All the Possibilites

Lost on the Way Home

"I have always loved music. I'm not the kind of person who has one particular genre of music that they absolutely must adhere to. My musical interests are spread across the board." I responded to the journalist's question.

"But you play a specific genre...?" she made it more of a statement than a question.

"Well yes, my favorite kind of music is that edgy punk sound that my other band members and I try to capture, but I don't restrict myself to that genre. Maybe one day we'll turn into a country band, or a metal band, or maybe we'll turn into the next rat-pack, hell maybe we'll start writing pop music. We don't restrict ourselves to this one genre in particular." I replied. What an ignorant woman. I wanted to roll my eyes at her.

"Are you excited for your next tour?" what a bland question.

"Well of course, with any tour there's some excitement; but it's also pretty stressful. We have to spend a lot of time away from our families, while we play music to God only knows how many fans. Plus while on tour we have to work on new music. I think we're most excited to actually get to go to Europe this year." The guys nodded behind me.

"Parker's right, that's the most exciting thing, none of us have been to Europe before." Kris piped up.

"And, remind me, where are you guys from?"

"We're from Flagstaff, Arizona." Eric answered.

"The name, how did you get your name? I mean, Doctor Whore, what's the story?" We all shared a bit of a chuckle.

"It's not Doctor Whore, it's Doctor Who're, like the contraction for who are. Of course it sounds like whore and that's funny as shit every time someone says it. Really though? We're all Doctor Who fans. That's why all the instruments and lights and album covers are that dark blue. We played around a bit with a few Doctor Who related names. I personally liked Doctor Whom, but we settle with Doctor Who're because it's funny, and cool."

"A lot of the time we all dress up as our favorite Doctors or companions. Parker dresses up as either the Tenth Doctor or Rose Tyler, Eric dresses up as either Nine or Rory, Kris dresses up as Eleven and I personally like to dress up as Four." Aiden remarked.

"I'm the only girl, so I actually get a choice of a slew of different companions, it's kind of limited for everyone else." I explained.

"Who does what exactly?"

"I play bass," says Kris. "I learned it in high school for another band. That kind of crapped out but when Parker approached me with this idea I jumped on it."

"Parker only sings, but she writes lyrics too. She can't play an instrument. When she does it sounds like she's murdering whatever she's trying to play." Aiden smiled. I nudged him playfully.

"I play the drums." Eric shrugged. "I like it well enough, I can't play anything with strings but I love coming up with different rhythms."

"Aiden plays guitar," I offer up. "He's played for as long as I've known him and we met before high school. And he's our male vocals."

"You guys do a lot of duets, any particular reason why?"

"Well, funny story actually," I adjusted in my seat. "When Aiden and I were in high school we wanted to be in a talent show with a musical act, but there really aren't all that many duets out there, I mean sure there are a lot of songs that you could fiddle around with and turn them into duets, but there aren't a lot of full on duets that aren't involved with musical theater. So when we formed the band we decided that we would do a lot of duets in order to make sure that kids in talent shows could have always have a song to sing." I related.

"What song did you guys do?"

"Actually it's the song we were planning on performing today."Aiden smirked.

"Well I guess for now, we can keep it a surprise." She took a sip of her water and smiled at us.

"So how did you come to be a band?" she asked. I looked around at the guys and smiled.

"Now that's an interesting story," Aiden started.

"No it isn't!" Kris protested.

"Well then you tell it." Eric told him.

"Fine, we were at a bar in Flagstaff during our college years, we all knew each other and had become friends because of some general class we had to take, I think it was a math class actually. So we were out celebrating the end of finals. It was karaoke night and Aiden and Parker were drunk off their asses and they got up on stage and sang the same damn duet they'd been singing since high school, they have like an unhealthy obsession with that song. Anyway, Eric who had managed to out drink Parker just this once, decided to tell them that they needed to start a band. The next day when we were all sober they thought it was a pretty damn good idea. They had these auditions for bassists and drummers and they'd approached Eric and I saying they wanted us to come try out so we did, I mean, Parker is really persuasive-"

"Manipulative, you mean." Eric stated, cutting Kris off. Parker pouted and everyone laughed at her expense.

"Manipulative," Kris agreed. "Anyway so we auditioned and they picked us to join the band. We did the first few albums while finishing college. That was what, three years ago?"

We nodded.

"How do you feel about your sudden success with your fourth album, Extermination and Domination."

"It's alright." I shrugged a bit. "The point of the band wasn't to get famous, it was to explore all the possibilities."

"It just means we can all be there for each other, even if it seems everything is falling down around us." Eric added.

"To make each other feel ten feet tall, when we feel don't feel like anybody." Kris said, nodding in agreement.

Aiden grinned, "Hell, it helps when we're lost on the way home."

"Well thanks for your time guys, I understand you have a song prepared for us before you go?"

We all stood, and made our way toward the "stage" area. The boys adjusted themselves with their instruments and I stood in front of one of the two microphones.

Aiden started the familiar duet.

"It's getting late, and I
Cannot seem to find my way home tonight
Feels like I am falling down a rabbit hole
Falling for forever,"

He sang through the first verse and the chorus and then I picked up.

"If I should die tonight
May I first just say I'm sorry
For I, never felt like anybody"

When I reached the chorus he sang with me, our voices melding together to make a beautiful sound.

"C'mon, c'mon, with everything falling down around me
I'd like to believe in all the possibilities"

When we'd finished with the Panic! At The Disco and Fun. song that we'd been covering for years there was applause and we smiled, replacing the instruments and leaving.

We really had gotten everything. We had finally made it happen.
♠ ♠ ♠
The song is C'mon by Panic! At The Disco and Fun.