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Happiest Place on Earth


I smiled at Preston, sitting down my coffee cup. There was no way that this tall man in front of me that into Disney. I thought that he was a first, but the more that I just looked at him the more that I convinced myself that He wasn’t. He’s too pretty for it. Yes, that’s my logic and I’m sticking to it. He just shook his head, looked down at his hands before looking back up at me. Preston chewed on his bottom lip for a minute.
“Do you want to watch a movie?”
“Yeah,” I automatically replied before my brain could stop it. “What movie?”
“You’ll see,” He laughed. “Are you finished with your coffee? Would you like something else with it?”
“I….yeah…sure,” I laughed. “Do you have popcorn, we can eat that.”
“We have popcorn,” He laughed. “Go ahead and make yourself comfortable,”
“Thanks,” I muttered before I walked back into the living room. It was nice, to say the least. It was a little boyish, so I assumed that the roommate was a boy as well. The TV was massive, which was nice. I slowly sat down on their large, brown couch. It was pleasant to find that it was as comfortable as it looked. Preston walked into the doorway leading to the kitchen, and leaned against it. “It’s comfortable.”
“That’s all my flatmate’s idea.”
“He’s not going to get mad that I’m here is he?”
He laughed, and I inwardly sighed.
“Probably not…I don’t think that he’ll be back tonight,”
“Why not?” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and I know that my head tilted slightly to the right.
He beamed at me; teeth and all. I felt something happen in my heart, and I knew that it was something that I needed to ignore.
“Don’t worry about it,” He laughed before disappearing back into the kitchen. I sighed like the princess that I am, and sunk back into the couch. It was like a giant teddy bear. It was nice to be warm again. I started to think as to why his roommate wouldn’t be coming back tonight. I kept trying to figure out why, and I could practically feel my cheeks burning as soon I figured it up. “Popcorn is up!” He stated, sitting it down on top of the table. I didn’t have any time to recover from the discovery. Preston walked over toward the movie cabinet and grabbed the movie without as much of a glance in my direction.
“What are we watching?” I questioned.
“You’ll see,” He laughed. “Do you want a blanket?”
“That would be awesome,”
No I was NOT staring at his butt.
Preston once again disappeared but came back quickly with a red blanket. He placed it over me before sitting down and pressing the remote to turn the TV on. I shouldn’t have been so surprised to find Tangled playing.


“Jagger? Jay…can you wake up? Please wake up,”
No, I didn’t want to wake up thank you very much. I want to lay here all day with a blanket over my head and cuddled to the bed. I didn’t want to move, and I didn’t want to wake up. I pouted to myself, and I knew that I there was no way I was getting up. Nope, not a chance; I’m staying here for forever. Sleeping Beauty as arrived and she’s not leaving until Prince Phillip leaves for a few years.
“No,” I mumbled, cuddling even further into the bed. Then I realized that I didn’t go to sleep in a bed last night.
“Jagger,” He laughed, and I felt the blanket slowly being pulled off of my head.
“Don’t you dare,” I stated, eyes still closed tightly.
“Wake up,” He laughed. “I’ve got to get to work, and I’m pretty sure you do as well. The alarm on your phone went off.”
“Noooooo.” I drug out. “I’m not getting up.”
“I’ve made coffee,”
He laughed once again, and I felt myself smiling already.
“I made breakfast,”
Slowly I opened my eyes and I saw that He was rather close, just looking at me with that dumb dimple appearing on his face.
“Wake up,” He laughed. “I think you’ve got work soon,”
“What time is it?”
“It’s seven,”
“In the morningggggg?”
“Yes,” He laughed. “Apparently you have a meeting as well?”
“Ughhh of course,” I sighed. “I have a meeting at eight before I start working.”
“It’s a good thing I had a charger,” He laughed. I plugged your phone up for you last night after you fell asleep,”
“Is that also how I ended up in a bed?”
“Yes,” He laughed. “Is that okay? I know that the couch is comfortable but bed’s are where it’s at,”
“I bet you say that to all the girls,” I joked before sitting up slowly.
“I’ve got it ready,” He laughed before standing up and walking out of the room.
