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Happiest Place on Earth

Princess Belle

Once upon a time there lived a girl, and this girl was a princess. Well, she was kind of a princess. She didn’t exactly grow up in a house as much as a tour bus, and the only singing animals around her were the ones that her father kept hanging around. Needless to say, this girl’s life growing up was far from normal. In fact, that girl was well…me. I was considered “rock royalty” when I was barely in the womb. I was the rock star baby that everyone seemed to expect, and I wasn’t even alive. That’s a little scary looking back on it; not knowing who was surrounding you or what time daddy would be home. That’s hard for any kid.
But like any other kid out there, I loved going to Disney World in Florida. It was my absolute favorite. My mom’s family was originally from there, and even if she was dead my grandparents are still huge in my life. As I started to get older, I started to stay with them more. I felt like a normal kid until someone realized that I wasn’t. That was the hardest part; never having a true friend with me. Disney was the only thing I really had with me; it was a part of who I was. Disney never left me. Disney never let me down…so Disney was where I stayed.
“Belle?” A little girl slightly tugged on the horrendous yellow material that made up my ball gown. You’d think Disney would get that it was gold and not this awful hue.
“Yes, Little Princess?” I asked, slowly bending down to get eye-level with her.
“Why do you love the Beast?” She questioned with wide brown eyes.
I got this question quite a lot. Little girls from literally all over the world wanted to know why in the world beautiful Princess Belle would choose someone who was so mean to her, and then nice.
“Because it’s not about how they look, it’s about the heart,” I answered in my very best “I’m actually trying to sound like a Princess,” voice.
“I know that,” The little girls sighed dramatically. “I mean whhyyyyyy him after he was so mean?”
I put on my best smile before answering her.
“Sometimes people act differently because they’re scared to show the real them, but once I got to know the real Prince Adam, He was the perfect Prince Charming,”
The little girl blushed before wrapping her arms around my waist in a death grip. I just hugged her back until she let go of me first. It was a rule, be the last to let go. She smiled for the camera before trotting off with her family. I stood in the blistering heat of Orlando, trying my best not to sweat. It wasn’t exactly that easy but Princesses don’t have tattoos. Disney spends a lot of time covering mine.
“I’m sorry folks, but Princess Belle must go back to her castle.” The cast member who was making sure nothing went wrong stated to some very disgruntled parents and whining children. “She will be back at four o’clock, and don’t miss her dinner show in Fantasy Land!”
Slowly I was pulled away from my spot by a girl named Rita from Peru. She was Belle’s handler today, but mostly she does cashier at the ice-cream shop. Once I was backstage I headed straight for Alyssa the hair and makeup lady. With a heavy sigh, I plopped myself down into the cast chair that read “Jay” on the back. She worked to remove the wig from my head before taking off the itchy sock thingy off of me. It wasn’t long that I had three costume coordinators helping me out of the ugly, yellow thing, and I was on my way to our lunch hall in my own clothes.
After receiving some surprisingly delicious food, I scooped the room for my friends. I found them sitting at the table closest to the exit sign. I flopped down beside of Bennett, the actual Prince Charming himself before tugging all of my bleached blonde hair until a bun on the top of my head. He didn’t seem to notice even when I rammed my elbow into his side. Opposite to us was Jenna who was still decked in her Alice costume, Devin who was spitting image of his character, Prince Eric and the ever beautiful Grace, who was Disney World’s own Snow White. Bennett, Jenna, Devin, Grace and I had all started close in time at Disney. At first Grace and I were just cashiers who moved up to Timon and Rafiki in Animal Kingdom before being transferred to random singing guest in Hollywood Studios. We had truly done everything, except be actual Princesses. Months back the girl playing Belle got knocked up by the guy playing Aladdin, which caused the girl playing Snow White to quit. No one seemed to know why but our money is betting that Aladdin was rendezvousing with Snow White and Belle.
“How was it being Belle?” Bennett questioned, knocking his shoulder with mine.
“I hate that dress,” I deadpanned, pushing up the sleeve of my white shirt to reveal my arm of tattoos. “Seriously, it’s ugly.”
Jenna picked up a grape from her plate and promptly threw it at my face.
“You don’t have to wear stupid, pinchy shoes all day long,”
“Well, there is that,”
“Exactly,” She rolled her eyes.
Jenna was different. She was originally playing an evil step-sister when we first met her and she’s changed characters three times(step-sister to Tinker Belle to Alice) since we had known her. She was actually after the Belle role before they gave it to me, but that’s another story.
“I’m great, thanks for asking,” Devin playfully stated.
I sighed.
“How are you Devin?”
“I’m great, thanks,” He smiled.
“Have you gotten any further in the “Mission Mermaid” plan?”
