Status: Finished.

Give Me Envy, Give Me Malice, Give Me Your Attention

Every night Ryan watches Anna from the big window in the Dandy mansion, slowly falling more and more in love with her. But vampire/human romances never turn out the way they're planned, and when Ryan's leader William falls for Anna's best friend Bella, things start to get messy.

Beckett can't resist the thought of an eternity with the beautiful Bella, but when he goes to change her he didn't prepare for the fight her friends would put up for her mortality. It seems the leader of the Dandies has bitten more than he can chew... literally. He ends up with the girl of his dreams, but also with the constant reminder and consequence of the night he lost control. That consequence is Anna Thorn.

Anna wants nothing more than to love Ryan the way he loves her, the way she would were she still human. But the venom in her veins ensures that she can't. Not completely. How far are the two willing to go to truly be in love with each other?


Inspired by Fall Out Boy's music video for 'A Little Less 'Sixteen Candles', A Little More 'Touch Me''.

Title from 'Time To Dance' by Panic[!] at the Disco.

Rated R for fight/torture/adult themes. Haha I feel like the rating warning at the beginning of movies.

Disclaimer: Once again, I do not own any members of Panic! At The Disco, The Academy Is..., Fall Out Boy, or any other bands that appear in this story.