Shoulda Known Better


I don’t know what on earth came over me. Well, I do in a way. My migraine was in full swing and I couldn’t stop the bile that was exiting my body at an alarming rate. My head was pounding at this point, but I couldn’t stop my stomach from doing flip-flops over and over again.

I’m guessing it was only seconds, but it felt like years before I heard the door to the coffee shop open again and Johnny’s concerned voice floating over me. “Shit, Evangeline, are you alright?”

“Does she look alright, short shit?” A deep voice responded, one that was very unfamiliar to me. I took half a second to glance up and notice that the large group of burly men now surrounded me. Zack was definitely present, but at the moment, I could barely keep my focus before I puked again.

“I’m fine” I managed to choke out after the wave of nausea subsided. “Don’t worry about it, Johnny.” I mustered up the best grin I could, but I was absolutely positive it did nothing to sway him. He only returned my smile with a grimace.

“Do you want a ride home?” he asked, putting his hand on my shoulder for the second time that afternoon. I shook my head vehemently, instantly regretting it a second later as my nausea came creeping back up. I held it down this time, thankfully.

“No. No, I’m fine, honestly. I can walk back from here. I think I know the way.” I assured, finally taking the chance to steal a glance at all the guys around me. Not one of them looked convinced that I was okay.

“I don’t think you should walk home alone in your condition. Jimmy told us you hit your head pretty hard on the pavement.” The biggest guy replied, not giving Johnny a chance to speak. “Let’s get you some water or something”

Before I had another chance to protest, his big arm wrapped around my shoulder and he gently lifted me up off the sidewalk. In any other situation I would be absolutely floored by how kind these men were being to me. But, I knew about two feet away Zack was staring at me, and my anxiety level was through the roof.

I hadn’t seen him since that night six years ago. I don’t think I looked quite the same but I was hoping he had no clue as to who I was anyway. I stole another peak at him and his expression held curiosity. Instantly I began to feel sick again, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t from the migraine this time. “Hey…uh…you” I stuttered, not exactly knowing the name of the man practically dragging me back into the coffee shop. “I think I’m—I think I’m gonna..” I barely could finish before I felt my legs give out beneath me.

Damn, these migraines. Damnit to hell! I never felt more pathetic and disgusting than I had in that moment. Well, on second thought I can think of one morning where I felt worse. But, that’s for a different time. Right now my legs were about as sturdy as a bowl full of Jell-O pudding. Luckily, this guy was pretty quick on his toes, because he noticed me going down and tightened his grip before I could do any more damage to my head.

“Whoa there” he muttered, shifting his grip on me. “Is everything all right?”

I rolled my head in his direction and gave him the most sarcastic look I could muster. Obviously, everything was not all right. In fact, I wanted nothing more than to go home to my house and shut myself indoors for the rest of eternity. But, I couldn’t do that. I had no bike, a crippling migraine, and I was about five feet away from him.

“I want to go home.” I whispered, so only he would hear it. I squeezed my eyes shut and willed myself to work through this pain. “Please, I really need to rest at home. Please.” I begged.

Finally this bear of a man understood my situation and stopped escorting me towards the coffee shop. “Where do you live?” he questioned, giving me a very concerned look. I couldn’t quite recall my address, so instead I just began rambling off as best of navigational directions that I could to him.

By the time I was finished explaining where I lived to this guy, Johnny had come over to where I was trying not to make a scene. “Is everything okay, Matt?” he questioned, finally giving me a name for the person I had been clinging to for the past few moments.

Matt nodded, “I think she just needs to go home. Can you drive her there, Johnny?”

I looked up at Johnny with the least pathetic expression I could muster. “Yeah, Johnny, I’m starting to think I might prefer a ride home myself.” I looked between the two guys, finally starting to feel myself gathering my balance again. “I promise I won’t get sick. I think I should be okay now; that happens sometimes when I get migraines.”

I guess my sheepish look got to him because he agreed and before long I was back in Johnny’s Mercedes and on my way back to my home. Before we left both Johnny and I took out a cigarette and lit them. As I rolled the window down, I looked through the glass window of the coffee shop and snuck one last glance at Zack talking with his friends inside.

The car ride was mostly silent except for my muttering of directions at Johnny. I didn’t have much left to say. Not only was this my first real venture out of my house but I also made a damned ass of myself in front of a bunch of people that I didn’t know. Once again, I couldn’t help but to feel that my migraines made everything a hassle.

“That was one hell of an introduction.” I groaned, rubbing my forehead for the millionth time. Johnny glanced at me out of the corner of his eye.

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright?”

I nodded, looking out the window beside me. “Yeah, this happens sometimes when I’m put in stressful situations.” I saw a flash of disappointment flash over his features. “Oh, no, I’m sorry. I don’t mean you, Johnny. I do it to myself. There are way too many situations that just stress me out to the max. I’m not good at meeting new people.”

I decided to leave knowing Zack completely out of it. I highly doubted I was going to run into Johnny again, so I could keep a lot of things to myself. He just gave me a little nod and another worried sideways glance and that was the end of it.

By the time we got to my apartment building, I was more than ready for home. I assured Johnny one last time that I was going to be just fine after a little rest. He waited in his car until I got to my front door and then waved once before exiting the driveway.

The second his car was out of sight, I let out a big exhale. All of the shit from the past hour had been absolutely insane. I cannot believe that it really happened. I kept replaying the events in my head until a sharp pain above my eye reminded me that I still had a migraine and I needed to go to sleep.

I walked inside my home, threw down my keys and began to make some food for my stomach. Before I ever take my medication, I have to make sure that I have something to eat. The medicine they give me numbs my migraine, but it has a very high dose of ibuprofen in it and upsets my stomach, guaranteed unless I take it with food. I scarfed down a cheese sandwich and then gulped down my horse-sized pill.

I made myself comfortable in bed and turned all the lights off. Once again I let out a shaky exhale. Finally closing my eyes, I silenced my thoughts on this day and proceeded to fall numbly asleep.
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