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Chapter Two

Warren ignored the sting of James’ glare as he walked towards Alyss smiling innocently. It was silent as they all stood there watching each other.

“What are you doing here? Haven’t you done enough?” James accused Warren moving slightly to stand in front of Alyss. He turned to Alyss speaking for only her to hear, “You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to talk to him after what happened.”

Warren grew angry pushing James away from Alyss nearly yelling, “This doesn’t concern you so why don’t you leave?”

They faced each other both seething with murderous glares as Alyss got between them yelling at Warren, “Don’t hurt him!”

Warren stared at her shocked, “Hurt him? You’re more worried about him? Is something going on that you never told me about? Is that why you wanted to end it so suddenly?”

“No! It’s not like that.” Alyss tried to recover as his anger grew.

“You were cheating on me with him of all people! He’s not worth it, and I’m over here missing you!” He yelled as she backed away, she had never seen him act this way.

“No, Warren you have the wrong idea I would never cheat on you. On anyone for that matter, and he isn’t why we didn’t work out. You’re the one to blame I told you that earlier. You need to calm down.” She was almost begging as his nostrils flared.

“How do you explain me coming here to fix things late at night, and you’re out here in the dark with him. Hell you two were practically all up on each other. Just admit the truth!” He persisted lost in this delusion and rage.

“It’s not true! When I came home he was here. Nothing has been going on between us! Stop this please. Just let this go and move on. There’s nothing left between us anymore.” She again pleaded.

His anger didn’t subside as he reached out to grab her by the shoulders. He held a tight grip ignoring the fear in her eyes, but he released it just as quickly as he felt his head collide with the pavement. Warren got up slowly trying to piece together what had just happened as James stood in front of Alyss glaring with a look that could kill holding his hand briefly and stretching the fist he still clenched.

James walked down the steps to the spot where Warren now stood after picking himself up. He spoke curtly trying not to yell, “You leave here now. Don’t you ever come back around here or her. Alyss already said she wants nothing to do with you, and she sure as hell isn’t changing her mind after you just put your hands on her. She deserves better than you, and she didn’t lie to you. Nothing has ever happened between us. You had a chance to make her happy, and you let her slip through your fingers because you were a self centered prick. So walk away, before I do something else that I don’t want to.”

Warren glared back and looked around him to see Alyss staying by the door on the porch, not daring to get closer still shaken by everything. James pushed Warren back again, “I said leave Warren. Get out of here and don’t even think about coming back.”

“Fine, but don’t you for a second think that I’m letting her go that easy. Maybe I wasn’t always there, but when I was, you can bet I did my job well. I’d like to see you try and measure up to the bar I set. I mean after all, I have emotions and don’t seem like a statue.” He smirked arrogantly, walking away without another word as James kept his face blank.

After Warren left, he tried not to let his words bother him, but he couldn’t help but think of how he was a statue. He didn’t show his emotions well. People always told him he was too serious, but would she have issues with this? Was he crazy for thinking this could really work?

“James?” She called quietly to him from the edge of the porch.

He turned checking to make sure she was ok, “Does anything else other than your arms hurt?”

“No, I’m ok. Are you ok?” Alyss questioned concerned and worried checking him over as well.

“I’m fine. He didn’t even touch me. You don’t have to worry about him again. Let’s get you inside. You should try to rest.” He said still masking all his doubts and worries that now raced through his mind.

“Can you stay for awhile?” She asked quietly, noticing how his demeanor had changed so drastically since before they were interrupted.

“Yeah, I’ll stay with you for awhile so I can make sure he doesn’t come back too,” he answered, opening the door as they entered the house quietly.

The house was dead silent with everyone sleeping the night away as they entered quietly making it into her room. She sat on the bed watching as he stood awkwardly in the middle of her bedroom floor.

“You can sit down James, it won’t kill you,” she laughed patting the spot beside her, but he sat down on the farthest corner from her.

She sighed, watching him for a few minutes before finally asking, “What did he tell you?”

“Nothing. He was trying to get to me is all.” he answered vaguely.

“Did he?” Alyss asked leaning back against the pillows.

“No.” he answered bluntly lying.

“Sure seems like he did. I’m glad things ended between Warren and I. Imagine if we were still together and he acted like that. I’d be stuck in a horrible situation. He was such a charmer, always knowing what to say and do. That’s probably why I couldn’t leave him before today. All of what we thought we had seems so fake now. I just hope the next time I can find something real,” Alyss said just talking freely.

James tried to ignore his inner battle as he moved closer sitting beside her. He noticed her small smile by his movement, “I’m sure you will.”

“Thanks for being here. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you James.” She smiled moving to lean against him ignoring his stiff posture. He wasn’t familiar or comfortable with this kind of contact.

They stayed silent as she lay still against him. He feared his heart was beating loud enough for her to hear. His hearts rapid beating surely would’ve given him away. Time passed without a glance as he stayed silent, but when he looked down she had fallen asleep. He couldn’t bring himself to move her away now with her sleeping so peacefully on him lying back on her bed as she shifted slightly on his chest. He let one arm wrap around her shoulders, securing her to his side as he just stared up at the ceiling thinking over everything and nothing as he couldn’t fully focus feeling her sleeping beside him until his own exhaustion claimed him as he drifted off to sleep with her.
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