Of course He’d be shirtless. This is what I get for sleeping at random people’s houses isn’t it? I yawned rather largely before I headed toward the door after he did. I found Preston in the kitchen bringing out the different creamers. I looked down at my hair and noticed that it had fallen. I picked the hair tie out of the mess before bringing it all back to the top of my head again. I looked up to see Preston staring at me. I smiled back, but I knew I looked at confused as I felt.
“Your hair isn’t naturally that blonde, is it?”
I busted out laughing before shaking my head no.
“I wish,” I stated before reaching for the creamer. He sat a simple breakfast in front of me. “Do you have to work today?”
“Yeah, it’s going to be my very first day. I’m kind of excited.”
“What do you do?”
He shrugged.
“It’s kind of nerdy…”
“I….just…let’s eat, yeah?”
“Okay…” I trailed off before eating.
After breakfast, I slipped back on my flat shoes and grabbed my phone. Preston disappeared to his room and came back out with shoes on; still no shirt. I shook my head, but I started toward the door anyway. I knew that he was going to follow me the second that I sat down at the breakfast table. Slowly, we walked into the elevator, and this time he put more space between the two of us.
“So…I’m glad that I spilt those on you,”
“Me too,” I admitted, looking anywhere but at him.
“How far is your flat from here?” He questioned.
“It’s not that far….” I trailed off. “Maybe ten minutes,”
“Oh….” He trailed off. “Just uh….bring them back when you can…”
“Your clothes?” I questioned.
“Or you can keep them. I don’t really mind,” He stated quickly. “So….I guess I’ll see you around?”
“Yeah, see you later…”
“Okay,” He smiled. “Can I hug you?”
“Yes…” I rolled my eyes playfully before wrapping my arms around his warm waist. I may have squeezed him a little bit before I let go and got into the cab.
I didn’t go to my apartment that I shared with Grace and Kailey (the Ariel in Magic Kingdom.) Instead I got the cab to drop me off at the bus stop and I took the employee transport into Magic Kingdom. I took our special entrance toward our meeting room. Grace met me with a cup of hot coffee as soon as I entered. Jenna just looked at me up and down and laughed. Kailey was talking with the girl, Carrie, who plays our Cinderella. We’re all not huge fans of Carrie but she and Kailey practically grew up together so they’re super close. She takes her side a lot, so it’s gotten to the point that we try to keep our distance when we are at work.
“You look like you had a night,” Grace laughed.
I felt an arm around me and I knew in that moment that it was Bennett.
“What happened to you, my little Rock Princess?” He questioned, hugging me closer. “You look like you just woke up,”
“Maybe because I did,” I mumbled into my coffee cup.
“So…was he good?” Grace asked with her signature smirk on her face.
“I didn’t sleep sleep with him,” I retorted. “I just fell asleep during the movie.”
Grace groaned.
“He was so hot. You couldn’t just…ya know…sex him a little?”
Bennett shook his head.
“Jagger doesn’t have to do any of that stuff. She’s not like that,”
“You haven’t seen this guy,” She retorted. “He was just…holy cow,”
“This discussion is over,” I stated, leaning into Bennett’s side.
Soon enough Jenna and Devin walked up toward our small group with their own hot beverages. Devin laughed at my current sleepy state.
“What happened here?”
“I think someone got a little bit slutty,” Jenna winked.
Done; I’m so done with all of them.
The meeting was short. We were briefed that some people are going to be switching positions soon based on their performances as their character. Then we all found out that there actually IS a few new cast members coming on board. That wasn’t exactly the most surprising thing. I rolled my eyes a lot. I love Disney, and not every single day as the same, but the meetings are always the same. I easily walked back to hair and makeup for another day as Princess Belle.


I didn’t realize that I was actually pouting over the entire Rolling Stone cover story until I was shopping for food in a fresh market and I saw the cover. I usually don’t have to do my own make-up because I play a princess, but this was one of the times I actually put on make-up by myself. I had put on normal clothing as well so I guess that was also a win. I was just shopping around for some food because no one trust Grace to actually do the shopping and Kailey was spending time with her friend when I actually saw the magazine.