Devin visibly sunk back.
“No, sadly. She’s just…she’s Ariel. I can’t just…ya know….ask her on a date,”
“Of course you can! You’re Prince Eric,” I playfully winked at him. “What do you want with Kailey anyway?”
“I think I love her,” He sighed happily.
“Disney World; the work place that turns men into little girls,” Grace dead panned, pulling her long, dark hair away from her face. “I think we’re getting a new Flynn Ryder today,”
“They replaced Alex?” Bennett questioned quickly.
I knocked shoulders with him.
“Relax, Bennie, no one replaced your boyfriend,”
“He’s not my boyfriend,” Bennett retorted with a serious face. “Can’t a guy have any friends?”
“Sure….” Jenna trailed off.
“What does that mean?”
“It means that you’re clueless,” Grace laughed. “Anyway…rumor has it that he’s a new cast member. Like, completely new. He’s never worked here,”
“And he got a job?” Devin asked before anyone else could.
“He’s supposed to be ridiculously good looking, so that could be why,” Jenna stated. “I heard that he’s only here because he was sleeping with Rapanzel,”
“Ew, gross. I’m pretty sure that Josie has higher standards than that.” Bennett replied. “That’s just…ew,”
“Anyway…I was thinking of hopping on the crazy trail and scoping him out tomorrow. You in, Jay?”
“I’m only off in the morning,” I grumbled. “Maybe before lunch?”
“I’ll be in hair and make-up,” She retorted. “What about you, Grace?”
“I’m doing Princess show’s all day,”
“Which is what I’m joining,”
“Bennett, Devin?”
“Nah,” Bennett laughed. “I’m hanging out with Alex. I’m going to ask him about this Flynn Ryder thing.”
I rolled my eyes before finishing off the last of my food.
“This has been lovely, but I’m going to get back to hair and make-up. I’ve got another round of kidos to smile and hug.”
“I should probably be getting back as well,” Grace added before walking along side of me. “Do you think the new guy will be cute?”
“He got the job of Flynn Rider, didn’t he?”
Grace smirked.
“You and I are going to downtown Disney tomorrow for girly drinks and dirty dancing later on tonight.”
I shook my head at the girl.
“Why is that? We only do that for special occasions,”
“If I remember correctly, my best friend was on the cover of Rolling Stone for August…” She trailed off. “Don’t pout, drinks later. Love you!”
“Love you too,” I sighed heavily.
No, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the Rolling Stone cover story. I was a little sick of answering the same questions over and over again. They always asked me about my parents, about my last boyfriend Prince Revolver, son of metal band singer Jack Revolver. It was a messy break-up, but of course they asked. Of course they wanted to know “Who is the real Jagger?” I rolled my eyes at the ‘exclusive’ interview that came with the title Moves Like Jagger; Jagger Rose Ramone spills to Rolling Stone about sex, drugs, her famous parents and what it’s like to be a Princess.
I’ll tell you what it’s like; it’s bloody awful. All I ever get asked is what’s it like being Perry Ramone’s daughter? What do you think your mom would say if she was alive?Where does your name actually come from? I can sum this all up rather quickly, yet they think they have enough for a ten page article. Being Perry Ramone’s daughter was never glamorous. It was kind of awful. I was always near strangers that I hated and He wouldn’t pay attention. My mom, Annalyn-Faith, would probably be off sleeping with some rich dude. That’s how she was, apparently, when she was alive. All I have are pictures of her short, over the top, empty body of a woman who used to be so much more than that. It’s sickening. Then to clear up any other weird rumors, my name is a complete joke. My mom died giving birth to me, and my dad was stoned out of his mind. He’s a rock star though, so of course he had to pick out a name by himself. That’s why he picked Jagger Rose. I’m named after two of the greats; Mick Jagger and Axl Rose. But I don’t like telling people that; so I’m just Jay.
I slumped back into my cast member seat as Alyssa readjusted my wig just in time for me to get into the princess gown. Before I had too much time to pout, I was time to put a smile on my back and go back to being Princess Belle.


“Come on’ Jay! You have got to stop pouting over this entire thing!” Grace practically yelled over the loud music. “So what if you’re Perry Ramone’s daughter?”
I shook my head.
“It’s not even about that anymore! I got over that when I was younger. I just want them to know that this isn’t who I am! I’m not just his daughter,”
“I know you aren’t!” She tossed back her head and laughed. “You can at least smile you know?”
I attempted to smile before shaking my head.
“I’m going back to the bar, okay?”
“Okayyyyy,” Grace shot back, grabbing onto the next guy open to dance. I didn’t exactly mind. We did need a girl’s night, but I didn’t expect her to go without. Grace is an interesting breed of girl. Apparently she really, really like to be with guys in whatever way possible.
