Status: Maybe turned into a story

Thanks for the Good Time


"Damn! There’s a lot of people here!!" Matty yells over the pounding of whatever dub step song this was. I’m just happy it wasn’t some cliched rap song, whatever though.
”Yeah I know! Best party ever right!?” I yell back at him.
We walk past the half drunk slutty girls and the guys trying to score on them. I stop at a table and pour some vodka into a red solo cup, it burns like fuck as it goes down my throat. I’m definitely not driving home tonight.
”Hey Vic! How’s it going man!? I haven’t seen you since Kellin’s last party!” I look around and recognized Alex Gaskarth’s face.
”Hey Alex! This party’s great! How’s everything with you?” I ask, my voice slurring in the slightest.
"Great man! I got a new girl, she’s here somewhere, but I lost her when Tay dragged me off to get more drinks.
you’ve gotta meet her man, shes a cutie. ” he replied.
"I bet , but you know that i play for the opposite team! I bet she’s beautiful though. Anyways, things have been good for me too!"
”That’s great! I gotta go though, catch you later?” without a reply he started to walk away.
I walk into what i guess is a guest room and some people are playing spin the bottle. I come in and watch, and then I sit down. I notice some people I know, Jenna, Jason, Dan, Austin, Lights, Beau, Jack and Kellin. Kellin was quite attractive. His eyes that sparkle like blue gems, and his perfect teeth, and fuck, I wanted to make him mine. Sadly he wasn’t gay, even though I’d bet 80$ that he was. I come back to reality and they’ve started to play the game.
Beau spins the bottle and it goes around, then it lands on Lights . I black-out thinking about Kellin, but snap back just in time to witness the kiss. Everyone screams and starts to freak out. They would really make a cute couple.
In a couple of minutes everyone calms down, and it’s Kellins turn to spin. It sparks my attention, and I’m suddenly really hopeful that it could land on me. Kellin spins the bottle and as it goes around I swear time stands still. It slowly spins down and comes to a stop, on the lucky little shit right next to me. I let out a sigh as Kellin leans over the floor to kiss the girl. When Kellin pulls away we make eye contact. I can see he looked slightly disappointed, but why? After three more rounds we end the game. I wait until everyone’s gone before I leave, but as I got up someone pulls me back by my shirt and I turn to see Kellin.
”So..” he says.
“Earlier during spin the bottle you looked pretty bummed when the bottle didn’t land on you. So, how about you tell me why?”
I’m in complete shock. Kellin with all his glory, actually wants to kiss me.
" U-U-Uh I wanted it to land on m-me." I say back. My face begins to feel hot, I know I’m blushing. God damn this boy.
" Thats adorable, but hey so am I " Kellin says in his normal stuck up tone.
His hand moves up to my hair and he pushes it behind my ear. His hands move down my body until he presses them up against my hips, and sticks the first two fingers in the hem of my boxers. He inches his hand slowly downward.
His hand is close to my member when we hear loud police sirens.
" Fuck " he screams as he pulls away from my lips and takes his hands out of my pants.
"This has happened before?" I ask.
”Yeah the neighbors are old fuckers and all they do is complain.” Kellin says as he fixes his hair.
”Then lets go! I don’t wanna deal with the police right now” I say as I begin to walk to the door.
"Wait!" He grabs my arm and pulls me back, and kisses me one last time.
"Thanks for the good time, babe. See you at school." He winks at me, then walks out the door.
♠ ♠ ♠
uh yeah this was a terrible one shot I wrote in like 2012 omfg so yah idk reccomend it if you want idek.
Also this may be turned into a story um comment if you would like that idek