Tropical Flame

Tomoko was a normal teenage kid who lives in the Famous city of Manhattan. His life is easy and also a pain in the ass. Ever since the new year started strange things has been happening in Manhattan very strange! Ghost,Monsters,Fairies,Tragedies,Big foot sightings and things beyond weird! Scarlett is a necromancer who has tooken on a misson directly from hell. Little does she know she is the one causing this problem.

Her misson is to destroy every priest in the city of Manhattan since that's where the holy power is powerful. Toronto's father is a priest and he is a one in training. When these two cross oaths Heaven and Hell does as well. But this time did Heaven betray the world is it protecting hell?! Tomoko finds himself trying to save Manhattan heck bow everyone is depending on him to save the world!

(Im apparently bad at summaries)