Alex pushing Jack against the door. He placed his arms loosely around Jack's neck, the younger boy responding by wrapping his tightly around Alex's waist, pulling him closer.

The two boys remained stood against the door, sharing kisses much gentler than the night before as they slowly and softly moved their lips together and nothing more. Alex attempted to move himself and Jack by turning him around and pushing him back, their lips not separating once. That is, until Alex oh so suavely tripped over a shoe on Jack's floor, sending him and Jack tumbling to the ground, Alex falling right on top of Jack. Alex propped himself up over him with his hands and knees, smiling at the boy beneath him.

"Now, would you look what we have here.."

Jack closed his eyes and giggled for a second before looking back up at the older boy on top of him, staring silently at him as he placed his hands on Alex's face and pulled down to kiss him again. They both let their eyes fall closed as their lips moved together in sync, the two wishing the moment could last forever.

However, the boys' luck fell short when only a while later, Zack busted into the room to tell them to clean, stopping mid-sentence as he noticed the two boys on the floor.

"Guys, we need to clean the fu- Oh god fucking dammit," He groaned, covering his eyes and running out the door, not even bothering to close it.

Rian came in only seconds later to see the two boys worriedly staring at him, Alex still on top of Jack. He only sighed and turned around, closing the door behind him.

"We should probably help them," Alex suggested.

"Yeah," Jack pouted slightly.

"Come on, it's your house anyway."

"Yeah, but I like this..."

"We can do this after we clean, okay?"


Alex stood up and reached his hand out to help Jack up, joining for one last kiss before they took their separate ways to eliminate the mess that flooded Jack's home.
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Just some typical drunk Jalex fluff-ish stuff, nothin big or different really, but I hope you guys liked it and feedback would be very nice!