I wasn’t exactly planning on it, but I grabbed the magazine and stuck it in the front of my cart. Automatically I hated everything about it. The last time I saw what might have been printed was a month ago, and now it’s out I saw the differences. I pulled open the very front page to look at as I went around the store. Nothing about the magazine was that interesting until I got to the ‘Star-sightings’ page. Of course there were a few pictures of ridiculous stars but then I saw my dad. It didn’t surprise me that he was out drinking with his new bimbo. She looked liked she could be my older sister; considering my dad’s age. It really is odd that I ended up being as young as I did. I shook my head, and even cussed him in my head. My dad is a mess, and he doesn’t even realize what’s going on.
My head snapped up and I realized that I ran right into someone who was standing at the tomatoes. I was jarred a little bit before I moved around my cart.
“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!” I stated. “I wasn’t playing attention to what I was doing!”
I heard the laugh and my girly heart swooned.
“We’ve got to stop knocking things on one another,” He laughed. “Jagger, what am I going to do with you?”
I felt my face flame in embarrassment before I offered Preston my hand.
“Keep me,”
“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I really am,”
“It’s okay, love.” He laughed as he took my hand and pulled himself up. “The tomatoes broke my fall. I’m quite alright,”
“I’m such a klutz.” I muttered. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” He laughed, bending down to pick up his basket that was currently spread in the produce section. “My trousers are a bit messy though.”
“I’m sorry,”
Preston shook his head slowly, laughing at me once again.
“What made that pretty head of yours stay in the clouds?”
“Uh….” I shrugged. “You know… I was thinking about….pickles,”
“Yes, they’re delicious,” I defended myself. “Do you have something against pickles?”
“No, not at all,” He laughed. “Did you make your meeting the other day?”
“I did,” I nodded. “Did you start your new job?”
“I’m kind of being prepped right now. I’m co-workers are really friendly, though.” He smiled. “It’s nice to find such friendly people to help me along the way.”
“I know what you mean,” I smiled back. “This is awkward, isn’t it?”
“It doesn’t have to be awkward,” He shrugged. “Would you like some help?”
“Sure…” I smiled before the tall man was sitting his basket down side of the cart I was pushing.
“Allow me?”
“Be my guest,” I laughed, moving out of the way so that he could be the one to push the cart. I had already done enough damage in the short amount of time that I was in there; I don’t want to be responsible for the entire destruction of a store. I’d rather keep shopping thank you very much. “What brings you here?”
“The great supply of food,” He laughed, lightly knocking his shoulder into mine. “What about you? Are you just here for the pickles?”
“No,” I snorted.
“Great supply of food?”
“Great supply of food,” I agreed.
Preston smiled at me before he looked down. I knew in that moment that he saw exactly what it was that had distracted me. He sighed heavily before closing Rolling Stone and tossed it on the next shelf. I didn’t say anything, but I felt his hand press softly against the small of my back. I felt embarrassed, and Preston didn’t even say anything. He just kept moving forward, asking me which aisle I needed to go down and what items I was looking for.
So it’s totally normal that someone you randomly run into at a grocery store helps you shop right? Yeah, I think that’s pretty normal. Preston’s just seriously nice. He wanted to help even if I did knock him over. It may just be totally normal for him, or it could be completely out of character. I can’t exactly tell. He’s a hard one to read.
“You must live pretty close by as well,” He stated, reaching for the top shelf to grab some rice.
No I didn’t watch his shirt ride up (yes I did.)
“I do,” I admitted. “Do you want to come over for dinner?”
He laughed.
“That was fast.”
“I have no filter,” I stated. “Well, for the most part. There are definitely some things that I try to keep to myself. Sometimes they just come out anyway,”
He laughed at me. I should just start counting and save them in my head because even his laugh sounds perfect to me.
“Yes, I’ll come over for dinner,”
“Great!” I nearly yelled, but then pulled back because I realized how loud I was. “sorry…”
“It’s okay,” He beamed and Mr. Dimple made an appearance. “My flatmate is out again,”
“Does he do that a lot?”
“Sort of,” He shrugged. “It’s really none of my business. We kind of grew up together, so we’ve known each other for quite a bit. We get on pretty well. He just is out a lot. I never know when he actually will be home,”
“I kinda know what you mean,” I laughed. “Grace and Kailey, my roommates, are always somewhere else. They make me feel like a grandma.”
