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Status: active. {i don't own anything except Bella McCall.}

It Hurts Because It's Real

show me the marks upon your skin
show me that you're human
  1. open wound
    (it's you it's you it's you)
  2. well i have brittle bones it seems i bite my tongue and torch my dreams
    (did she make your heart beat faster than i could?)
  3. take your hands off him cause he's the only one that i have ever loved
    (i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry)
  4. i bite my tongue there's a fever i will not let it show
    (and despite everything i'm still human but i think i'm dying here)
  5. biting words like a wolf howling; hate is spitting out each other's mouths
    (i love you i love you and all of your pieces)
  6. setting fire to our insides for fun, collecting names of the lovers that went wrong
    (but i think he knows that i've hardly slept since the night he left)
  7. and here we are, where we said we'd never be
    (you'd do anything for me but how can you lift me up when you're on your knees)
  8. i guess that i knew i was warned, i left my words in the cold
    (we’re still too young, this is too much)
  9. shadows settle on the place that you left. our minds are troubled by the emptiness
    (and if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones. cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs)
  10. in the darkness i will meet my creators
    (i am not naive. i see the way you look at her)
  11. dry your smoke-stung eyes, so you can see the light
    (a piece of love in your face that bathed me in regret)
  12. it's still not quite the way it was but you promised me this is love
    (i lay my heart down with the rest at her feet)
  13. this is torturous electricity between both of us
    (you're a mountain i can't climb yet)
  14. i don't know what we're doing, i don't know what we've done. but the fire is coming
    (so i think we should run)
  15. my head's to blame for all my hearts mistakes
    (these words will convince you to never love me again)