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Chapter One

Alyss wiped her sleeve over her eyes as she searched her bag for her keys. She was running late, cutting it close to her curfew. She didn’t want to go home and face the questions of where she had been. All she wanted to do was go to bed and forget the day she had faced and her broken heart. She didn’t hear the footsteps behind her that approached softly.

“Alyss,” his voice broke the silence so suddenly, she jumped nearly screaming. She refused to turn, wondering what he was doing here so late. She didn’t need any of her friends checking up on her, especially him.

“What are you doing here, James?” she asked not looking up.

“Emma told me what happened between you and Warren. I wanted to know if you were ok. I’ve been waiting for you to come home,” he said, the concern seeping through his voice. Her heart started to race as she turned to face him.

“Why? You could’ve texted me?” she questioned eyeing him as he stepped closer to her. She held her breath wishing he would stay away, but at the same time wishing he was closer.

“There was something else I wanted to talk to you about too, but I was planning to do this before I found out about you and Warren. I’m sorry about what happened. Did you not come home because you didn’t want your family to see you cry?” he asked, reaching out to wipe away her tears letting his fingers linger over her cheek. This was all still strange to him because he had never been one to really care for people he wasn’t related too.

“Yes, but I didn’t want to hear them say ‘I told you so’ either. God knows no one ever supported our relationship, and it’s hard enough to deal with this shit as it is,” she laughed half heartedly trying to ignore how her heart burst at his touch. If she got lost in it, she would only be hurt again. After all, James had told her before he didn’t want a relationship any time soon.

“You’re not going to ask why I wanted to talk to you?” he questioned, closely observing her reaction wishing he could read her mind.

“No, I figure you’ll start when you’re ready. It’s not like I’m in a rush.” she mumbled avoiding his gaze. Her heart raced, but her mind yelled at her to wake up to the reality at the thought of them together.

“I don’t know how to really say this. It’s strange for me still. I just think that…. For once I’m lost for words. All I know is right now seeing you with these red eyes that scream sadness I want to go kill that asshole. He shouldn’t have done this to you, and I know I sure as hell wouldn’t do this to you.” He almost rambled on, stopping abruptly as they grew silent at his last words. She felt more confused by his words wondering what this meant for them, if there was a them?

“What are you trying to say James?” she asked searching his eyes for answers.

James opened his mouth to speak the words he had been denying, but instead another voice interrupted them, “Alyss? Can we talk?”

Alyss went pale stepping away from James barely speaking above a whisper, “Warren?”