“I think you’re far from a grandma, princess,” He laughed.
I rolled my eyes.
“So what are you thinking to eat?” I asked, picking up a jar of pickles to put in the cart. I don’t really like pickles myself, but I told Preston I did. I don’t want to seem weird for thinking about pickles and then NOT get them. That’s just strange.
“I’m not too sure,” He laughed. “It looks like you’re getting food for an army,”
“I’m starving,” I stated. “You’d think I’d learn in my twenty-one years of knowledge that I shouldn’t go shopping when I’m hungry.”
“How about we check out, take this to your flat and then go grab some food?” He asked. “Unless you feel like cooking?”
“No.” I stated. “No cooking. That idea sounds perfect,”
“Great,” he laughed. “Could I leave my stuff at your flat?”
“At your own risk my friend,” I stated.
Preston laughed and yeah, this boy has got to be perfect. He helped me pack my groceries into my small car. He admitted that he got dropped off at the store and was going to call a cab to get back to his flat. I rolled my eyes at him before he got into the passenger seat. I was nervous the entire time that I drove home. The classic rock radio was playing softly in the background until a song by The Stones came on. Preston and I reached to turn it up at the same time but ended up changing the station. I fumbled the radio until it was back to the original station, and he turned up the song. I laughed when he started to yell out the lyrics instead of actually singing them. It took me a moment but I started to yell along with him.
Just as I had thought, neither Grace nor Kailey were home when we got back. Preston and I easily put the groceries away before we headed back out of the apartment building. Even though I knew that I probably shouldn’t have, I told Preston that he could drive. He assured me that he had been in the States long enough to know how to drive like we do. I directed him toward my favorite burger place. I just enjoyed his presence. There was something about him that made me feel more at ease than I have around a lot of people previously in my life.
“Tell me what happened in the store,” He stated as soon as we were sat down in an old booth.
“I told you already…”
“You know what I’m talking about,”
I sighed.
“I got upset with my dad,” I stated. “I’m not even near him and he managed to make me upset,”
“Because of the girl he was with?”
“She’s vial.” I scrunched up my nose. “He’s old,”
Preston shook his head but there was a smile tugging on his lips.
“You’re upset because he’s dating?”
“I’m upset because he’s always drunk,” I corrected. “He’s going to kill himself with it,”
“He’s a grown man. Can’t he take care of himself?”
“He was high when I was born,” I deadpanned. “He can’t take care of himself.”
“High, really?”
“That’s how I got my glorious name,” I rolled my eyes. “According to my grandparents, my mother wanted to name me Elizabeth Anne, but that didn’t happen,”
“Why not?”
“My mom died giving birth to me,” I shrugged. “I know that there are a lot of rumors out there, but that’s what actually happened. My mom was dying and my dad was high so he named me. He named me according to what he loved the most, so I guess that’s okay. He’s always had a crush on Mick Jagger,”
“Didn’t everyone?” He laughed.
“I think so,” I smiled back. “What about you? What’s your story?”
“What story?” he laughed.
“You know, the story! What happened to you in your past? Are you some tragically lonesome English school boy who needed to cut the strings holding him back from his destiny?”
“You watch too many movies,” He stated. “Actually, I’m Preston Carter James, Englishman whom wanted to come to America to live out his dream,”
“Oh so option B?”
“You’re ridiculous,” He laughed, picking up his water. “This was option A, and it just so happened to work out properly,”
“That’s awesome,” I smiled. “How different is America?”
“Your food is almost too much,” He laughed, looking down at his food before looking back at me.
“I’m not so sure I agree with you,” I retorted, eating a huge fry. “Our fries are amazing,”
Preston beamed.
“You’re different from other birds I’ve met,”
I snorted.
“Did you just call me a bird?”
“It’s slang for girl,” He chewed on his lip. “You’re different,”
“How cliché,” I rolled my eyes but smiled widely. “You didn’t exactly answer my question,”
He shrugged.
“It’s not that important of an answer is it?”
“Well,” I laughed. “I guess not,”
“No.” He snickered. “Let’s get out of here, okay?”
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