I was reached the bar in record timing, with the crowd around anyway. Ordering drinks has been a hassle for me ever since I turned 21. I think that I’d been drunk twice in my entire life, and both times were completely awful. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, so when we went out Grace got the fruity alcoholic drinks and I got the virgin ones. I didn’t mind at all. Sometimes Grace got out of control and that was okay. As I turned around, my body collided with someone else’s. The two drinks went everywhere. I was absolutely drenched in them, but all I could do was stare wide-eyed down at my dress. The one time I actually wear an expensive dress, and I ruin it. Great; classic Jagger.
“I…. shit! I’m so sorry,” Suddenly I was aware of the big oaf standing very closely to me. I looked and him, and his face was red from embarrassment. He looked like he was going to burst into flames or something. He waved his hands around, looking for something to clean up the mess. I just laughed before he looked back at me with a curious expression. “You’re not yelling at me…”
Out of all the things he could have said, he lead with that.
“You’re not yelling at me. I’m confused,”
“Why would I yell?”
“I think I just ruined your red dress by spill blue all over it…”
I took a deep breath and shrugged.
“It’s not the end of the world if my dress is ruined.” I stated. “It’s just…a little cold,”
He chewed on his bottom lip. The stranger was tall, had a lot of height on me. He sighed, looking around for anyone, before he handed off his drinks to someone I assumed was his friend. I stood there confused as they chatted for a minute before the tall man returned. He stuck his hands in his pocket, and smiled sheepishly. It was then that I noticed he had a dimple. I like dimples. Since I hadn’t known his name, I guess that’s what I can call him; Dimples.
“I…I don’t want to come off this way at all or anything…I mean I know that I’m a complete stranger and everything…but well…”
“Well I have an flat not too far from here. I don’t want to sound like I’m picking you up or anything. I just…well….I spilt your drinks all over you and I feel a bit…well awful for it. I was just wondering if you would want to go back to my apartment with me, and I can give you some dry clothes. I’ll have your dress dry cleaned and everything…”
I stood, a little flattered and interested by Dimples. He was a flustered mess, to be honest. His hair was a mess of curls and I couldn’t exactly see his eyes. I had never actually thought that I would be in this type of situation before. I didn’t know what to say. Dimples looked like he was in pain, however. He was just rocking back and forth on the heels of his boots.
“Do what?” I ended up saying instead of something smart.
“I….will you come back to my apartment with me so that I can get you some new clothes?” He simply put it.
I looked around for Grace, finding her staring at me with a confused face while dancing with some stranger.
“My friend is here…I don’t want to leave her…”
“She can come with us!” He stated almost way too quickly. He then started to unbutton his blazer, and then removed it. “Take my jacket,”
Slowly, I reached toward the blazer and slipped it on over my drenched dress. I pulled my hair from the material and looked up at Dimples again. This time he was smiling widely and holy crap that face. I took a moment to scan over him, and I quickly noticed that He had tattoos scattered over both arms. That was promising.
“Thanks…” I paused. “I…yeah….I’m going to go talk to Grace and I’ll be right back over here.”
He kept his smile and nodded his head once.
I walked away, feeling his eyes on me. It was a little weird, I must admit. Grace, however looked ecstatic that I had spilt our drinks all down my body. As I walked toward her, she pushed the guy she was dancing with off of her, and met me half way.
“Jay!” She squealed. “Who is the tall, delicious man standing over there?! Why do you have his jacket?” Then the big gasp. “Are you going to sleep with him?!”
I rolled my eyes at her.
“Chill, Grace. I’m not going to sleep with him,”
“What happened?” She asked, looking at me. “Did you spill something on you? The ends of your hair are soaked.”
“I spilt our drinks on me, and it’s Dimples’ fault.”
“Delicious guy over there,”
“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” Grace smiled. “He’s cute, Jay.”
“We’re going back to his apartment to get me some clothes.”
“Sure,” She smirked. “Because that’s gonna happen,”
“It is!” I protested and I was sure that there was a blush on my cheeks. “He’s just being nice.”
“Okay, sure he is. Just…take your time. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do….” She trailed off. “Hi, I’m Grace,”
I furrowed my brows.
“Hi,” He laughed.
I jumped as I felt a hand on the small of my back.
“Take care of this one, okay?” She stated. “I’ll call you in the morning,”
“Grace!” I stated but the girl was already back up.
“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Dimples questioned.
