A Nightmare Like No Other.

Free Spirits are annoying.

When Moonfrost woke up, she could barely remember why she was sleeping in the Old Earl Tree and not closer to town then, she remembered.
Blacky was sleeping in an odd stretched out position on a branch a bit lower down than Moonfrost's. She finally saw why his master had called him Blacky, although he could have most likely been a bit more poetic. Blacky had raven black hair and black tufted ears and wore all black leather clothing. He had pale almost snow white skin that made his hair color look out of place. She had thought he had brown fur but it must have just been the moonshine and the shadows playing tricks on her eyes.
His eyes opened in a mass of long black eyelashes. His eyes immediately went up to hers. "May i help you?" He asked rubbing his hair into an even bigger mess. Moonfrost shook her head, She was looking at his eyes though. His eyes were an oily black color but there was something else. Moonfrost jumped down to his branch and sat back with her knees curled up in front of her. The colored part of his eyes seemed to move, like a river of oil, slowly. Moonfrost blinked her eyes than turned her head to the left. "So what is this mission your master wanted me to go on?" Moonfrost looked at Blacky after there was a moment of silence and it seemed as if the atmosphere had turned aggressive.
The expression on Blacky's face was enough to scare a whole clan of demons back into their own dimension. His ears were back and his head was low and even with his shoulders as if he were hunting. His black eyes swam with a furious look and his hair fell slightly into his eyes. "Why do you need to know? Damn cat."
"Hey! It's a fair question Blacky i don't see any reason to get so sore about it." Moonfrost glowered. Blacky growled "It's a secret cat, you don't need to know what your going after just where your going."
Moonfrost rolled her eyes at his aggressive tone. "Fine then tell me where I'm going."
Blacky growled and sat back, the aggressive rigidness was gone but there was still an angry glare behind his dismal gaze. "Well I'm not quite sure but i know that we have to go through the Terrian Caverns.
Moonfrost sighed, obviously asking Blacky wasn't the thing to do but she did wonder what type of master sent their servant on a mission with not a single clue on what was happening. "must be some mythical, powerful object." thought Moonfrost "That seems to be the case anyways that always happens when not even the servant knows anything."
Moonfrost slid from the branch and fell to the ground, landing in a crouch. Blacky swung down after her apparently not wanting to make the long fall. "Where are we going now?" He said gruffly. "Well our final destination is Terrian Caverns which is only half a days journey going straight through. But, since you acted childish we're going to go through my safe place town."
Blacky smirked "safe place?" Moonfrost nodded beginning to walk to in a north west direction. "It's the first place i went when i didn't have a collar but i needed somewhere to blend into and hide."
Blacky's smile faded "Is it like a panthera town or something?" Moonfrost laughed "Don't be rediculous Panthera's are a hunted people, we can't make a town! No,no it's a town of ex-warriors who don't have anywhere else to go seeing how most of them are crippled and can't go to work anymore." "ya" Blacky grumbled "Or runaway fugitives." Moonfrost nodded happily "Yup there's a few like me as well."
"By the way, whats yours real name?" Blacky glanced at her than looked ahead again "Blacky is my name." Moonfrost shook her head "No i don't mean your pet name i mean your real name, the thing people called you before you had a master." He gave a sideways glance at her "How do you know i wasn't born into servitude?" Moonfrost sighed "Because when you were born into servitude you talk about your master in every other sentence, praising him as if he were born from god. Also you have a bit of a free spirit."
He turned to her and stopped walking. "How so?" "Well, for instance you don't wear a collar even though your master most likely gave you one, you snarled at me which not many masters would like and you had blood under your claws when i first met you which means you have killed someone recently." Blacky shook his head. "I could just be one of his personal assassins." Moonfrost shook her head "If you were an assassin here to kill me than why would you get worked up over the fact he didn't tell you about the adventures information also personal assassins usually don't waste time lest their master gets mad... besides, I'm valuable and not in pieces. Which means your not an assassin. If your not an assassin than your just a servant or a messenger and both of those occupations aren't supposed to kill people." Blacky growled irritably. "So?" Moonfrost continued with a piercing gaze "What's your real name?" the edge of his mouth twitched. "Raven." Moonfrost smiled. The name was fitting and she couldn't see why a master would want to change it to Blacky.
Raven looked at her then away. Then at her then away. "What?" asked Moonfrost in a patient voice. Raven gave a sudden sly smile "You know you're right I am a free spirit, and free spirits don't do what they don't want right?" Moonfrost gave an agitated little growl and flicked her tail in annoyance. "Whatever I'm going are you coming?"
Raven laughed "Nope!" and there was a rustling and then it was quiet. Moonfrost turned and looked around behind her. "Bl- I mean, Raven?" but it was no use and Moonfrost knew it. He was long gone. Moonfrost rolled her eyes. "Well looks like i can finally get some alone time at least." She said this with a bit of a dreary tone and continued on to her beloved safe place town.