“I…might as well,”
“Smashing…this way,”
As soon as we got out of the club, I realized just how loud it was. My ears started ringing and at first I could hear anything. Beside me, Dimples grabbed a cab. He ushered me in first before climbing in after me. He quickly gave the cab driver his address and suddenly I realized that Dimples wasn’t American. Oh no, but of course Dimples was British. There was too much noise in the club for me to even realize that He wasn’t from the States. We didn’t talk the entire ride there, and I resisted the urge to pull off my dress there. I was starting to become sticky from the material clinging to my body. The ride was short-lived anyway and we got there in under ten minutes.
“Any longer and I would’ve gone crazy,” I stated.
His face scrunched.
“I’m really sorry about that,”
“It’s okay,” I shrugged because the only thing that really mattered was getting the annoying material off of my skin. I had never wanted to take off a dress so much in my life, and I have to wear that ugly yellow thing.
“Are you sure?”
“Positive,” I laughed.
Again Dimples put his hand on my back to slowly urge me forward. We got to the elevator in the building, and he pressed a button that took us a long way off of the ground. We didn’t speak, but his hand stayed right where it was when we got out of the car. There were only a few other people in the elevator with us, and I was actually quite glad that his hand stayed there. Girls in elevators at night are not the safest thing.
“So this is me,” He said before reaching for his keys that he dropped…twice. I just shook my head and laughed before following him into the room. He shut the door behind me. “Feel free to look around, I’m going to grab you those clothes,”
“Okay,” I smiled before he disappeared. I slowly walked around the apartment. It looked like Dimples had just moved into the place. There were a few boxes, a small kitchen area, and a large couch. Opposite to the couch was a huge flat screen TV with DVDS lining the shelf underneath it.
“I just moved in,” He stated, bring the clothes to me. “My flat mate wanted to treat me to an Orlando night club. “The bathroom is just over there. I’m making some tea….do you want any? Or possibly some coffee?”
“Coffee would be great,”
“Coming right up,” He smiled.
Gees, could Dimples get any more attractive?! Seriously, the guy had been the perfect gentleman…and I know Princes. I walked toward the direction of his bathroom, and I quickly changed from my poor dress. I kicked it over in the floor before pulling his t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants on. They were comfortable and warm. I pulled my hair again into another bun on the top of my head.
“Good news is that they fit,” I stated. “And I left my dress in the bathroom. It’s still wet.”
“I’ll take care of it,” He laughed. “Come on,”
I looked at his outstretched hand.
“Do you trust me?”
And I think I died right then and there. Of course He would used Aladdin. He’s so into Disney. I think…Oh God please be into Disney.
“Yes…” I trailed off before taking his hand. He pulled me in the direction of the kitchen. “So, are you new to America or just Florida?”
“Neither,” He laughed. “I went to Disney World all of the time as a kid,”
“Me too,” I smiled. “What is your favorite park?”
“I think it will always be Magic Kingdom.” He laughed. “It’s beautiful,”
“There’s loads of princesses,”
“I know,” He laughed. “Who’s your favorite Princess?”
I thought about that for a moment.
“I don’t think I have one exactly. I love Belle, but her dress kills me.”
“It is awfully yellow,”
“Exactly,” I sighed. “When will they realize that it was supposed to be gold?”
Dimples chuckled.
“You’re funny.”
“I’m not funny,” I denied. “Just honest,”
“Yeah?” He laughed.
“Okay, honest lady…what’s your name?”
“Now why would I tell a complete stranger my name?”
“Because you are currently sitting in the complete stranger’s apartment….in fact, I would now call us friends,”
“Is that so?”
“Yes…so friend, what is your name?”
I laughed.
“I got by Jay.”
“I’m Preston,” He replied.
“Well Preston….what brings you to Orlando?”
“A change of scenery,”
“So…If I’m not mistaken….aren’t you Jagger Ramone?”
He laughed.
“Why what?”
“Why ruin a friendship with such a statement?”
“I don’t think I ruined it,” He laughed. I felt my lips tug and I smiled with my teeth showing. That doesn’t exactly happen as much as it should. “Come on, rock Princess….learn to trust a little,”
“Fine,” I sighed. “Yes, that’s me. Happy?”
“Ecstatic,” He laughed. “I thought you lived in like glamorous LA or something like that.”
I shook my head no before drinking some of my coffee.
“I’ve lived here since I was old enough to make my own decisions,” I stated. “Well…younger…I’ve been in Orlando since I was sixteen,”
“That’s awesome.” He laughed. “What do you do?”
“I uh…It’s a secret,”
“No it isn’t,” Preston laughed loudly. “But that’s okay. You don’t have to tell me. I’m just a stranger,”
I laughed.
“What’s your favorite Disney movie, Preston?”
He smiled widely.
I smiled at him, but on the inside I was doing a silent cheer. Maybe Tangled was my favorite Disney movie too.
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